Monday, December 20, 2010

Preparing for the New Year and the December Aspects

Preparing for the New Year and the December Aspects

The next two months are the transition time between the Tiger Year and the Rabbit Year. The Winter solstice for the New Year actually begins on December 22 and the New Year is starting to form. Begin right now, clearing the old and starting to set your New Year in order. The energy for the New Year is already forming, so start off with an attitude adjustment. Look forward to the New Year with a positive outlook and let go of old humdrum, bah humbug!!

Say to yourself right now—


Chant the mantra—OM MA NE PAD ME HUM 9X.

This mantra will shift the chakras of the body to resonate on the same wavelength as the thoughts. Do the mantra slowly and chant in a tone like way.

You should understand by now that you do need two sets of adjustments for the home. One that remains stationary for the year in the annual star position and one that travels with the monthly stars. Each set must be cleared and cleansed. The traveling adjustments can be cleared monthly, especially if you have had a bad month.

In the Full moon energy clean your home and closets. Get rid of all old energy. Take down last years adjustments and either cleanse them or throw them away. If you have had an especially bad year, throw away the pi yao, the ki luns, and the salt water cures. These do hold the energy of the year. If the cures have discolored, cracked or chipped replace them. I have actually had some of my adjustments break this year. Crazy!!

If you chose to destroy your old cures, bury them in your back yard or thrown in a fast moving river. Bury them at least 2 feet deep.

If you chose to cleanse your adjustments you will need Sun water, Moon Water, and Salt.

Place a pitcher of water in the sunlight for 3 hours and place another pitcher of water in the moonlight for 3 hours. Tonight, on the night of the Solstice and the eclipse and the full moon is an excellent night to do so.

Melt some rock salt or sea salt in a pitcher of clean water.

Items of metal-- sprinkle with each clearing water. The Sun for the active energy and the Moon to calm energy. The salt water is used to purify.

For crystal items, sprinkle with the salt water and then immerse for 7 days in a mixture of moon and sun water.

Repeat the mantra, OH AH HUM meaning to cast out negativity.

After Cleansing, run your cures through smoke to invoke spirit and intention in the objects. Use the mantra of SPIRITUAL empowerment.

Last year’s Tiger book has the specific mantras to use for wealth, health, and freedom from fears.

For new money buy yourself a new wallet and /or purse sometime soon. This will attract new money into your life. Always see yourself in luxury and capable of making and spending money appropriately.

Buy new shoes to walk into the New Year with. Take a walk in a new pair of shoes and see where they take. For a bad year, destroy all old shoes. They hold your energy of your journeys through the tough times.

For December Month place a new salt water cure in the south for the monthly #5 star protection. If your front door or main used door faces south, put a salt line at your front door.

Also place a new salt water cure in the Southwest of your home. Add blue food coloring to it for this month instability with the #5 and #7 in the same area at once. Next month you will be empowering this area.

Activate crystals in the East this month. The center of the home holds the #1 career star so is sure to activate water and crystal this month in this area. Use the mantras from the Tiger book to do so.

Keep the Northwest quiet this month. Place your traveling wu lou in this area.

Place 6 Chinese coins in the North this month. This month the North holds success and power.

Have a great month and start preparing for the New Year. Go on now, get those pitchers of water in the moonlight and the sunlight and get these cures in place.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Now is the Time to Prepare for the New Year November Aspects of Feng Shui

Now is the Time to Prepare for the New Year
November Aspects of Feng Shui

We are winding down the year 2010 and heading into the year of 2011. The Metal Tiger of Aggression is losing steam and a much gentler energy of the Yin Metal Rabbit will soon start to be felt. The next few months we will begin settling into a pattern of community and family. The Tiger, synonymous with the lone hunter, is giving way to the Rabbit, who is more about community, family and togetherness. This is the time that aggression can be transformed into a more compassionate energy of sorts if people allow it to happen. These next two months will the time to start clearing out the old and preparing for the new of the New Year.

To move new energy into your life, you may start by using your home to empower yourself. Start by evaluating your home. Understand that your home can powerfully impact your growth. The atmosphere of a home must, first and foremost, be pleasing to the senses in sight, smell, feel, touch, taste, and sound.

