Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Feng Shui and Hoarding

Did an interview on a Detroit station this morning about Feng Shui and hoarding. About 5 minutes, easy listen. 


Monday, November 16, 2009

Reminder of Free Feng Shui evening

You are invited to a free evening of Feng Shui

You are Invited

by Mary Shurtleff and Wisdom House Books

 to  a

 Free Evening of

Feng Shui


November 17th

  6:30 – 7:30 PM


New Location

12896 South Pony Express Road

(Frontage Road),

 Suite 200 - Draper, Utah

Presenting the release of the updatedAlchemy of

Quantum Mind Feng Shui and the second book in

the series, Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeingthe

Possibilities. The evening will include a short class

on the use of the books in Feng Shui, Theta Healing,

Self-Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification.

Books are available at most bookstores, ask them to order it in. 

         maryshurtleff.com or amazon.com.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Feng Shui Aspects


Feng Shui aspects for November—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

Here we are again, the beginning of another month—WOW-- is it just me or is time flying by??? I can’t seem to keep up with all I need to do.

That dog gone #5 star of instability, last month, in my Snake wreaked havoc on my health, nervous system and emotions. Because I am so right brain thinking about faith and natural healing, I got paranoid and wondered if perhaps I did need to think left brained and see a medical doctor in case something was indeed wrong. Well, I had a battery of blood tests done and an acuscan done and guess what—I have the blood work of 15 years old and my acuscan showed nothing except a lesion on my thyroid.  I had an ultra sound done on my thyroid and they found nothing worth worrying about. They want me to retest in 6 months, but said it seems to be a normal abnormal. (Whatever that means??) So after thousands of dollars worth of tests, I came up healthy!!  Thank God, however, that darn #5 was playing with my head and made me question what I already did know. Once my emotional mind went out of balance, everything else went out of balance—physically, mentally, and spiritually.

I seconded guessed myself all month long. Finally I am feeling somewhat in control again, whatever that means!! However, in hypnosis, we call confusion good because it means the belief system is challenged and when the belief system is challenged is when change does occur. It means that perhaps the way I was doing things was not getting me the best results. I did make some huge strides last months in attitude and boundary setting.  I felt like I had one nerve left and when someone stepped on it, there was no holding back. I let my emotions fly on a few occasions and found people started to respect my stance on a subject. Those that did not see my value seem to have been removed from my life and I have not even missed them. Needless to say, it wasn’t pretty.  I decided to lie low the last two weeks of the month because I seemed to have the right to remain silent, just not the ability. Last month was a tricky one for me-glad it is over and onward!!

The warning to this being: That darn #5 moves to the center this month causing instability in all aspects of life this month, especially health. It joins the already #9 star of expansion, so it will be more powerful than usual. Since the #9 is associated with health and blood, take care with added stress this month Place salt water cures and water in the center of your home and business this month to stabilize. Also, take more baths and swimming this month to relax the raw nerves. However, stay honest and true to yourself. No one else will, if you don’t set those boundaries. I found that out myself last month.  I feel more grounded and focused than I have in a long time. The #5 of instability is not always a bad thing. It sometimes forces the change of things that we are procrastinating about and know that we need to change.

The #6 of power and authority moves to the NW of the patriarch and Dog and Pig. This symbol of power and authority may activate the male’s needs for ideas of war. We may see more aggression with weapons and war like behavior this month, as Fort Hood already exhibited. Use still water to calm any male aggressive behavior in the home. 

However, the good part of this aspect is that it pairs with the #1 of career and becomes very powerful when applied for the correct reasons. And yes, I am saying the war reasons are not the best intentions. Stay in the light. Karma bites back!! Place moving water in this sector to activate career promotions or moves.  You may also place 6 Chinese coins or the gold Sacajawea coins in this area as well. The statues of Fuk, Luk, and Sau may also be placed here this month. The Dog and Pig should be very successful this month in career if their cards are played right. Pay attention to opportunity and allow fear to fade into the sunset.

The nasty #7 of instability flies to the West of the Rooster with the already #2 star of illness. We careful of accidents and violence in the West. If your bedrooms are in this sector of your home, place the salt water cures under the bed to weaken the energy.  If your bedrooms are not located in this area, place the color blue or a moving water feature in this area to weaken the metal sword of the #7.  If you home faces the West, use the moving water at your front door, to the left side as you are looking out.

For conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the West under a bowl of WATER!!! 

The good news is that the #2 and #7 is a Ho Tu combination for business ideas and creativity. Place a rooster in the west for successful closure to the deals and signing papers. Also, place business intentions in this area this month.

The West energy could go either way this month, be prepared for both.

The Ho-Tu Combination of 3-8 flies to the NE of the Ox and the Tiger this month. Great money opportunities and business dealing. Again, use moving water and citrine to activate. Life is good this month for the Ox and Tiger and those who live in NE facing homes.

The Ho-Tu combination of 4-9 flies to the South of the Horse. This is good for writing, directing, and studies. Place 4 bamboos in still water in this area to balance the wood and fire heat.  Enjoy!! Life will move fast this month if you reside in or face the South. Be careful of the wood/fire combo of too much fire—use small water to cool.

The #1 Star flies to the North this month where the #5 annual of instability reside for the year. Because of the #5, place peacock feathers to protect you and your home. Lift the energy of the #1 of the North with a tortoise, fish, or water feature. You may also use small sound this month such as a small metal wind chime or Llama bells to offset the #5 chi. Make sure your annual salt water cure is active and full. If it is looking yucky, toss it and make a new one. Salt is cheap. If you house faces North, I always recommend a salt line at the front door.

The #2 of illness flies to the Southwest of woman, sheep, and monkey. Place the wu-luo or calabash in this area this month. Pregnant woman and elderly woman should take care in this sector this month. Eat right, exercise and get your rest. However, remember the #6 of the annual star is still powerful in this area, so be sure to have your 6 Chinese coins or metal coins already in place. Wear magnetic hematite or tourmaline to protect the body.

The #3 of conflict flies into the already conflicted Rabbit and East this month. Remember the East Rabbit also has the three killings in this area. Place extra wood and water to buffer conflict.  Make sure your ki-luns are placed properly. There is a strong possibility with this combination of serious violence with weapons.  You may also place a curved sword in the East to capture the energy and throw it back to the source. Also, be careful of your limbs, muscles, and nerves. Place a bowl of water and blue soap in the East to weaken this aspect. Keep all lighting, noise, and movement minimal this month. Place a blue rhinoceros in this area if possible.

For conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the East under a bowl of WATER!!! 

The rabbit may feel especially vulnerable this month emotionally.  Wear magnetic hematite, labrodorite, or kyanite to push back energy from your body. Always focus on the goal. Be in the now!!  Don’t get distracted by other people’s drama.

The #4 of prosperity flies to the SE of the Snake and Dragon. Use lighting and crystals to activate. Romance and fertility is heightened in this sector this month.  If you are wishing to get pregnant, place your peach blossom in the appropriate area. The term peach blossom is used to enhance love activity. Too much peach blossom can result in sex or extramarital affairs, so one needs to be careful how it is applied.

If your year animal is a rat, dragon, or monkey, place a golden rooster in the west. If you are a tiger, horse, or dog, place a green rabbit in the east. If you are a snake, ox, or rooster, place a red horse in the south. If you are a rabbit, sheep, or pig, place a blue rat in the north. However, have your sexual relations in the SE. 

You may also activate the peach blossom by placing rose quartz, a pink rotating crystal, pink lotus, pairs of birds such as ducks or lovebirds, and pink peony flowers in your bedroom or peach blossom direction.

I want to remind you all that Uranus being is still in retrograde until December 1st bringing unexpected news and developments.  Go back and read the July post for further info.

On October 13, Jupiter, the planet of luck, grace, favor and fortune, which has been retrograde since June 15, begin moving forward again. Since Jupiter brings abundance and prosperity, you may have felt the hold back of money and successes during that time. The world should start seeing prosperity moving forward again in a civilized manner. Jupiter also governs that which brings us happiness, as well, as how challenging our life journey may be.  Focus on the positive. Jupiter will bring it to you.

