Wednesday, December 30, 2009

New years Eve

Tomorrow evening is the blue moon. This full blue moon on the evening of the New Year's can symbolize the violet flame and your ability to manifest thought into reality.

Today, slug off all unwanted aspects of your life--negativity, doubt, fear, etc.

Tomorrow, be especially positive in thought and action. Make a list of all things you would love to see manifest in 2010 and meditate upon it throughout the day. Be sure to add to that list -- prosperity for the country and world, preservation of the earth and animal species, and world peace.

May all your dreams manifest into physical reality. Have a wonderful year of 2010.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice

I have heard so many people saying that they are not ready for Christmas this year. This simply means your rhythms with the seasons of the year are out of balance.  Your created the chaos, now uncreate it. Simplify your life and get your rest so you can think clearer--Inner Feng Shui. Life is a journey, not a destination. Slow down. Stop, reflect, and breathe. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and is the season of hibernation and inward reflection. The sun is farthest away from earth and the air and ground are cold, causing our bodies and minds to turn inward for conservation. The winter season is a time of freezing water as it evolves to beautiful reflections of frost and ice crystals. Life seems to stand still for a moment with the beauty of purity, quiet, and peace. Take a moment and breathe in and honor this beauty. Winter is a time of slumber and rebirth. The winter is naturally a time to conserve energy. As the body and mind slows with the cold allow the body to rest and rebuild. Limit your activities to honor the natural bio-rhythms of the season and its compatibility with the body. Set priorities of what you can and can't do. AND do it. Delegate if you must. Put unnecessary things on hold. Hire others to help you, if you are too far behind. It will be the best money ever spent. The cold and dark days can cause a Seasonal Affect disorder within the body. In the days of old, people would go to bed, rest and honor their body rhythms. Our society, today, doesn't do that. We feel as though we have to squeeze every drop of activity out of the day. Life and times have changed and so must our approach to it. I know first hand about seasonal affect disorder. It can cause the body to become very tired and somewhat depressed emotionally. The desire to sleep is increased as the melatonin increases and serotonin decreases. Instead of fighting this natural rhythm, do like the bear, and honor the body's natural rhythms. Get more rest and relax your schedule. Don't take life so seriously, this time of year. Exercise, light therapy, and increased exposure to plants, fire, and running water can reinvigorate the body and set it on a more even keel by creating a more stable sleep pattern. Sleep is needed the most during these month for good health, however the life force of chi must still circulate appropriately. Eat earth foods during the winter to conserve body energy and warmth. Earth foods involve meat and potatoes. Digestion slows and these food fill you up. Find winter festivals and celebrations with music and warm fire to invigorate the mind. Ski and sled in the sun. Make sure you are home by dark, so the body can wind down and rest in the darkness. Be secure in the knowledge the spring time of creativity and growth will come soon enough. However in the mean time use this dark time to reflect upon the rebirth of the spring and the Solar New Year which will occur on February 4th. Rest, but begin planning and manifesting your next move. Organize your new year accordingly. The spring of the year, February 4th is the beginning of the Chinese Solar New Year and opening yourself up to new possibilities. The summer season is a full swing of activity. You are in full bloom with maximum activity. The autumn is a winding down of energy. A time to prepare for the harvest and to begin preparing for the winter rest. The cold winter is the time of slumber and renewal. Start organizing your life to meet that natural cycle of the year's cycle. Your body and mind will thank you. You will find you are better prepared for the holiday season's next year

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Holiday Rituals

Holiday Rituals



Holidays are a great time to celebrate as well as take the opportunity to the clear the old from your life out and start all over again in the New Year.  I tell people to prepare their house for Christmas by doing a little holiday ritual for Earth and Heaven Luck to enter their home and life.  


Start your ritual on the New Moon, if possible, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you miss the evening of the New Moon, do the ritual between the New Moon and the Full Moon. This year the New Moon arrives on the December 16th, 2009.  If you do miss the December New Moon, you can use the January New Moon for the Chinese New year. Substitute Christmas items for fresh, new household items.


Each day, chose an element and place it within your home with a prayer for good fortune and health coming to your home and all who enter there. Leave your elements in place until after the Chinese New Year. This allows the energy to build and flow. After the Chinese New Year you can replace or renew the ritual for another 12 days.


Start your ritual preparation by a thorough house cleanings getting rid of all old clutter, boxes, items that you no longer need. This is a good time to donate to a homeless shelter or Salvation Army. Be brave and clear it out.


Before decorating, remove all objects to be stored until after Christmas and an create open space for the holiday decorations. Keep the holiday in a natural motif with lots of wood energy.