*Right now at this very moment—Look around you for triggers or items in your home which make your feel strong, healthy, and well. What are they? Does your home smell good, look good, sound soothing, and feel like a place you wish to relax and let yourself drift into a place of peace. Itemize your home and be grateful for it.

*Now--look for triggers or items in your home, which make you, feel weak, sad or nervous or bring sad memories to your body. Ask yourself now-- does my home or this room hold too much baggage from the past? Get rid of these items-NOW. They make the body tired and bring an unsettling feeling to the mind and spirit.

*Understand now--the home does affect your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual well-being. Take these steps today to assure yourself that your home holds the best possible message it can to convey your message to yourself, your peers, and your family. Your are an extension of your home and your home is an extension of your body. It tells the story of who you are. What does your home tell you? Look for the metaphor in what your home is saying to and about you.

*This is the moment to become pro-active in changing your environment, which will in turn change your life. Start with one room at a time. If that seems overwhelming, do one closet at a time. Donate, throw away, or give away anything you have not used in the last year. DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER!!
If you do not know where to start, start with your bedroom and go room to room from that anchor point.

Be sure to also set your monthly November Feng Shui adjustments to allow optimum Chi flow into your home. This month the aspect of illness is in the center of the home. This may affect the stomach or heart energy causing the heart to racing or the stomach to upset easily. Emotional upsets may be prevalent this month. Take care to meditate and keep stress levels balanced. Place still water in the center of the home with the metal calabash or wu-lou. Take special care with your health this month. Get your rest and eat right. Don’t overindulge in alcohol or drugs and DO NOT drink and drive. Aspects are high for accidents.

Allow the NW to remain calm this month. You may place a golden Buddha or Jesus to initiate peace in the NW this month.

Make sure the water in the West is clear and clean. The aspects are good for promotion and advancement in business. Do your writing or homework in this area this month.

Place bowls of salts or salt water in the NE. The ox and tiger need to lay low and not still up trouble this month. If you home faces NE, place a salt line at your front door to stabilize energy. [Don’t laugh, it works!! I laughed at one point, got desperate, placed the salt, and the problems dissipated as quickly as they arose. I am now a believer. MS]

Place 6 Chinese Coins or regular coins in the South and place extra water and a plant in the North. Both directions can be used to enhance promotions, visibility and career. Place yellow citrine in the SW to also bring in money. These directions, this month, are somewhat auspicious even though some inauspicious flying stars are present. Make sure your yearly adjustments are fresh and in place.

The East has expansion energy in it this month, so just place your yearly adjustment of the 6 Chinese Coins with lighting in this sector. In the Southeast, make sure the yearly water/detergent adjustment is in place and then add more extra still water for a career and money boost as well. A little bit of conflict in this area but can overridden if applied properly.

This is, of course, the month of Thanksgiving. Give thanks everyday for your healthy body, your arms, legs, voices, hair, etc. If any aspect of your body feels negative, reframe the way you look at your world and give thanks for the fact of what is good.

Give thanks for the food and shelter in your life. Give thanks for family and friends. Always remember, no matter what your struggle, there is someone else out there with a larger struggle. Count your blessing first and the struggles will dissipate into thin air becoming less and less important with each breath you take.

Have a blessed November!!

NEXT MONTH: Holiday Decorating the Feng Shui why!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

October Aspects

Booooooo…..Happy Hallooowweeen!! Tis the season of ghost and goblins and witches and full moons. However, with that out of the way, entities and negative energy invade our space, our lives, and our bodies more frequently than you know. The season of the fall is a good time to clear all old energy and clutter clear your home to usher in the sleep of winter and the new beginning of the spring in February.
Entities may arrive into our lives in several forms. They are classified as energetic forms that become attached to the energy fields of people, land, and buildings, sometimes-even neighborhoods. Removal of these entities from an individual or building is the focus of ghost busting or space clearing.
Some entities may be actual spirits or ghosts of those who have died, but failed to pass over due to trauma, worry, or strife. They are actually frightened, wandering souls whom we are harboring until we can help them find their way back to the Light.

