Tuesday, May 5, 2009

May Feng Shui Aspects

May has arrived upon us very quickly this year. The 9 in the center of the ba-gua for the year yields very quick moving energy. Think of it as--a fire on top of the earth, with the wind blowing.  The fire gathers speed and nothing can stop it expect water. If you feel as though life is moving too quickly, place water in the very center of your home.

This month bring the illness #2 to the center of the ba-gua. This will cause the world to face a crisis involving illness, thus the  enhanced flu hysteria.  This month could have various outbreaks of strange illnesses not linked to anything concrete. It is the springtime of seasonal allergies.  This month we could see allergies and auto-immune afflictions affecting many.  Eat right and get your rest.

Use water and metal in the center of the home to break up the illness  #2 pattern of energy.   A metal wind chime, metal pagoda, or a metal water fountain will cause the #2 star to struggle. Be aware you can move these adjustments from month to month to different sectors of the home.

Because of the annual fire energy of #9 in the center of the ba-gua, I have had difficulty sleeping.  When the body is very sensitive this fire energy and full moon energy, it is felt quite extensively. Don’t think you are going crazy, it will pass. It is just the universal energy. Get in water. Take baths.  Swim.  Eat water foods. Exercising will help to release some of the pent up energy.

I have been doing water exercises regularly, which helps the body to relax excessive fire energy.  I finally resorted to taking melatonin on the really active nights with the full moon. The melatonin is available in any health food and helps the body naturally produce what it needs to sleep.

The #3 this month flies to the NW of the Benefactor’s sector and the boar and dog. Everyone this month, but especially dog and boar people, may see some conflict in what they are feeling and doing in their lives. The #3 in the spiritual center may cause some to question their belief systems. This is a good thing. If you are on the wrong path, this is the month to put it right. The #3 of conflict gives you the courage to speak up.  However be careful of lawsuits and arguments caused by greed. Remember karma and live in the truth.

Use quiet metal in this space to calm the #3 wood. Place a metal or Golden Buddha. You may also place the crossed coin swords to symbolize the protection of the samurai. Use lights in this area to light up the situation at hand and keep the mind clear.

The West and the Rooster finds relief this month with the lucky #4. Use crystal points or raw crystals for writing success in this area this month. Children may use this area to improve learning capacities this month.

The nasty #5 flies into the North East this month affecting the Ox and Tiger. Use salt water, salt water, salt water. If you home faces Northeast place a salt line at your front door. The #5 paired with the #3 can bring about changes in your career, relationship, and health, if left too active. Quiet this area and place the salt water cure or the metal pagoda. Place a laughing Buddha in this space for good fortune and happiness. Be kind, watch your manners, think clearly and try to not make any defining decisions this month.  Next month the #4 of success will fly in.

#6 of power and authority flies to the South and the horse.  Place 6 Chinese coins in the South.  If your front door faces the South, place them under your front door mat.

Place also yin water in this area to balance energy of the South of fire and the metal of the six. Yin water is a bowl of still water or a bamboo or flowers in water.

#7 flies into the North. Place salt water, salt water, salt water here as well. Use clear still water too. The North is very agitated this month so keep it as still as possible.

Turn off the fountains, but make sure they are still full of water. Next month the #6 flies in for relief so lay low. Use another door if your home faces the North.

#8 of money flies to the Southwest.  Place water and yellow citrine here.

#9 of expansion flies into the East, activating the already negative #7. Use water, water, water, water, here. Be careful of fire in this area.  Place crossing swords or a Kuan Kung at your front door if it faces the East. Make sure your three ki luns are in place for the San Sha yearly afflictions. Places plants here to buffer the energy as well. If your home faces the East, try to use a different door for entry. Place a salt line at the front door as well.

#1 of career flies to the Southeast, which is especially auspicious for business and career when coupled with the yearly #8. Use the South East to advance business aspirations. Display money and a Golden laughing Buddha to bring in good balance. Use water to uplift as well.

This month could have some element interactions, which require attention serious attention.  If you feel overwhelmed, use water to relax.

Remember to declutter and downsize.  Simplify your life. Simplify your checkbook as well. Get rid of all bills and things in your life that no longer serve you. Maybe a land phone line, an extra checking account fee, or credit card fee. Consolidate and get back to the basics of what is important in your life.  Have a yard sale. Work a part time job or volunteer to get your foot in the door if you need an added income for a little while. Everyone has hidden talents that they can make money from.

The alchemy of thoughts and ideas is where money is made. If you are a photographer, hire out your services or sell your pictures. If you are exceptionally good at something, hire out as a tutor or hold a class.  Hire out cooking skills, bookkeeping skills, housecleaning skills, yard work, etc. 

Don’t make excuses or blame, take responsibility and empower your life. Your pearl of wisdom is inside your mind waiting for the chance to blossom.

Have a wonderful month. Mary.