Outdoor lights may be hung along the pathway and at your front door to draw energy to the front door. Melodic sounding wind chimes or ornaments may be placed at your front door to resonate energy coming into the home.


Choose colors and a Christmas theme that are attractive to you. Brighter colors lift energy, muted colors calm energy. Design items should be in pairs or multiples of 3, 5, and 7. Use colorful ornaments, lights, and icicles to lift energy.


Use power strips instead of extension cords. Visible electrical cords are draining and symbolize too much going on which can cause anxiety and a feeling of being spread too thin. Plugged into TOO much!!!


Decorate your bathroom with cheerful holiday towels and scented soap. Make the bathroom as inviting as possible. When guests wash their hands in your bathroom it makes them feel prosperous and helps to bring money to your home.


For peace of mind and serenity, place a pot of oranges and apples in water on the stove and simmer through the holiday season. Also, serve a good spiced wine.  Mulling spices are available at most fine grocery stores. This yummy warm beverage gives feeling of peace and comfort.


Play Christmas music in your home to set the stage for peace, joy, and giving. .


Once you have cleared and set the stage of your home, you are ready to place the first element.


First day of Christmas Ritual-Water Element- Renewing and Cleansing-Bringer of Life.

Place water at your front door, either in the form of a fountain or still water, to renew and cleanse all energy coming into the home. Place orange and frankincense oil in the fountain or water.  Around or under the water feature, place object or photos of all things, you wish to renew or heal the coming holiday season and year. Place a prayer with the water for healthy, wealth, and happiness connection for all family members and friends.

Second day of Christmas Ritual-Wood Element-Growth and Creativity:


Place your Christmas tree and garland.  If you have already placed your tree, you may place a Poinsettia place or fresh flowers this day. The beautiful wrapping paper also is synonymous with the Wood element. Light the tree to bring in the opportunity for new growth and creativity. If you do not celebrate the Christmas season, you can still put up a tree symbolizing something in your life of great importance and decorate it appropriately. Rename it _______________ Tree.

Third day of Christmas Ritual-Fire Element-Passion and Transformation

The Christmas tree lights are the best form of fire energy at Christmas time. In addition, create an alter which consists of frankincense and myrrh bulk incense and real gold in the center of your home. Real Gold is preferred to symbolic gold, to symbolize wealth. You may also place a Buddha, Jesus, Nativity Scene, or other spiritual deities on your alter to balance the energy of the home with peace and unconditional love. You may also add rice, salt, and berries to the alter if you so desire for abundance. Salt is used to clear all negative energy.


Place a white candle of Spirit on the alter. Place a smaller candle symbolizing all members of the family or friends who you wish to honor. Spray the essential oil of cinnamon, myrrh, and frankincense around the entire home to clear the home. Light the candle and say a prayer, while visualizing your desires for all.  Leave the alter through the holiday season, replacing the candles as needed. Be extremely careful of all fire dangers.  Electric candles can be substituted if small children or animals present a danger.


You may also burn Cinnamon or Bayberry candles in your Helpful People (NW corner) or Wealth area (SE corner) to bring prosperity to you, your family and all who visit. Candles need only burn for an hour or two each day for great results.

Fourth day of Christmas Ritual- Earth Element-Grounding and Security

Place sea salt or rock salt in small saucers in each corner of your home.
Using the ousting mudra (flicking the middle finger against your thumb in an outward motion) command all negative energies and spirits that no longer serve the household to depart, while perceiving in your mind's eye ensuing peace.
--After nine days throw the saucer contents to the wind, from each corner of your property and replace with new salt. Do this every nine days until the Chinese New Year, knowing that you have established a strong foundation for the future.

Fifth day of Christmas Ritual-Metal Element-Wisdom, Discipline and Logic-Closing Metal


Metal is symbolically the end of a cycle--in the life cycle the body dries up and gets stiff as it ages. Age is associated with Wisdom.  Consciously choose rocks, stones, natural crystals, gems or Chinese coins that speak to you and help to open your pathways to wisdom.  These stones contain the electromagnetic energy of the earth. Place your chosen metals in each corner of your property (or apartment), with a spoken personal affirmation to create a blessed environment. Leave the objects to hold and solidify the strong sacred energy you've declared, for months to come.



May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Marry Shurtleff


Tuesday, December 8, 2009

December Feng Shui Aspects

Feng Shui aspects for December—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.


Almost to the Calendar New Year, 2010. Can you believe it? This year has flown by and not just for me but also for others, who have felt like they were surfing on fire being pulled in so many directions with so many changes. Changes of jobs, residences, family (lots of celebrations and endings), and attitudes.


