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Weighless and Belly Fat Blog

Weightless and Belly Fat Blog

Hello my Friends 
I have noticed in my work with chakras and hypnosis that the belly area or fat cells in the belly area is where we hold our past and present emotions.  Fat cells act as protective buffers against hurt and will deposit on the part of the body where strength and protection is needed the most.  (Breasts for nurturing; belly, hips, and thighs for support; chin and neck for expression; and holding on or letting go for the arms.)   As you get begin to understand your emotions, you can learn to read your own body language and what it is trying to tell you.  Weight distribution is not about what you are eating, it is about what is causing you to eat!! Are you upset, lonely, tired, doubting, whatever?  

The belly, especially, will bloat when we take on hurtful emotions or unexpressed desires. The belly is the spleen chakra/family/personal sensitivity area. It holds our family programming, religious beliefs, and how we have been conditioned to respond to pressure.  Therefore, it becomes extremely important to EXPRESS clearly to self, first, any discomfort or desire you may be feeling. Then express to others any perception you have had about a hurtful situation involving their behavior or a desire you may have.

As most of you know, I do a weightless hypnosis program. In my weightless hypnosis class we discuss experiences that possibly lead to burden and weight whether it is hurtful remarks, lack of self worth, over achieving, lack of rest and exercise-- the list goes on. 

However, as we use the discussion in class I have always felt like something was missing-- a physical anchor to place the faith in to help achieve your goal.  Anchors in hypnosis are physical objects used to focus and project all your emotions and feelings into to help you with the release process of your programming.  However in the class there seemed to be no physical anchors to project into, just one’s own belief system and resolve to believe it so.  Sadly, if a person’s resolve has been broken down and is too tired to deal, there will be a weak link.

Weight loss is not about just losing weight, it is about why the weight was placed there as a protection to begin with. This is the reason for so much failure or weak links of weight loss.  As people loss weight and start feeling emotional or get sick from the detox of the fat cells, they give in and quit the diet. Instead of dealing with what is bugging them, they return to trying to eat it away. Emotionally, it does work to eat it away; but on the physical level you have replaced one problem again with another.

I have found the anchor to assist the weak link. It is a belly body wrap. The body wrap is a botanical formula that helps to break down the fat cells in the belly area on a physical level.

After doing a body wrap myself I realized that the body wrap acts as a physical anchor that is needed to focus and help expel the emotions into in order to allow the fat cells to release.  As you throw away the wrap, you also throw out physically and metaphorically all the emotions the wrap as absorbed. Bye bye to toxins as well as metaphorically toxic behavior.

In the detox process, as the fat cells dissolve, the emotions may come back to haunt you.  Be prepared for this experience.
As previously discussed, the belly fat cells have wrapped themselves around the initial emotion that put them there in the first place. As the body wrap breaks down these fat cells, you may feel the whole gamut of these emotions again and the reason they were put there.  Let’s deal with them this time for your health’s sake.

However, this time, you will meditate while you have the wrap on. You will see yourself releasing the emotions into the wrap and setting the boundaries you need. You can reframe and reset your energy with validation of who you are. You give yourself the pat on the back you may not receive from others and get passed the past.

I know this philosophy goes far deeper then the body wraps ever intended but ......I found this out personally last week how the body wrap worked. After I did the wrap, I lost inches however I also experienced some periods of anger and hurt at a couple of people in my life that I had let slide on their hurtful behavior. I found I wanted to deal with the emotions this time instead of stuffing them in my belly.  After the wrap and hypnosis self talk, I lost 6 inches total in three different measured areas of my body. 

I believe when these wraps are combined with a self-hypnosis process, healthy food, and 10-20 minutes of exercise daily, good health will ensure.  You need the full gamut for good health. There is no one magic bullet.

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Sunday, April 15, 2012

April Aspects!!

This month of April until May 6th  has the metal/wood clash at  the center of the ba-gua this month. The metal element symbolizes  heaven-the wood symbolizes  air, wind, lightening and thunder!! Explains the tornados huh??

The wealth star is in the North this month. Place water and yellow stone in the North for prosperity. Place extra lighting and clear crystals in the SW for victory and promotions.  Place bamboo and water in the NW for more creative energy and recognition. Place salt water in the West and South to stabilize the home.

Have a good month but be careful of more winds, lightening and thunder. Don't under estimate the weather!! This month is  good for promotions of career at work. Take a few calculated risks!!