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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What to do to Prepare for the Chinese New Year

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For a Good Read on what to do before the Chinese New Year on Februray 10th. 

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Friday, January 11, 2013

Feng Shui Aspects for January

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Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it. The monthly adjustments, in addition to the annual flying stars, should be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

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Well, the world didn’t end December 21st, 2012 and here we are-- The year of the Female Water Snake 2013, a year of transformation. I was in Tulum, a Mayan site, and not a hint of anything out of the ordinary there.

However, onward and upward. This is a new year and today is a new day. a new moon, a sign of a new beginning. The Chinese month of January officially begins --today. This New Moon is the first New Moon after the Winter Solstice and also the last New Moon before the beginning of the Chinese New Year’s New Moon. This is the time to begin thinking of transforming the yearly adjustments of the Dragon energy to the Snake energy. Today has been an energetic day. I can feel the shift already taking place. The gentle energy is beginning to come in. Say goodbye to the Water Dragon. I, quite personally am glad last year is gone. It was fast, abrasive, and left wounded souls in its path.

Now is the time to begin shedding your skin and prepare to let go of the old and welcome in the new in 2013. Prepare now by making amends with all friends, family, foe or whoever was in your fiery way last year. Feelings were hurt and relationships broken. Now is the time to fix it. Acknowledge and apologize for your contribution to the chaos and disconnection. 

No, you aren't a bad person--the Water Dragon caused many to do and act ways they normally would not have in the past. However, this is a good thing to help you clear emotions and energy and set boundaries that otherwise would have remained stuck—for both sides of the argument. This conflict helped you set a new pattern of energy to move forward to your goals and dreams. This new moon is the clearing time of the year--apologize and forgive. You may need to go back and reconcile what needs to be corrected from last year's aggressive energy.  You may need to go back and fix broken friendships or family disputes that erupted this past year, while setting new boundaries for them and yourself.  As you accept your responsibility in the disruption and vocalize the discomfort your felt in the relationship, you will find yourself able to explore newer pastures this year with more optimism and faith for a transforming year. 

After you have pro-actively apologized and forgave, now take a moment to be grateful for all you have and what you hope to manifest in the New Year. Say simply--Thank you for all I have been given in this life. I accept it with gratitude and love. I look forward to manifesting more health, happiness and wealth in my life in this New Year.

This year, start the year with a positive attitude, a smile on your face, and a few ideas in your head for a successful Water Snake year.  

This month of January, the #3 flies to the center of the ba-gua meeting the annual #6 of power and authority. This month, on a universal level, we will again see many conflicts and challenges around government, religions, business, and/or any place where there is a presence of authority. The power will be challenged. In the private home, we may see relationships challenges. To keep this to a dull roar, place a red Buddha or red crystal in the center of your home. Be kind this month. For windfall luck, place up lighting in the center of your home this month to illuminate speculative ventures in power/wealth.

The  #4 Lucky Green Star of Literary Success and Romance flies to NW this month, symbolizing an increase for success in writing or direction and intelligence. Since the #4 meets up with the #7, be sure to double-check all paper work for clarity and mistakes. The #4 star is also referred to as the romance star. The pig and dog may find a romantic partner this month. However, with that said, be careful of extra marital affairs. Place your peach blossom of the animal in the appropriate sector this month—a Green Rabbit in the East for Dog and a Blue Rat in the North for the pig. Make sure the person you pick is available, emotionally, spiritually, and physically or karma will raise its ugly head. Everyone may place peonies and rose quartz in the NW for Romantic luck. Also place a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life.  Be sure to keep the blue detergent adjustment in place through the Chinese New Year of February 10.

The # 5 of Instability goes to the W of the ba-gua this month, meeting with the #8 causing financial instability. Place a Salt Water Cure or Salt Lamp in the West of your home to offset this energy. Keep your running water feature in place until the beginning of the Chinese New Year.

The #6 Star of Power and Authority flies to the NE this month meeting with the #9 of expansion bringing luck to the NE and the Ox and Tiger. Place 6 Metal Chinese coins or 6 American Gold Dollars in the NE of your home. You may also place the metal Wealth Gods or a Golden Ship in the NE symbolizing your ship coming in. Enjoy!! You will find new strengths this month.  Keep the NE well lit this month. The fire and metal energy may bring some heated conflict. If this should happen, use still water to eliminate this heat.

#7 Star of Karma and Personal Growth flies to the South this month meeting the #1 of career bringing legal issues, conflict, and instability to the South and business. If you have been dishonest in business, it will be revealed this month. Remove all excess Metal and Fire from the South of the home this month. Place a Blue Detergent Salt Water Cure in the South of your home to offset this energy.  Put equal parts of water, salt, and blue detergent in a vase and set it in the South of your home or living space. Legal entanglements or delays may frustrate you this month. Place running water or a smooth crystal ball in the South this month to keep career flowing smoothly.

The #8 of money flies to the North this month bringing good money prospects to the North sector and the Rat. You may wish to place the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk and Sau in this area to enhance wealth this month. Be sure to have running water in this area with citrine stones or gold ingots in it. Since the annual star #2 of illness is still present continue to keep the metal wu-luo in place.

The #9 Purple Star of Expansion flies into the SW this month and brings double the energy to the #3 of conflict. Women this month need to be careful of their health and conflict.  Add Metal, such as brass, to dissipate the Earth energy of the #3—a Metal Pagoda, a Metal Calabash, a Metal Wu-lou, and/or a metal Buddha or Kwan Yin or Mother Mary.  Remove all fire energy from this area this month. Fire danger may be high this month in this area.

The #1 of Career flies to the East of the Home and the sector of the Rabbit this month. The wood/water combo makes the East an excellent sector to get your paperwork done this month –the dotting your I’s and crossing your T’s.  The #1 of Career brings with it new opportunities and money to family. To activate the East of the home use a Water Feature or any symbol of Water. You may also use a Bamboo Ship with Metal Ingots in the East to symbolize your ship coming in. This can help with business luck as well as promotion or recognition in one’s field. Place the Wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau, in this sector of your home or office. Place peonies and rose quartz in the East for Romantic luck. Also place a pair of birds to promote longevity and healthy life. 

The #2 star of illness and emotions flies to the Southeast to join the annual star of # 5 of instability. The Dragon and Snake need to be especially careful of their health this month. Along with a fresh salt water cure, add metal, such as brass, to dissipate the Earth energy of the #2 and #5—a Metal Pagoda, a Metal Calabash, a Metal Wu-lou, and/ or other large Metal objects such as Wind chime, Metal Abacus, or Metal Ki Luns/Pi-yaos/Fu-Dogs.  You may also invite the Medicine Buddha (midnight blue body) into your home. Just say--‘I invite the Medicine Buddha into my home to protect my family and myself from illness’ Place the Protection sigil in the Southeast of the home this month to prevent accident and injury.

Have a fabulous and begin preparing for the New Year. Begin by de-cluttering your home and life, getting your bills current, and getting your mind, body, and spirit healthy.

Next month: Aspects to adjust The Chinese New Year 2013—

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