If you recall Uranus, the planet of rebellion, turned direct on December 1st. Uranus is retrograde for more than five months out of the year. This direct movement of Uranus will free you from those things that have been restraining you. You will no longer feel the desire to live within conventional way if they are not working for you. With this influence, we may see again changes of job, residences, family, and attitudes.  If you recall Uranus rules electricity or electromagnetic energy and creates that chaos of a lightening storm in order to clear the air. Once the air is cleared and refreshed, new pathways are blazed. Independence thinking and freedom are heightened in the New Calendar Year.

This influence will also be present during the Chinese New Year, which arrives on
February 14, 2010, when the Golden Tiger appears. The Golden Tiger will arrive with an entrance fitting of the Tiger. The Tiger is steely, independent, confident, stealth, quick,  and powerful. The golden or metal tiger will be sharp, courageous, determined, and prefers to work hunt alone. This can make 2010 a tumultuous year with rebellion emerging bringing with it chaos and confusion. Things may turn on a dime with the quickness of the Tiger energy.  The Tiger will roar and be heard.  Remember to look into the eye of the Tiger. What do you see in the EYE of the TIGER—it will be the reflection of you. Will the tiger eat you or will you ride the back of the Tiger. The Tiger's influence will offer courage, bold actions and risk taking to achieve your goal of independence and the right to live your life the way you wish.


This will give way to the beginning of the New World Consciousness. People will begin to think for themselves, not blindly following government, religion, or society’s rules. We will see more rioting and backlash against establishment.  We will see people, who have blindly followed in the past, questioning authority.


The New World Consciousness of 2012 is not the end of the world, but the beginning. I have to laugh when I see people panicking over the demise of the world. The 2012 will be a change in world consciousness from the patriarchal control and conquer approach to a more intellectual, maternal approach based upon intuition, spirituality, and compassion. It will be the beginning of man finding his own power of being connected to Cosmos force or God. It will also signify the return of the woman as a Goddess. Women around the world are already feeling the new energy and are aggressively starting to reject oppression at any cost. They are stepping up and into their power.  


The one true Spirit of God will be felt and the false prophets and institution will have to adjust or fall. The fear, guilt,  and shadows of doubt will no longer work as the key to control. People have moved beyond that limitation.


A new impendence can emerge but probably not without the tenacity of the Tiger. The tiger is feminine energy in the Chinese Form School feng shui so with that we will see women emerging fast and hard.  If the trend does continue we could see a woman in the White House in 2012.


In this revelation of World Consciousness,  wo/man will take on her/his own power  of deeper thinking to be able to take the steps needed  for  her/him self to manifest all that he desires. But there will be a tricky part. With the thought continuum of collective consciousness the force of good vs. evil will struggle. It is important to always focus on the positive because the negative is definitely easier to manifest. It is easier to be angry and fight for war instead of being vulnerable and patient  and press forward  for peace. The Metal Gold element of tiger will bring logic, discipline, and tenacity to accomplish your goals. Be diligent-be wise.


The Metal Tiger will be a year of personal independence and freedom. However with independence and freedom comes responsibility and accountability. Those who have prepared will prosper. Those who have been co-dependent or victims of their own doing will struggle with the idea of taking responsibility without blaming others.  The year of Tiger will expose those weaknesses, bring them to light, and make them accountable whether they wish to be or not. It is a year of reckoning for all of those who have been manipulated or felt controlled by others.  Balance can be found. The struggle may come to an end, if that is what they  wish.


For the month of December, the #4 of prosperity, romance and opportunity flies to the center of the home this month. Place 4 bamboos in the center of your home to enhance  prosperity.  You may also place crystals in this sector for travel and study luck. For romantic luck in your home place your peach blossom animal here. If your year animal is a rat, dragon, or monkey, place a golden rooster; if you are a tiger, horse, or dog, place a green rabbit ;  if you are a snake, ox, or rooster, place a red horse; If you are a rabbit, sheep, or pig, place a blue rat.


The #5 of instability moves to the NW of the father, Dog, and Pig this month joining the annual star of #1 career, possibly  bringing instability to career.  The #5 of instability is not always a bad thing. It sometimes forces the change of things that we are procrastinating about  but  know that we need to change. The #5 pushes it to happen so new opportunity can be exposed. Place salt water in this area. Place your wealth deities in NW to stabilize career.  Also be careful of health when the #5 appears. Place your metal wu-luo in this area especially if your bedroom resides  here. Place a  Longevity God in this area of Heaven of the NW to keep good health flowing.


