Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wisconsin Shootings

In light of the Temple Shooting in Wisconson---Sadly as per the July aspects,  (which do not shift to August until the 7th)  I wrote

 {Wow, as I sit down and look at the Eastern Astrology for the month of July, I notice the 9 of fire has flown to the center of the ba-gua and clashes with the number 6 of metal. This month we may again see fires caused from lightening strikes. Also, with the metal fire conflict we may see possible mechanical airplane and car malfunctions. With the 6 of power being tempered by the fire we may see more volatile outbursts in personal and business relationships as well as government dealings. Backlash can be expected. This month place still water in the center of your home to calm your home’s energy.  Bathe yourself in extra water to stay calm and cool. Also, be extra understanding this month and hold your tongue. Conflict is in the area. Time will feel as though it is moving faster. }

Sometimes we need to understand that bad things are always going to happen and we can't control it with laws or rules.  It is our destiny. We can balance the energy and listen to our gut and hearts but if it is to occur, it will. That is why our Spirit exists. We have a mission and when that mission is over, it is over. Nothing can change it. Live your life each day as if it is your last. Be grateful for what you have and let those you love know it. Live in Joy. Anger, hate, resentment, and fear are a waste of precious time.

For August--Remember there are still some aspects in the NW and the SE that are inauspicious. Go back and read the August aspects.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Clarification to Feng Shui Aspects for August

I would like to clarify a part of my Aspects in regard to the words--Mundane Store front. A mundane store front is a earth based stationary never (or difficult to change) changing residence vs the internet service which is cyberspace, versatile, and always or easily changed. We are a fast moving, fast changing generation and we must adapt accordingly. Make sense?

Feng Shui Aspects for August

Feng Shui Aspects for August

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it.

The adjustments may be placed in the directional sectors of the property, home, office, or desk.

The month of August could be a real game changer for the economy for those who know how to work magic with their money and in the work place. Money comes from the creation of ideas within the mind. Millionaires make most of their money in the stock market, business ideas, and investments.  We may see much of that this month. Create yourself an app and sell it. 

The creation of new jobs will be in the Internet service aspect and not so much the mundane storefront business. Technology has made it so easy to have next day delivery that is affordable. This last year has proven that you can’t quite depend on anyone to complete your financial portfolio. You must create your own wealth.

We have the #8 of wealth meet the #6 of power and authority together in the center of the ba-gua. This month, place water in the center of the home with 6 gold coins or Chinese coins and 8 pieces of Citrine stones. Do a brief mediation visualizing ideas to bring prosperity to your front door. Ask your mind to create you a plan to follow to bring wealth into your life. Then listen and act upon it.

The Number 9 of fire flies to the NW of the ba-gua bringing energy to the #7 of robbery and instability. The Fire and Metal clash in this sector may bring about legal issues to the pig and dog this month. The patriarch or father/male must watch his health this month. The aspects are strong for heart annoyances. Drink plenty of water and rest when exhausted to avoid a serious affliction. To stabilize this energy place your blue detergent in the NW of the home, room, or office to temper the #7 annual star. If you have a blue elephant or rhinoceros, set it in this area to protect the area as well. You may also set black or blue fu-dogs. Be careful of the aggressive red fu’s in this area this month. Also place a rooster to offset any gossiping and unfair attacking from your frienemies!! Allow the NW of the home to lay low this month. The Dog, Pig, and father/male must take rest when tired.

The snake and dragon and the SE of the home may also see an increase of conflict this month with the #7 flying into this sector to meet the already unstable #5. Don’t panic—refresh your salt water and place blue detergent in this sector as well with the snake’s ally, rooster to help deter the gossip and back stabbing. If you have a blue elephant or rhinoceros, set it in this area to protect the area as well. You may also set black or blue fu-dogs. Be careful of the aggressive red fu’s in this area this month. Allow the SE of the home to lay low this month. The Snake and Dragon must take rest when tired. Stomach and lung afflictions  (flu) are possible. Drink lots of water.

The North East, this month, is the funky place to be with the illness #2 flying to meet the expansive #9!! Place a fresh salt water stabilizer in the North East. The Tiger and Ox needs to be extremely careful with their health this month. Take no unnecessary risks. Keep the North East quiet and calm. Use no fire or extremely bright lights this month in the North East. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy.

The South is the direction of change this month. Use the color red and lighting in the South to illuminate situations that are troubling you. The horse may feel as though someone is stepping on he/r last nerve. Use extra water to buffer this effect. Take baths and showers or swim to ease those nervous tensions. I personally take Epsom salts and with lavender essential oil baths when my nerves feel frazzled. Resolve those situations that have been hanger-ons. The quicker you bounce through them, the quicker you get to move on!! Life is full of little speed bumps, which you will get over.

Luck shines in the East this month with the #4 of abundance meeting up with the #6 of power. This will be a good month for family get togethers and celebrations. Writers will benefit facing this direction this month. Place your writing tools or manuscripts in the East. Place 6 Chinese coins in the East this Year for career boosts. The East area of the home may also be activated this month for romantic luck. Place pink peonies or mandarin ducks in this area. The Rabbit will have a very good month in career. Take advantage.

The Prosperous West receives the #1 flying star of Career this month. Adjust this space with more metal of gold and silver. Place running water in this area this month. This is a good month for advancement in career for those with a west front door entrance or the Rooster.  The East and West facing home will prosper this month.

The  #5 of instability flies to the SW of women meeting the #3 star of conflict bringing with it --disagreements and tension. This month place salt water adjustment in SW or in the bedroom of the woman. The Monkey and Sheep may feel conflicted and somewhat melancholy and tired this month. If this should happen, get rest and stay quiet. Remember: Tomorrow in another day. Take baths, swim, and be kind to yourself. Next month will be a busy one.

The #4 of abundance flies to the North of the home of the Rat.  Writers will benefit facing this direction this month. Place your writing tools or manuscripts in the North as well. The North area of the home may also be activated this month for romantic luck for the Rabbit, Sheep, Pig – Place a Blue Rat in the North. Everyone, my place pink peonies or mandarin ducks in this area. Be sure to keep your Wu-lous in place to guard against burning the candle at both ends.

It doesn't matter which school of feng shui you practice, this will just enhance and layer the feng shui of your home. Have a fantastic month. Peace be with you!!