Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Feng Shui Aspects for March 2011

Feng Shui Aspects for March 2011

Welcome to the year of the Golden Rabbit. With the Golden Rabbit we will see some good months for money and opportunity and bad months for money and opportunity.  

The 2nd month of the Chinese New Year is a Rabbit month and begins on March 6th.    This year, March will hold the energy of the monthly Rabbit in tandem with the year’s energy of the Golden Rabbit bringing a double Rabbit influence to the table. .  This month we will have double sectors of good luck and double sectors of instability.

For good fortune, place water and citrine stones in the Northwest of the home or office to enhance money prospects.  Place 6 pieces of metal coin in the Southeast of your home or business.

The Southwest of the home is the intimacy sector. For improved relationships place peonies or pairs of items in the Southwest of your home. This month is lined up for romance and pregnancy.  If you are wishing to get pregnant, you may be able to do so in the Southwest of your home this month.  The rabbit is fertile this year so be careful of any unwanted pregnancies.  We may also see more multiple births this year.

We may see more victory and celebration around family this year as well as divorce and hardship. The stars are lined up for infidelities in marriage this year and this month is especially strong. Being forewarned is forearmed.  Be careful; don’t play if you don’t wish to pay. Be wise in your choices.

March’s monthly flying stars line up with the annual flying star influences and could be chock full of instability and change due to the #7 of instability in the center of the home, business, and universal ba-gua.  To offset this aspect, place water in the center of your home to calm and absorb negative energy.  Also place the color blue.

Be cautious of the areas in the South and East this month. Both areas may be ripe for accidents to the limbs or head.  To further protect your energy, place salt water in the East, either in the form of half salt and half water mixture and/or even a bowl of salt or salt candle or lamp in this area. The salt also absorbs negative energy. You may also place a sigil protection symbol on your front door if your doorway faces either of these directions.   Place a metal wu-lou in the South of your home, bedroom, or office to stave off illness and accident.

This month may also be shrouded in groups jockeying for position of power. We may see more global civil uprising all month. We may see people banding together to get ideas across to those in control whether it is religion, government, private business or home front.  Be kind, be fair, be honest and you will be just fine if faced with conflict. Open all lines of communication when possible.  Again, place water in the center of your home or business to offset this energy. Also add the color blue to the center of your home.  Be aware, you have been warned. Walk away from conflict this month. Next month will be better. 

The second day of March begins in opposition with the yin Metal Rooster. The rabbit and rooster, on the zodiac wheel, oppose each other.  This day may energetically cause universal conflict. The flying stars for the month is 7 and the day star is 7. Be extremely careful of any foolish risks today. Don’t threaten, don’t aggress, and don’t look for trouble. You will most certainly find it. Save it for the next day. The next day is a calm water dog day. This energy could linger for a week or two so place salt water in the East and the West to calm and offset the metal energy.  Take no chances today with any aspect of your life—health, money, or relationship.  

This is a month to be quiet and prepare and harvest. Take only calculated risks. Real estate this month could be on the upswing. Sadly gas prices will also continue to rise. However, with that said, money and job opportunities could increase and prosper as well for all.

Be sure to make sure your annual flying stars feng shui is in place.

For more information on the Golden Rabbit year go to The e-book on the Xing Mao-Golden Rabbit 2011 is available by download.