Sunday, July 31, 2011

New August Newsletter

August Newsletter with articles and Feng Shui aspects

Can  you believe it. The year is now officially halfway through. The new August newsletter has been posted at 

Take a look and don't forget about the F*REE conference call on
Tuesday night, August 2nd, at 6:30 lasting about an hour. 

The number and code for the call  are  1-218-844-8230 access code
080211. The call discusses further ideas and aspects for the
August feng shui and what you can do to enhance within your home for
your wealth, health, and happiness.  We will also discuss
universal aspects of money, jobs opportunity, and health of
economy. Sadly I do think the economy may be stalemate for
another month.

There will be a Q&A at the end of each call. Enjoy and have a
safe August!! 

If you have not signed up for the f*ree call please 

do so now at  so you will be on my list to get extra bonuses...

Friday, July 29, 2011


I have been teaching a Weightless (TM) Hypnosis class and would love to address an issue I see so often in hypnotherapy as well as in my own life. We sometimes and somewhere in our lives we begin packing other people's weight. We become 'less than' so someone else can feel 'more than'. We begin to suck in our power of either common sense, intuition, or knowledge as to not overshadow someone else who may be struggling. With that action, we put on extra layers of protection to buffer us from our desires as well as other's plights and actions of their doings. We literally are HIDING inside layers of fat or emotions--WAITING (weighting) for the right time to show who we really are. When this becomes the issue--it is time to address and, if need be, let go of the ideas and beliefs surrounding all people, place, and ideas which keep us hidden.

I am offering a FREE Weightless Hypnosis (TM) class on September 13 which will address these various issues and how to progressive solve them. See events. Future conference class are being formed.  Watch for future postings. 

Monday, July 18, 2011

Reminder: Weightless Hypnosis (TM) Class

Thursday, July 21 · 10:00am - 12:00pm

2896 South Pony Express Road(near IKEA)
Draper Utah

Created By
Mary Shurtleff

More Info
Weighless Hypnosis Class
2-Hour FREE Workshop

July 21, 2011
10 am-12pm

12896 South Pony Express Road(near IKEA)--Draper Utah 84020

Workshop topics
Emotional eating –Why do you eat--Good and Bad
Time Management—Tired or Bored
Finding Passion vs Loss of Desire
Meditation & Body Movement
Come sing, dance, and learn

For More Info:

Testimonial: This last year of stress I have found myself going inside and allowing myself to add some layers of protection to the tune of about 20 lbs!! EEEEKKKK!!! As you all know, weigh is not measured in pounds but in mind burden. It doesn't matter what the numbers on the scale say, it matters how the mind is responding to it. Weight=Burden!! That is how WEIGHLESS HYPNOSIS came to be!!

What is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where the conscious and subconscious mind are focused on a certain topic or function. It is NOT a funny little man with a gold watch who can make you obey his every command. NO ONE can make you do anything you don't want to do. Hypnosis when combined with guided meditation and visualization, theta healing, and prayer, the results are enhanced. Hypnosis accesses the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind to help you unlock your hidden talents.

The Weighless Hypnosis classes will involve class participation in discovering your personal emotional reasons for eating or not eating, time management, and reconnecting to your passion. There will be a meditation time & gentle body movement exercises. Come sing, dance, and learn.

Classes offered by Mary Dillin-Shurtleff , an Author, National and International Motivational Speaker,
Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Interior Designer, Theta Healer, and a Six Sensory Practitioner.