While other entities are made up of energetic patterns or rituals created by our decisions about past-life or this-life experiences. These experiences have attached to us like a magnet, affecting our decisions, beliefs, and motivation in and around our life. We use rituals in everyday life, such as blessing the food we eat or a ball player wearing his same socks for each day. Our life is full of rituals if you think about it. Think about what rituals you have incorporated into your life. It may be as simple as brushing your teeth every night or doing laundry on a certain day of the week. This ritual becomes habit and habit is behavior. This behavior becomes an energetic life form, which haunts you if you fail to do it on a regular basis.

The energetic habit life form then will attach to us in the form of our speech, our thought patterns, our dress, our homes, and our actions. As with all energetic patterns, once created, these patterns take on a life of their own. This energy becomes disturbing to us only when they become "out of sync” with that which is no longer whom we are or what is going on in our lives today. This energy begins to feel like a ghost of our past watching and waiting for us to turn around and accept it again. Like white noise in our head, this energy interferes with our clear reception of what is happening in the now. We become torn in decision and/or lack of decision. That is when the need for space clearing or ghost busting of the physical body and environment begins.

Use the techniques described in my books--The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui and Reconnecting Your Spirit to break up these patterns and space clear your home. Go to MaryShurtleff on

Feng Shui placement for October-- place a red Mandela in the center of your home to bring in peace and harmony this month. With the high metal this month, it may be a conflicting month. Also, place a bowl of salt water in the West to stabilize the high metal energy. Running water in the North and/or East will help with career aspirations and job promotions or hunting. Place water in the South to calm the instability of the South this month. Place the number 6 or 6 metal coins in the NE to promote money and prosperity.

Mary may be heard every other Thursday Night on
Happy Halloween!!

©This material is copyright of Mary Shurtleff, Design Wisdom-Feng Shui, Salt Lake City, Utah and cannot be used without permission.
For more on the annual info on the Metal Tiger Year go to

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Classes starting

Shirley Allred, NLP practitioner and I will be offering a class called Developing your Six Sensory of your Senses starting on the 26th of October at 6 pm. This class is a feeler email to see who may be interested in on site class vs. a teleseminar or skype class. Offering the tele-seminar class gives those out of the area the chance to study and learn this work without the expense of travel. We hope to be able to offer both styles of classes.

The class will be a six week class on developing your six senses--touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight, and six sense of knowing and feelings. The classes will teach you aspects of how the senses work and how you can develop them to enhance your psychic awareness and well being thus increasing your perception of your relationships, business foundations, money, and health. The class will cover the aspects of each sense as well as the feng shui for each sense, oils and/or stones, which can enhance and change your perception of events in your life, chakra meditations, and mudras to release energy. Each class will be organic and tailored toward the class needs.

The 6 classes will be offered for $120 as an introductory offer. You do have the option of taking each class individuality at the price of $30.

Classes will feature: October 26--Sense of Touch--First sense to develop and is connected to the nervous system through the heart and skin
November 2--Sense of Hearing--Harmonic connection to the womb from the outside world-Heartbeat
November 9--Sense of Smell--Strongest connect to past
November 16--Sense of Taste--Strongest connect to desire
November 23-Sense of Sight--Strongest connect to instincts
November 30--Sense of Intuition and knowing--Feelings or emotions connected from the body to the mind to its direct connection to God, Spirit, or source. (Fill in your own word)

Please let me know if you will be interested in this class and which style. Thank you so much.

Blog Talk Radio

I will be interviewing on Journey into the Light blog radio on October 14th at 6 pm PST, 7 pm MST, 8 pm CST and 9 pm EST. It is a call in show. Feel free to call in with questions or just come to listen. The topics of the evening will be breaking down blocks of fear. Come listen.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Energy Transition

Energy Transition
Hey everyone, With the passing of the Health Care Reform bill and the energy leading up to it, the economy, and the weather patterns, there seems to be an energy in the air of anxiety and panic in the air. There is a sense of change and it is making even the most grounded apprehensive. Stop it, all is well!!

