Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Energy Transition

Energy Transition
Hey everyone, With the passing of the Health Care Reform bill and the energy leading up to it, the economy, and the weather patterns, there seems to be an energy in the air of anxiety and panic in the air. There is a sense of change and it is making even the most grounded apprehensive. Stop it, all is well!!

Please understand that this has to happen to usher in the new energy of change and consciousness. The earth has to adjust and move to accommodate the polarity of the universe and it inhabitants. We are shifting into a higher, more, God-like consciousness of the Age of Aquarius and this lower vibration of fear has to leave our bodies through vibration. That is why we all feel anxious and nervous. It is sloughing off the negative emotions and programming of the past and healing. Believe it or not!! Sometimes as I heal, my body actually does experience shaking and gets very cold. As I talk with other healers they are experiencing the very thing or similar to what I am.

However, if you are wondering about your health, visit your health care provider. I visit my acupuncturist sometimes weekly and take vitamin B's and fish oil daily to offset the adrenal exhaustion and overload. I have recently visited a doctor just to make sure I was okay and not blowing off something I should be paying attention to.

The economy has been on a downward spiral for years. What goes up must come down. It is the Tai chi of movement. Things could not keep moving the direction it was going without a more serious disaster. Yes, bad things did happen to people but we also have to look at how we were instrumental in allowing it to happen at well. Stop blaming. As a society, we got lazy. It was easier to let someone else take the helm and do all the work. At one point in our evolution we have to take back our own sense of power and control from whoever or whatever we gave it to, whether it was an individual, company, government, or organized religious body.

The last few weeks I have experienced prejudicial emails and heard comments by people about our president and illegal people, which make my stomach turn. These comments are the buried feelings of prejudice or past programming finally coming to the surface for all to see. Once on the surface, fortunately they can be reconciled and reprogrammed if that is what they want to do.

At one time in the history of our nation there was slavery. The powerful whites did own slaves and treated their animals better than people. Some people do have that memory and tribal programming in their DNA and this is the time of our life to allow it lift and heal. The God consciousness is making it come to the surface to be seen and healed. When we stop accepting it as part of our being, it will stop. Look how far we have come today.

We have a part black/white president. With these message, I pray for an end to all prejudice of race, sex, and religion. We are all one of God and until we can honor that in each other there will be contention and conflict of self. We hate in others is what we hate in our self. Clean up self and you will see others differently. Choose to see the positive and movement of all that is. You will always have those who are fear-based however to balance you will always have those who think clearly. We need the intellectual with the intuition to give a balance clear picture. Sadly the two need to learn to work in tandem with each other instead of in conflict and ego. No one wants to lose and everyone does believe their point of view is correct. So be sure to remember that when trying to find or understand the compromise. COMPRISE is the word of the day.

The energy this year is one of movement and change and metal Tiger energy of the intuition and wisdom. The change is coming whether we want it or not so you may all well figure out how it can work for you to its biggest advantage, because it can and will. The Metal Tiger coupled with the energy of the planets move, whether you believe it or not.

Retrograde since December 20, Mars again begin moving direct, on March 10th bringing with it 'plans put into action', as we have seen with the Health Care reform bill. Things and plans laid out last year will start to take fruition. Go back and remember what it is you wanted to spring forth into action.

The Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will prosper with money making ideas put forth into action with the Mars direct.

The Air (wood) signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, will find their plans have started moving forward at a faster pace as well with Mars Direct.

The Fire signs of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, will feel as though as though they are flying through space at warp speed and can't get their foot off the accelerator. Try to slow down and think clearly. You may find yourself at Corner post D when you really wanted to be at Corner post A.

The Earth/Metal signs of Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn will move slower and more methodically than the other signs however stay diligent in your goals. It will happen while Mars is direct.

On Wednesday, March 17 Sun conjuncted Uranus bringing with it energized surprises, yet adding one more level of excitement. Uranus brings with it earthquakes and other natural disasters. If you recall Uranus, the planet of change and rebellion presides over the Aquarius, as in the Age of Aquarius bringing with it more change and excitement as well as panic, confusion and disorder. The body doesn't know the difference between nervous anxiety, and excitement. It is all felt the same way by the nervous system. The mind is the one which deciphers if it is good or bad excitement. So bring it all together as GOOD!!

Freedom from restriction and conquering new horizons can be your outcome if you move out of your safety zone. As with anything, change will bring chaos, confusion, and back tracking. As you become brave and stick your toe in the water you may quickly pull it back before you choose to immerse completely. Expect a few steps forward and a few steps back. However, the key is to keep taking those steps forward.

Another caution is the body has to purge all old habits and programming to move forward. As you purge you may feel the exact emotions that put you in bondage the first time. Work through those emotions and anxiety this time. Don't give in to them. Face the "Eye of the Tiger". This is the year to do so. It is just the body recalling and sloughing off the buried memories.

Even with weigh loss, as you loss the excess weight or burden you may feel the exact reasons and emotions which caused you to overeat in the beginning. However, this time deal with the emotions. Don't stuff them with food, SPEAK up. We stuff to avoid expressing what is really going on inside of our emotions for fear of REJECTION!! When in fact what we are rejecting is our value of who we are and what we think and replace it with what someone else may think of us and our value. The only person whose business your value is-- is YOU!!!

The body as it purges toxins may become somewhat nauseated and ill feeling. Just rest and journal those emotions. Don't stuff with food, alcohol, drugs, whatever. SPEAK UP AND THROUGH THEM! Scream, yell, be a nut case if you have too because at the end of the day, you will be clear and feel foolish for even believing those silly thought patterns to begin with.

I will get the April Aspects to you on April 7th. Be calm, be cool, find inner peace and leave the panic to those who love to stir trouble. That is their deal and their attention getter. Move above it and beyond it. You know the universe will always provide exactly what you need at exactly the right time. M.