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Utah Woman Wants to Feng Shui the White House

Author and interior designer, Mary Shurtleff, says that many of Obama's problems may be caused by the bad Feng Shui of the Oval Office


Draper, UT, October 21, 2009 -- President Obama won his campaign for President on the platform of change, but he inherited enormous problems from the last administration: a devastating recession, two wars, and a great ideological divide that has become a fierce battle in town halls, the halls of Congress and in the media.  According to Mary Shurtleff, owner of Design Wisdom in Draper, UT and author of two books about Feng Shui, The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui and Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the Possibilities, President Obama is going to have a much harder time accomplishing his goals, resolving his problems and uniting the country if he doesn't first do some redecorating.

"Each president, since 1933, has deposited his energy, thoughts, and behaviors in the Oval Office. Energy of every war, every success, every friend, every foe, and every negotiation is embedded in its walls, floors, and ceilings," says Shurtleff.  She recommends an energy clearing after every president leaves office or no real change can occur.  "The feng shui energy in the Oval Office moves in a circular direction around the room...causing cycles of behavior to exist. It is no wonder each president drops into the same patterns of achievement, struggle and war." 

Shurtleff says one can't go moving things around willy-nilly, however, without potentially disastrous effects. "A feng shui practitioner must research all the history of a place before she can touch any piece of decor. She must determine what is working and what is not. An interruption of good energy can cause problems with health, money, relationships, etc."

Shurtleff says that knowing the complicated history of a piece of furniture can create problems in prescribing the correct placement of it. "The HMS Resolute Desk was carved from the timbers of a British warship and given as a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes. It has served 25 presidents. The desk holds negative energy in its walls and drawers not only of the warship from which it came, but also from every administration that has declared war upon another country.  It may need to be replaced before peace can manifest. On the other hand, would removing the desk from the Oval Office affect the power of the President? The Resolute desk was removed during the terms of Nixon, Johnson, and Ford, and none of them were powerful presidents-each served less than two terms."

Shurtleff would start her White House makeover with the furniture arrangement in the Oval Office. "The most serious problem is that the President has his back to the South window. This position may leave him vulnerable to attack. Metaphorically, it also says that he has his back to the world. It gives the impression that he is not interested in anything past his office. It says he doesn’t see or understand the problems that plague the world and the common man." 

So what's the solution?  "A large mirror over the fireplace opposite, but offset,  the window would be a desirable feng shui adjustment.  The President, could then, as he sits at his desk, see out the window to the world behind him."



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Feng Shui Aspects for October

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Feng Shui aspects for October—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

Wow, has the month flown by again!!!  A client wrote me and asked about the October aspects and as I looked at the calendar I was again stunned at how fast time is flying by this year. That darn #9 of fire energy in the center is responsible for all of us feeling as though our pants are on fire and we are not grounded and focused.  I want to remind you all that Uranus being is still in retrograde until December 1st bringing unexpected news and developments.  Go back and read the July post for further info.


The month of October, will be a month of jockeying for position and power with the #6 of power and authority flying to the center of the Ba-gau. This may seem like a good thing for those who are wishing to be in control and feel more visible, however, it can also bring forth the sharpness of aggression for those who are already aggressive in nature. The combo of the annual #9 of fire and the #6 of yang metal can bring forth that clash of heat and metal. Think about metal and fire combo, it is hot and difficult to handle.


If you feel someone is using their power unwisely, place water in the center of the home or business or even their space to help the situation become cool, calm, and collected.  To enhance your position of power, place 6 Chinese Coins in the center of the home. You may also place the statues of the wealth God, Fuk, Luk, and Sau in the center of the home.


Also place anything in the center of the home that you wish to enhance and develop during this time, aka, a business, a promotions, etc. However, just a reminder, never try to control another person. This is seriously bad karma attracted to that. If you wish to reconcile a relationship use the Buddha, Kwan Yin, or peace objects, which bring in understanding, trust and peace. 


The monthly #7 of instability flies to the Northwest of the pig and dog and the patriarch of the family bringing ups and downs to the NW. The #7 could bring with it a weakening of the lung area.  Swine flu is prominent in the Northwest of the country and NW of the world. The pig, dog, and older man or father figure could be prone to health issues this month. Take precautions. Wash your hands, be careful where you eat, and use water to break down #7 aspect. 


Since the annual star of the  #1 of career resides in the NW this year, the #7 could threaten stability of career. Place more water in this space this month to rust the sharpness of backstabbing and cut throat behavior. Place a rooster in the NW to offset the bit of the #7. Place the blue rhino or blue elephant here to protect investments. No moving metal, such as wind chimes or whirly gigs in this area.


For conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the NW under a bowl of WATER!!! 


Disclaimer: Don’t get caught up in the dire aspects. Use the appropriate elements to balance. That is what feng shui is about. Balancing out those areas, which fly out of balance through out the year.  If you ignore it or poo poo it you may be affected. Just place the adjustments, go about your business, and enjoy your life. Give it attention/no.  


The monthly #8 of money flies to the West of the Rooster bringing money luck, fortune and cause for celebration. Because of the annual #2 already in place the #8 forms a lucky sum of ten bringing money to the west facing home and the rooster. Enjoy and accept.    If your front door is located in this space, put the water outside your front door to the left of your door as you are looking outside. The Rooster may see promotions and increase in income this month. Everyone can benefit as well, from the placement of water and citrine stones in the west.   The illness star is weakened with the sum of ten combination.  Enjoy the west this month. It is your reprieve from the #2.


