Saturday, March 2, 2013

How Spiritual are you--Really?

How Spiritual are you—Really?

With the pending release of my The Realm of Spirit book, which speaks of being in Spirit and touching that spiritual part of who we are-- I have been asked by the heavens to evaluate what my own ‘spiritual be-ing’ really is?  And if I can stand in my own merit about it?

This has been a tough week. I am in a metaphysical field surround by much talk about being spiritual, accepting others, gratitude, and going with the flow. However with that said, there is much judgment that goes with it.

You hear people, who claim to be very spiritual say….’I am spiritual, not religious-- I hate religion’. Or I don’t believe in God or I hate God, but I believe in …whatever??? (Fill in the blank.)

Hummm…is that very spiritual-- hating religion or people of religious beliefs??  Hating God or higher being? What God means to one person may mean something totally different to another.  Life is full of semantics!!

Sadly, it seems the word, spirituality, has become a fad that has to be learned and learned in a certain way to be accepted.

In reality, spirituality is your search for your spirit; your be-ing; your sacred self.  It is who you are…this can’t be taught…it must be found.  Each journey is different. Your spirit is perfect.

So with that said…what is the difference between the practice of spirituality and religion?

For the sake of not recreating the wheel-- Religion, as defined by Wikipedia, is an organized collection of belief system, cultural systems, and world views that relate humanity to spirituality and, sometimes, to moral values.  This definition includes—spirituality.

Your spiritual journey becomes your religious experience for YOUR sacred self that resides deep inside of be-ing. There is no right or wrong on your journey. No one has the right to question your journey and you have no right to question someone else’s.

The lesson here…..  I have a story in my Realm of Spirit book about judgment and being spirituality right…take a moment and give it a read and then think about it.

[A devoted man of meditation, after years concentrating on a particular mantra, had attained enough insight to begin teaching. The student's humility was far from perfect but the teachers at the monastery were not worried. 

A few years of successful teaching left the proclaimed scholar with no thoughts about learning from anyone. However, upon hearing about a famous hermit living nearby, the opportunity was too exciting to be passed up. 

The hermit lived alone on an island at the middle of a lake, so the man hired a man with a boat to row across to the island. The scholar was very respectful of the old hermit. As they shared some tea made with herbs, the scholar asked him about his spiritual practice. The old man said he had no spiritual practice, except for a mantra, which he repeated all the time to himself. The scholar was pleased: the hermit was using the same mantra he used himself -- but when the hermit spoke the mantra aloud, the scholar was horrified! 

"What's wrong?" asked the hermit. 

"I don't know what to say. I am afraid you have wasted your whole life! You are pronouncing the mantra incorrectly!" 

"Oh, Dear! That is terrible. How should I say it?" 

The scholar gave the correct pronunciation, and the old hermit was very grateful, asking to be left alone so he could get started right away. On the way back across the lake the scholar, now confirmed as an accomplished teacher, and was pondering the sad fate of the hermit. 

"It's so fortunate that I came along. At least he will have a little time to practice correctly before he dies."

 Just then, the scholar noticed that the boatman was looking quite shocked, and turned to see the hermit standing respectfully on the water, next to the boat. 

"Excuse me, please. I hate to bother you, but I have forgotten the correct pronunciation again. Would you please repeat it for me?" 

"You obviously don't need it," stammered the scholar; but the old man persisted in his polite request until the scholar relented and told him again the way he thought the mantra should be pronounced. 

The old hermit was saying the mantra very carefully, slowly, over and over, as he walked across the surface of the water back to the island. ]
                                                                                  Author unknown

Never judge
All is always as it should be

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


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Stephanie McWilliams is a women’s Intuitive Business Mentor. Her surprising mix of practical business savvy and spiritual sass inspires healers, coaches and purpose-driven service professionals to change the world AND make a 6-figure income doing what they love. Stephanie has appeared on countless radio and TV programs, including: Good Morning America, Martha Stewart Morning Living, People Magazine, Sirius Radio, San Diego Living, Women’s World Magazine, ABC News, and John Edward’s “Infinite Quest”.
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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy New Year--Blog

Fun BLOG... Analogy of the last few days following Legend of the zodiac animals. 

Wahoo.... we have made it to the Year of Female Water Snake!! Finally we get to bid the aggressive water dragon 'adieu'. Last year, he ripped the lids and hearts out of people, places, and things and left a path of chaos in his midst. 

The last few day you may have felt the changing transition of the year from the aggressive water dragon to the calmer energy of the water snake. You may have felt a slight dizziness or air-headed feeling. A sudden feeling of nervousness or confusion. Periods where you may have felt angry but then calm. Lots of movement of energy and activity around your body when no one was there. Things bumping in the night so to speak. I have felt all of it and even my level headed, left brained hubby has heard it. 

If you recall according to esoteric legend, the dragon, an earth energy in the element zodiac and ruler of the thunder and heavens has to recoiled and leave, opening the path to the Water Snake. As he left his heavenly energy of water, rain, thunder and storms was awakened and the earth shook. This explains the last few days of the storms and the earthquakes. It was a sign the dragon was on the move and returning to a sleep stage. Thank Heavens..literally. May the heavens now calm.

This year, we will be like the snake. We will literally be crawling on our bellies to piece back together all that got shaken and disturbed or broken last year!! Use the earth energy to stabilize your physical body when you feel unsure of yourself and the direction you are to move. Wear stone jewelry on your body and/or meditate with the stones to ground the body. Also sit in large heavy furniture to re-stabilize the body.

Howeverrrrrrr...with that said... a word of caution....piece back together only those things that you wish to fix. If you broke it, you may wish to fix it. If someone else broke, do you really want to fix it?? If you wish, slither off in a new direction to find your new position of power. LIke the snake who slithers on the ground and hides in the grass or climbs and winds up the highest tree to see the world from an advantage point, you have the ability to access your inner intuition this year with magnificent insight and use it appropriately to move your life to places your never thought possible.

Have a fabulous day. Connect with those people who you wish to have in your life this year!! I just did!!

I hope to have the February Feng Shui aspects posted tomorrow. Today set your yearly adjustments as found in the Female Water Snake: Year of Transformation 2013.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

Year of the Snake


12896 S Pony Express Rd, Ste 200 

Draper, Utah (north of IKEA)

February 16th, 2013 
Schedule of Activites

1:11 pm - Free Feng Shui class for 
Compliments of Mary Shurtleff from Design Wisdom

 3:33 pm - Lion Dance

Feed the lion to get good fortune for the year!

 5:00pm - Balloon Drop
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Have your name written in Kanji
Lucky Envelope Give-a-Way!

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February 16, 2013

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Only the energy of the year. 
Come--Find your destiny. Appointments
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Thursday, January 24, 2013

New Blog --Radio Show

Learn about how your home can change your life by setting new mindsets

Radio Show--Mindsets and Lifestyles beginning in March

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What to do to Prepare for the Chinese New Year

Go to 

For a Good Read on what to do before the Chinese New Year on Februray 10th. 

Relax-Shed your Skin-Transform