Please understand that this has to happen to usher in the new energy of change and consciousness. The earth has to adjust and move to accommodate the polarity of the universe and it inhabitants. We are shifting into a higher, more, God-like consciousness of the Age of Aquarius and this lower vibration of fear has to leave our bodies through vibration. That is why we all feel anxious and nervous. It is sloughing off the negative emotions and programming of the past and healing. Believe it or not!! Sometimes as I heal, my body actually does experience shaking and gets very cold. As I talk with other healers they are experiencing the very thing or similar to what I am.

However, if you are wondering about your health, visit your health care provider. I visit my acupuncturist sometimes weekly and take vitamin B's and fish oil daily to offset the adrenal exhaustion and overload. I have recently visited a doctor just to make sure I was okay and not blowing off something I should be paying attention to.

The economy has been on a downward spiral for years. What goes up must come down. It is the Tai chi of movement. Things could not keep moving the direction it was going without a more serious disaster. Yes, bad things did happen to people but we also have to look at how we were instrumental in allowing it to happen at well. Stop blaming. As a society, we got lazy. It was easier to let someone else take the helm and do all the work. At one point in our evolution we have to take back our own sense of power and control from whoever or whatever we gave it to, whether it was an individual, company, government, or organized religious body.

The last few weeks I have experienced prejudicial emails and heard comments by people about our president and illegal people, which make my stomach turn. These comments are the buried feelings of prejudice or past programming finally coming to the surface for all to see. Once on the surface, fortunately they can be reconciled and reprogrammed if that is what they want to do.

At one time in the history of our nation there was slavery. The powerful whites did own slaves and treated their animals better than people. Some people do have that memory and tribal programming in their DNA and this is the time of our life to allow it lift and heal. The God consciousness is making it come to the surface to be seen and healed. When we stop accepting it as part of our being, it will stop. Look how far we have come today.

We have a part black/white president. With these message, I pray for an end to all prejudice of race, sex, and religion. We are all one of God and until we can honor that in each other there will be contention and conflict of self. We hate in others is what we hate in our self. Clean up self and you will see others differently. Choose to see the positive and movement of all that is. You will always have those who are fear-based however to balance you will always have those who think clearly. We need the intellectual with the intuition to give a balance clear picture. Sadly the two need to learn to work in tandem with each other instead of in conflict and ego. No one wants to lose and everyone does believe their point of view is correct. So be sure to remember that when trying to find or understand the compromise. COMPRISE is the word of the day.

The energy this year is one of movement and change and metal Tiger energy of the intuition and wisdom. The change is coming whether we want it or not so you may all well figure out how it can work for you to its biggest advantage, because it can and will. The Metal Tiger coupled with the energy of the planets move, whether you believe it or not.

Retrograde since December 20, Mars again begin moving direct, on March 10th bringing with it 'plans put into action', as we have seen with the Health Care reform bill. Things and plans laid out last year will start to take fruition. Go back and remember what it is you wanted to spring forth into action.

The Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will prosper with money making ideas put forth into action with the Mars direct.

The Air (wood) signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will find their plans have started moving forward at a faster pace as well with Mars Direct.

The Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, will feel as though as though they are flying through space at warp speed and can't get their foot off the accelerator. Try to slow down and think clearly. You may find yourself at Corner post D when you really wanted to be at Corner post A.

The Earth/Metal signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will move slower and more methodically than the other signs however stay diligent in your goals. It will happen while Mars is direct.

On Wednesday, March 17 Sun conjuncted Uranus bringing with it energized surprises, yet adding one more level of excitement. Uranus brings with it earthquakes and other natural disasters. If you recall Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion presides over the Aquarius, as in the Age of Aquarius bringing with it more change and excitement as well as panic, confusion and disorder. The body doesn't know the difference between nervous anxiety, and excitement. It is all felt the same way by the nervous system. The mind is the one which deciphers if it is good or bad excitement. So bring it all together as GOOD!!

Freedom from restriction and conquering new horizons can be your outcome if you move out of your safety zone. As with anything, change will bring chaos, confusion, and back tracking. As you become brave and stick your toe in the water you may quickly pull it back before you choose to immerse completely. Expect a few steps forward and a few steps back. However, the key is to keep taking those steps forward.