The #9 of fire moves to the North East of Tiger and Ox bringing with it an expansion of the #3 star of conflict. Use extra water to drown all aspects of wood and fire. Be careful of fire this month in the North East.  Be sure all annual cures for the #3 are in place. Water, water, water, to sooth those nerves. Remember conflict is not always bad. Conflict clears the air and channels a path of resolution to problems not addressed. We need conflict to move forward. When we get sick of being sick and tired is when change occurs. When our last nerve is shot is finally when the breakdown or breakthrough comes out. Get crazy mad if you have to. Say the big cuss words.  Act like a crazy wo/man. People will stop annoying you and stand back.


Getting angry every now and then is good. It is like a pressure cooker that releases the steam. Once the craziness is released, clear thinking is restored, and new decisions on your life path are made. This is why the #3 becomes so important in our life. The yin of it is the discomfort, but the yang is the forward movement from conflicting emotions and situations.  Accept it graciously and work toward the goal. Look forward, not back. Conflict with the #9 can promote a time of endings and new beginnings. Look for the possibilities and opportunities in all situations. The #3 will manifest one to set boundaries and stand up for their beliefs. If you don’t stand up for your beliefs no one will even know what they are.


The #1 of career flies to the South of the horse. The combo of the #1 of career with the literary success of the #4 annual star in the south, coupled with original  #9 of the ba-gua brings literary success and recognition to the horse and those in a South facing home. Place a red crystal in this area and 4 bamboos in water. No running water in this area this month, but small still water is okay. We don’t want to put out the fire of the fame but we still want to enhance the #4 and the #1. Balance is the key this month. 


The horse also holds the energy of the peach blossom of the South. If the Horse is your peach blossom, place the red horse and your animal deity in the South to activate the peach blossom of your animal for romance.  However, with this, be careful of extra marital affairs or pregnancy if your chart is in the sexual cycle. The sexual cycle will coincide with your menstrual cycle and ovulation, which makes your pheromones active. There is an attraction to the smell a woman will put off as she is ovulating which is unconsciously recognized by the male. It is the heat cycle like animals.  Since the monthly #4 this month is in the East of rabbit and family plus the eldest son, this month is ripe for pregnancy and extra marital affairs.  The man is very fertile this month. Think of how easily the rabbit reproduces. BE WARNED!!


The #2 of illness flies to the North where the Rat resides. The annual star of the #5 resides in this area. The #2 and #5 can wreak havoc on your health, finances, and relationship. This month. Again, SALTWATER, SALT WATER, SALT WATER.  Watch your health this month if your front door or bedroom is located in this area. Place the calabash, wu-luo, and/or a Kwan Yin by your bed. Place a salt line at your front door. Place salt water under your bed if it is in the North or  if you are a rat. Also place peacock feathers in the North of the home. Take all red out of this area this month. Lay low, take health precautions, and drink your Emer-Gen-C.  For money or relationship stability place heavy  metal statues or the metal pagoda to press down the heavy earth energy of the #2 and #5 combo.


The #3 of wood and conflict flies to the SW of the home. The SW ruled by the sheep, monkey, and mother may feel added stress and tension this month.  Place small amounts of red around the SW and place a Mandela or a red Buddha in the SW to promote peace. Place good lighting in this space to shed light on all topics of conflict. Remember, conflict is sometimes good to set boundaries and bump your from your rut. The annual #6 is in the power of the woman this year, so be sure to place your 6 Chinese Coins in the SW for the power and authority. The metal will chop the #3 wood and help with victory after compromise. There may be money windfall because of #6 can neutralize the #3 into good business dealing. The #3 can be a bad or good star depending upon its interaction with the other stars.


The #4 of literary success flies into the East this month bringing victory and celebration to family and the Rabbit. Place 4 Bamboo in this area. The conflict of the #4 wood and #7 metal could however cause a clash, so make sure water is in place to rust and weaken the #7 metal. The wood will also help dull the sharpness of the metal #7. Make sure all the annual #7 cures are in place for the year. The #7 is the number, which controls the lawsuits and legal issues. Use water and the color blue to weaken. For conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the NW under a bowl of WATER!!!  Be sure to have your three killings adjustments of plants and water in place as well. This stays all year long.


 I wish to draw attention again to the fact that the rabbit or elder man is fertile and pregnancy or martial affairs in the East-facing house may be high. Be caution OR reckless—whichever scenario fits you!! : )


The #5 flies into South East of the Snake and Dragon. PLACE A FRESH-- SALT WATER CURE!!!!  If your front door faces the South East, place a salt line at the front door. Since this is the abundance area of the original ba-gua and the annual #8 resides in the area, we may see some instability slip into this area of our lives. This could cause delays in the contracts, business deals, and finances.  Postpone projects that seem to be struggling until next month.  Leave your #8 annual cures in place.


The wood energy controls the liver, limbs, muscles and tendons. We may see more anger arise from this financial upset. Be careful of too much physical activity, which may injure the muscles and tendons. We may see broken limbs this month. Take no risks with your arms and legs. Be smart and cautious. Place a salt water cure under your bed if your bed is in the SE or if you are a snake, dragon, or elder daughter.


Again, don’t panic. The influences will pass and all that is—will be. Remember, each experience is a learning lesson and discover what it is you are to learn. If it is suppose to happen it will. Until then, don’t sweat the small stuff. Focus on what it is you are to do and let God take care of the rest of the world. It is his job and not yours. Worry is like cigarette smoke. It stinks; it serves no purpose, and dissipates into the air when attention is directed away from it. So don’t bother with it. It is a waste of time. Live as if this is the best day of your life. What you focus upon, you will receive. Focus upon balance and harmony.


Have a fun and happy Halloween. It is my favorite time of year. I can be a witch and no one notices!!!   Love M.