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Now is the Time to Prepare for the New Year November Aspects of Feng Shui

Now is the Time to Prepare for the New Year
November Aspects of Feng Shui

We are winding down the year 2010 and heading into the year of 2011. The Metal Tiger of Aggression is losing steam and a much gentler energy of the Yin Metal Rabbit will soon start to be felt. The next few months we will begin settling into a pattern of community and family. The Tiger, synonymous with the lone hunter, is giving way to the Rabbit, who is more about community, family and togetherness. This is the time that aggression can be transformed into a more compassionate energy of sorts if people allow it to happen. These next two months will the time to start clearing out the old and preparing for the new of the New Year.

To move new energy into your life, you may start by using your home to empower yourself. Start by evaluating your home. Understand that your home can powerfully impact your growth. The atmosphere of a home must, first and foremost, be pleasing to the senses in sight, smell, feel, touch, taste, and sound.

*Right now at this very moment—Look around you for triggers or items in your home which make your feel strong, healthy, and well. What are they? Does your home smell good, look good, sound soothing, and feel like a place you wish to relax and let yourself drift into a place of peace. Itemize your home and be grateful for it.

*Now--look for triggers or items in your home, which make you, feel weak, sad or nervous or bring sad memories to your body. Ask yourself now-- does my home or this room hold too much baggage from the past? Get rid of these items-NOW. They make the body tired and bring an unsettling feeling to the mind and spirit.

*Understand now--the home does affect your physical, mental, emotional, & spiritual well-being. Take these steps today to assure yourself that your home holds the best possible message it can to convey your message to yourself, your peers, and your family. Your are an extension of your home and your home is an extension of your body. It tells the story of who you are. What does your home tell you? Look for the metaphor in what your home is saying to and about you.

*This is the moment to become pro-active in changing your environment, which will in turn change your life. Start with one room at a time. If that seems overwhelming, do one closet at a time. Donate, throw away, or give away anything you have not used in the last year. DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER, DE-CLUTTER!!
If you do not know where to start, start with your bedroom and go room to room from that anchor point.

Be sure to also set your monthly November Feng Shui adjustments to allow optimum Chi flow into your home. This month the aspect of illness is in the center of the home. This may affect the stomach or heart energy causing the heart to racing or the stomach to upset easily. Emotional upsets may be prevalent this month. Take care to meditate and keep stress levels balanced. Place still water in the center of the home with the metal calabash or wu-lou. Take special care with your health this month. Get your rest and eat right. Don’t overindulge in alcohol or drugs and DO NOT drink and drive. Aspects are high for accidents.

Allow the NW to remain calm this month. You may place a golden Buddha or Jesus to initiate peace in the NW this month.

Make sure the water in the West is clear and clean. The aspects are good for promotion and advancement in business. Do your writing or homework in this area this month.

Place bowls of salts or salt water in the NE. The ox and tiger need to lay low and not still up trouble this month. If you home faces NE, place a salt line at your front door to stabilize energy. [Don’t laugh, it works!! I laughed at one point, got desperate, placed the salt, and the problems dissipated as quickly as they arose. I am now a believer. MS]

Place 6 Chinese Coins or regular coins in the South and place extra water and a plant in the North. Both directions can be used to enhance promotions, visibility and career. Place yellow citrine in the SW to also bring in money. These directions, this month, are somewhat auspicious even though some inauspicious flying stars are present. Make sure your yearly adjustments are fresh and in place.

The East has expansion energy in it this month, so just place your yearly adjustment of the 6 Chinese Coins with lighting in this sector. In the Southeast, make sure the yearly water/detergent adjustment is in place and then add more extra still water for a career and money boost as well. A little bit of conflict in this area but can overridden if applied properly.

This is, of course, the month of Thanksgiving. Give thanks everyday for your healthy body, your arms, legs, voices, hair, etc. If any aspect of your body feels negative, reframe the way you look at your world and give thanks for the fact of what is good.

Give thanks for the food and shelter in your life. Give thanks for family and friends. Always remember, no matter what your struggle, there is someone else out there with a larger struggle. Count your blessing first and the struggles will dissipate into thin air becoming less and less important with each breath you take.

Have a blessed November!!

NEXT MONTH: Holiday Decorating the Feng Shui why!!

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