Another caution is the body has to purge all old habits and programming to move forward. As you purge you may feel the exact emotions that put you in bondage the first time. Work through those emotions and anxiety this time. Don't give in to them. Face the "Eye of the Tiger". This is the year to do so. It is just the body recalling and sloughing off the buried memories.

Even with weigh loss, as you loss the excess weight or burden you may feel the exact reasons and emotions which caused you to overeat in the beginning. However, this time deal with the emotions. Don't stuff them with food, SPEAK up. We stuff to avoid expressing what is really going on inside of our emotions for fear of REJECTION!! When in fact what we are rejecting is our value of who we are and what we think and replace it with what someone else may think of us and our value. The only person whose business your value is-- is YOU!!!

The body as it purges toxins may become somewhat nauseated and ill feeling. Just rest and journal those emotions. Don't stuff with food, alcohol, drugs, whatever. SPEAK UP AND THROUGH THEM! Scream, yell, be a nut case if you have too because at the end of the day, you will be clear and feel foolish for even believing those silly thought patterns to begin with.

I will get the April Aspects to you on April 7th. Be calm, be cool, find inner peace and leave the panic to those who love to stir trouble. That is their deal and their attention getter. Move above it and beyond it. You know the universe will always provide exactly what you need at exactly the right time. M.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Chinese New Year Celebration Class

Chinese New Year Celebration Class

• Personalized Four pillar Chart and your Fortune Luck for the Year 2009
• Adjustments for the Annual Flying Stars for 2009
• Chinese Lion Dance-Come Feed the Lion for Fortune Luck
• Bring Business Card, Mementos, Pictures for to place on Fortune Alter
• Fun, Food, and Entertainment

February 9, 2010
New Location:
12896 South Pony Express Road
(near IKEA)
Draper Utah 84020
6-9 pm
Lions dance at 8:30
Cost: $35 (Advance Reg. requested in advance to prepare personalized four pillar profiles.)
Bring a Friend- $60 per couple (which means any two people-spouses, friends, children, etc.)

Admission includes 2010 White Tiger Book, Personalized 4 Pillar Profile, and Food
$15 discount if you already have your four-pillar profile
Additional $10 discount if you are an International Feng Shui Guild member
To register call: 801-573-4042
Sponsored by: Mary Shurtleff, CHT, FSID—Design Wisdom—Draper, Utah
Mary combines hypnotherapy, Feng Shui and other metaphysical arts to achieve maximum results.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January Feng Shui Aspects

Feng Shui aspects for January—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

This month we are preparing for the arrival of the Golden or White Tiger that arrives on February 14th. As I researched the previous year of the Metal tiger I was surprised at what I found. I don’t choose to dwell on the negative but rather focus on the positive. In these aspects I could give you the dire downside of each aspect but like the media and post hypnotic suggestions they will come to pass. Our news channels are the biggest hypnotists we have in our country. They literally control what comes into our homes in the evening and morning at times of the day when our bodies are either waking from sleep or preparing for sleep. Someone’s idea for that time slot was ingenious. That is the time when the body will most readily accept what is being told to it as fact.

This next year I ask that all of you discern what you are watching. Is it fact or fiction or just a spin for a story? I watch the news very rarely because I get too upset. I check the headlines on the Internet and if there is something interesting like Tiger Wood’s affairs or Tom Cruise being shorter than David Beckham then I will read them. If it is about war, health care reform, and death, I chose not to view it. I can’t listen to those people fighting and back- stabbing all the time. I have better things to do with my time. I have people all the time, my husband included, tell that I am not informed on the issues facing us daily.

Well, I have to differ. Half of what is on the news is only half-truth. When I have a question about an issue, I research personally either by calling someone who is an authority on the subject or read articles that don’t have a personal biased spin in it. No, I am not the most informed person on the planet but I check in with God daily and ask if everything is okay. Each day I am told, ‘All is as it should be.”

I can’t fix the economy I can only fix me. I can’t fix the war; I can only fix my prayers to God to find an awareness and solution to stop it. I can’t fix you; I can only fix me.
And on and on and on.