On October 29, Saturn, the planet of discipline, moved from Virgo into Libra impacting our relationships and love life. For the next three years the focus of relationship energy will be towards balancing peace, honesty and compassion in our lives. Saturn in Libra will break up relationships that are no longer working and create those that will. You will discover your self worth and find peace and harmony in your life. You will hear of many breakups but many marriages as well during this time period. Marriages during this time should be based on honesty and respect. If not, they will not survive.  This will also apply to politics and what is happening now in the world with the jockeying of power and position is destined to happen to bring about change and eventually peace. This is an excellent time for our world to come to terms with each other.

The planet Neptune of Spirit and Faith, retrograde since May 28 turned direct on November 4th. This planet controls our dreams, imagination, spirituality, but also our delusions, confusions, and addictions. Neptune can dissolve our limitations and lead us to a higher purpose or spiral us to the depths of despair. The retrograde period was a time to escape from real life and reflect upon ‘what was’ instead of ‘what is’. Anxiety, depression, and addictions may have set in. Neptune in retrograde connected us to our emotions and spirit of our regrets and what if’s. Now that it has becomes direct it will ask us to implement the required changes that the reflections of confusion and regrets brought to life. This is a time to act upon past regrets with clarity. It helps us break our programming, which keep us stuck in the past.  Set and focus on the goals of what you want in your life.

All in all, this is a good time to implement change and get rid of anything or anyone not working in your best interest. It is a time to move forward into your dreams. If you can dream it-you can be it!!! God will show you the way if you just ask.

Have an amazing Thanksgiving. Remember all your blessings and help those who may need a hand out or leg up. I ask that each one of you reading this donate a turkey, some food product, or their time to their local food bank. There are many struggles out there right now and a random act of kindness moves forth ten fold. Thank you. Love M.

Disclaimer: Don’t get caught up in the dire aspects. Use the appropriate elements to balance. That is what feng shui is about. Balancing out those areas, which fly out of balance through out the year.  If you ignore it or poo poo it you may be affected. Just place the adjustments, go about your business, and enjoy your life. Give it attention/no.  










Friday, November 6, 2009

My interview on the White House airing in Atlanta

Follow the link to an interview on the White House which aired this morning. Hit the Mary Shurtleff feed. 


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You are invited to a free evening of Feng Shui

You are Invited

by Mary Shurtleff and Wisdom House Books

 to  a

 Free Evening of

Feng Shui


November 17th

  6:30 – 7:30 PM


New Location

12896 South Pony Express Road

(Frontage Road),

 Suite 200 - Draper, Utah

Presenting the release of the updated Alchemy of

Quantum Mind Feng Shui and the second book in

the series, Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the

Possibilities. The evening will include a short class

on the use of the books in Feng Shui, Theta Healing,

Self-Hypnosis, and Behavior Modification.

Books are available at most bookstores, ask them to order it in. 

         maryshurtleff.com or amazon.com.

Classes Beginning In January

Intuitive Development and Manifesting Course!!

Learn the basics of the Metaphysical Arts to achieve your heart’s desire in relationship to money, health, relationships, weight management,
self-esteem and more.

Class begins:
January 12, 2010
Every Tuesday Night for 10-weeks
2 1/2 hours a week
6:30 pm -9:00 pm

Each class builds upon the other. Classes are subject to change depending upon discussion content and class interest.

$35 a class or $300 to commit to all 10 weeks
Course includes 25 hours class time, book & a personalized 4-pillar profile mini reading with Mary
Classes may be paid weekly or Visa and MasterCard accepted.

New Location:
12896 South Pony Express Road
(near IKEA)
Draper Utah 84020

Classes will include beginning intuitive development, meditations, and learning how to trust your psychic vibes. Learn how to use physical anchors to develop insights and feng shui positioning of your home for manifesting. Learn to remove negative thought patterns and replace them with more appropriate ones for your development and requests. These classes will involve the basics of feng shui, self-hypnosis/behavior modification methods, theta healing, meditation skills, oils and stones, chakra work, and development of the intuitive insights and psychic development all geared toward awareness of Reconnecting Your Spirit to your higher wisdom.
For More Info call:
Mary Shurtleff, CHT, FSID
www.maryshurtleff.com 801-573-4042 designwisdom@yahoo.com