The #6 of power and authority moves to the West  of the Rooster.  This symbol of power and authority may activate the male’s needs for ideas of war. The West Wing of the White House and the symbol of the Eagle  (Rooster) indicate that the United States will be involved more deeply in war this month. We may see more aggression with weapons and war like behavior this month. Place still water to calm any male aggressive behavior in the home as well as  a prayer  for the safety of the troops and for a solution to find world peace.

To activate your personal authority and power place 6 Chinese coins in the west with small water. This will activate windfall luck. If you home faces west, place it at the front door.


The #6  pairs with the #2 of illness and weakens the  #2 of illness aspect. However, be sure to leave all annual adjustments in place.


The nasty #7 of instability flies to the NE of the Ox and Tiger and meets the #3 of conflict. Place  the color blue or a moving water feature in this area to weaken the metal sword of the #7.  If you home faces the NE use the moving water at your front door, to the left side as you are looking out.  Leave a light on in the NE sector of your home to calm the clash of the #3 wood and the #7 metal. Also be sure to place the Red Buddha in the NE to symbolize happy home and good fortune.


For conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the West under a bowl of WATER!!! 


The Ox and Tiger need to be especially careful of burglary. Do not walk alone at night, lock your doors, and be aware of your surrounding. Carry the Tui Sai amulet with you for protection. Also place a Blue Rhino at your front door or in your car.  Be careful of saying and doing the wrong thing this month. Use water to calm. Don’t make yourself a target.


The #8 of money flies to the South of the Horse bringing money luck to the horse and South facing home. Place a moving water feature in the South of the home to enhance and encourage money to arrive. With the #4 and #8 combination, there is a chance of literary success and completion. Place 4 lucky bamboos in this area as well.


The #9 Star flies to the North of the rat  this month where the #5 annual of instability reside for the year. This enhances the #5. Because of the #5, place peacock feathers to protect you and your home. Make sure your annual salt water cure is active and full. If it is looking yucky, toss it and make a new one. Salt is cheap. If you house faces North, I always recommend a salt line at the front door.  The #5 brings health issues so be careful of kidney, bladder, stomach and blood pressure or heart  issues this month.  Place the wu-luo to protect health. 


The Southwest  is the luckiest sector of the home this month. The #1 of career flies into the SW of Woman, Sheep and Monkey. The #6 of the annual star is still powerful in this area, so be sure to have your 6 Chinese coins or metal coins already in place with a moving water feature. If your home faces the SW put water at your front door with the coins in it.   Place a laughing Buddha in the Southwest to welcome in the prosperity and remind you to laugh as you are enjoying your bounty.


The #2 of illness flies to the  East of rabbit.  Place the wu-luo or calabash in this area this month. Pregnant woman and elderly woman should take care in this sector this month. Eat right, exercise and get your rest. Wear magnetic hematite or tourmaline to protect the body.


Remember the East Rabbit also has the three killings in this area. Place extra wood and water to buffer the three killings.   Make sure your ki-luns are placed properly. Be careful of your limbs, muscles, and nerves.  Liver may also be affected. Place a bowl of water and blue soap in the East to weaken this aspect. Keep all lighting, noise, and movement minimal this month. Place a blue rhinoceros in this area if possible.


To buffer the #7 for conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the East under a bowl of WATER!!! 


The rabbit may feel especially vulnerable this month emotionally as  well as physically.   Wear magnetic hematite, labrodorite, or kyanite to push back energy from your body. Always focus on the goal. Be in the now!!  Don’t get distracted by other people’s drama. Place a rooster in the East to deflect gossip and tongue wagging.


The #3 of conflict flies into South East of the Dragon and Snake this month.  Remember conflict is a catalyst of change so embrace it if it should occur. Place a red Buddha in the Southeast to remind you of peace, joy, and good fortune. Added lighting in this area helps to shed the light on situations of conflict. Also place a raw crystal in this area to activate the subconscious mind and its depths of wisdom.


I wish you a month of miracles. Have a Merry Christmas. Remember all your blessings and help those who may need a hand out or leg up. I ask that each one of you reading this donate a turkey, some food product, or their time to their local food bank or adopt a child off an Angel tree.  There are many struggles out there right now and a random act of kindness moves forth ten fold. Thank you. Love M.



Disclaimer: Don’t get caught up in the dire aspects. Use the appropriate elements to balance. That is what feng shui is about. Balancing out those areas, which fly out of balance through out the year.  If you ignore it or poo poo it you may be affected. Just place the adjustments, go about your business, and enjoy your life. Give it attention/no.