When we learn to be the change we hope to see, it will come to pass one person at time. When fear, panic, and talk of money loss, unemployment, death and killing are the topic of conservation it becomes the focus of your attention and more energy is given to it. When the news broadcasts all the anger, hate, mistrust, and resentment in the world, it comes to pass and fear and panic runs rampant. Stop it. Focus and say to yourself, ‘what in my life can I fix’, and then fix it. Don’t be the victim of it or someone else. Take control and walk through the situation.

If money is an issue in your life, become resourceful figure out ways to increase revenue. Money is the alchemy of ideas and creative thought. Get a second job or even a first one if you need to—to get by until you can get squared away. There are jobs out there. Maybe not the one you want at this time but a job and income is better than no job and no income. Settle for less if you are down and out until you can work you way back to the place you want to be. None of us want to be low man on the totem pole but the Tai Chi turns and everyone get a turn.

I am so glad mine came when I was younger. I worked three jobs at one time to support my daughter and myself. My mother raised my daughter for me because we had no money and I worked my butt off to pay the rent and car payment and that was all I had money for. There were no bells and whistles for any of us, my mother included. My father died while I was in high school and she was just trying to survive herself. No one ever goes it alone. We all need each other to make it.

We all have to do things, which we don’t want to do to get by sometimes but it makes us humble and appreciate what we do have. I will never forget that place that I came from but pray I stay where I am.

This last year has been a great year for me contrary to the polls. I got both my books up to par to point where I am proud of them and I re-published with a new publisher. My third book is being fine-tuned. I am thrilled at the way they have worked out. My health has been good but challenging this year dental-wise. Teeth symbolize decisions.

I have had so much trouble making decisions that my husband will approve of. I finally stopped TRYING to get his approval and did it anyway. Forgiven is easier to get than approval-- is what I have decided. The decision to close my business and go back to school in Behavioral Science has been knocking on my door for two year. I listened to the naysayers who told me I was on a track to success why would I want to jeopardaize that or the fact I am 56 years old going back to school. The main remark was, - Why do you want to do that?’ I listened and got scared of the change. I worked through it and now I am so excited for the next chapter to become the student again.

My dream has been to get my bachelors degree that I don’t have because I can’t pass math for even an associate’s degree. I have the credits, just not the 1050 math credit. I am dyslexic and the numbers and symbols move all over the page. I have found a tutoring company in Provo who will walk me through it and guarantee I can pass 1050 by next fall or they give me my money back. What a deal. That policy may change after me, but I am going to give it a big fat thumbs up and git’ r’ done.

I am excited and terrified of changing gears right now. I hope though in two to three year to be back in this field with more knowledge and success than I ever thought possible. I will always be a part of the intuitional art field. I want to bring the intellectual credibility back to it with me. Yes, my hubby is freaking a little bit but he will get over it like everything I have done to him for the last 27 years. God love him!! He is more worried that I won’t be as free to travel with him.

This metal tiger year I want all of you to go for your dream. It is a year of change and confusion but action and success. Eye of the tiger baby. Dare to see the eye of the tiger. The reflection in the eye is YOU.
For January 2010, the #3 of conflict moves to the center of the ba-gua. Place a bright light and a red Buddha in the center of the home to shed light on the conflict. Work through it diligently. Don’t stuff it or you get to do down the road. Be the change you want. You may also place bamboo flutes in this area to symbolize peace. Remember, conflict is good. It creates change.

The #4 of prosperity, romance and opportunity flies to Northwest of the home this month. Place 4 bamboos in the NW of your home to enhance the #4 star. You may also place crystals in this sector for travel and study luck. Display a pair of Mandarin ducks or peonies here for Romantic luck.

The #5 of instability moves to the West this month joining the annual star of #2 of illness. Since it is in the West which rules lungs be especially careful of asthma, bronchial stuff and pneumonia. Keep your face covered in the cold and take your vitamins. Emer-g-cee and Airborne are great. I love them and take them at the slightest hint of a sniffle. It keeps me healthy along with a twice-monthly massage to rid toxins. Place salt water in this area with the metal wu-luo to keep that #2 under control as well.

The #6 of power and authority moves to the NE of the Tiger and Ox bringing unexpected money to this sector. Activate this sector with the wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau, a metal or gold money toad, or a ship bringing you gold ingots. The #3 of conflict is still in this area so make sure this area is brightly lit. You may place the bamboo flutes in this area as well.

The nasty #7 of instability flies South of the ba-gua. Place the color blue or a moving water feature in this area to weaken the metal sword of the #7. If your home faces the South use the moving water at your front door, to the left side as you are looking out.

For conflict issues or lawsuits at your front door, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the West under a bowl of WATER!!!

Use a blue rhino or elephant with a raised trunk in this area for protection.

The #8 of money flies to the North or the Rat bringing money luck. However with the annual #5 already here, be sure your salt water is in place to protect your money. Make sure your annual salt water cure is active and full. If it is looking yucky, toss it and make a new one. Salt is cheap. Place a moving water feature in the North of the home to enhance and encourage money to arrive. Use citrine stones and topaz.

The #9 Star flies to the SW this month to energize the #6 of power and authority. Use a 6 or 8-rod metal wind chime in this area. Place your traditional six Chinese coins. Since it is a metal-fire combo be careful of disagreements between sexes. Use still water to soften. Good month for woman and new decisions.

The #1 of career flies to the East of the Rabbit bringing with it Career luck. Place running water in the East to bring prosperity to your home. Also place a wooden laughing Buddha in the East to welcome in the prosperity and to remind you to laugh as you are enjoying your bounty.

However, remember the East Rabbit still has the three killings in this area until February 4. Place extra wood and water to buffer the three killings. Make sure your ki-luns are placed properly. Be careful of your limbs, muscles, and nerves. Liver may also be affected. Place a bowl of water and blue soap in the East to weaken this aspect. Keep all lighting, noise, and movement minimal this month. Place a blue rhinoceros in this area if possible.

To buffer the #7 for conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the East under a bowl of WATER!!!

The #2 of illness flies to Snake and Dragon. Place the wu-luo or calabash in this area this month. Pregnant woman and elderly woman should take care in this sector this month. Eat right, exercise and get your rest. Wear magnetic hematite or tourmaline to protect the body. This 2/8 combination forms a sum of ten, which make this area very auspicious for money. Place the moving water in this area to bring money luck to you.

Next month is the Chinese New Year. Start preparing now by decluttering, getting your financial debts taken care of, and starting a healthy body program.

Disclaimer: Don’t get caught up in the dire aspects. Use the appropriate elements to balance. That is what feng shui is about. Balancing out those areas, which fly out of balance through out the year. If you ignore it or poo poo it you may be affected. Just place the adjustments, go about your business, and enjoy your life. Give it attention/no.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Reminder: Manifesting Class

Intuitive Development and Manifesting Course!!

Only class offered this year



Learn the basics of the Metaphysical Arts to achieve your heart’s desire in relationship to money, health, relationships, weight management,

self-esteem and more.


Class begins:

January 12, 2010

Includes Chinese New Year Celebration with Lion Dance

Every Tuesday Night for 10-weeks

2 1/2 hours a week

6:30 pm  -9:00 pm


Each class builds upon the other. Classes are subject to change depending upon discussion content and class interest.


$35 a class or $300 to commit to all 10 weeks

Course includes 25 hours class time, book & a personalized 4-pillar profile mini reading with Mary

Classes may be paid weekly or Visa and MasterCard accepted.


New Location:


12896 South Pony Express Road
(near IKEA)

Draper Utah 84020


Classes will include beginning intuitive development, meditations, and learning how to trust your psychic vibes. Learn how to use physical anchors to develop insights and feng shui positioning of your home for manifesting. Learn to remove negative thought patterns and replace them with more appropriate ones for your development and requests. These classes will involve the basics of feng shui, self-hypnosis/behavior modification methods, theta healing, meditation skills, oils and stones, chakra work, and development of the intuitive insights and psychic development all geared toward awareness of Reconnecting Your Spirit to your higher wisdom.

For More Info call:

Mary Shurtleff, CHT, FSID            801-573-4042