Friday, August 7, 2009

August Feng Shui Aspects

Feng Shui aspects for August—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

See last months post about Uranus being in retrograde until December 1st bringing unexpected news and developments.

Since this is the sixth month of the Chinese New Year, check and/or replace all your salt water cures.  Recheck positions and directions of your pi yaos and ki luns. Things tend to get moved by others, so make sure all is right. Pull out your Chinese New Year book and recheck all the annual stars adjustment, as well, as you set your monthly stars.

This year has gone so quickly with the fire energy in the center of the ba-gua. With this high fire energy, I find myself talking so fast, driving way too fast, and getting impatient when someone is too slow or delayed!!! I don’t understand the hold-ups. The other night coming out of the parking lot at E center with all the traffic snarls made me insane. I was cussing and carrying on like an insane woman. My poor daughter just hid on the floorboards of the car.

I am aware I need to slow down and I think that is the universe’s way of saying so. I get blocked into a lane in traffic, (in the carpool lane- no less) I get in the slowest line at the check out and my computer is too slow. It drives me insane!!  Just because you are spiritual doesn’t always mean you are in control of earthly, physical emotions. They are what keep our life spicy!! Honor them or you will implode.

My 4-pillar profile has high wood so I feel like my pants are on fire this year.  I have too much going on and need to pull back. Darn fire energy. To offset this energy, I have added extra water to the center of my house. I have gone back to swimming and taking more baths instead of showers. I have made the conscious effect to drink more water.

Moral of Story: If you have been feeling extremely restless, anxious, nervous, or expecting everyone to jump faster- that darn fire energy is acting up with your body profile. Use extra water to calm.

In August, the #8 of money flies to the center of the home bringing cause for celebration and money luck.  This earth energy may also calm the #9 annual star already in place. Place a water feature with citrine stones in the water in the center of the home for money prosperity. With the #8 in the center of the home it is a wonderful time of celebration.  This month could be filled with good news. The economy of the world may be on the upswing for the month.  Look for causes to celebrate this month. Focus on the positive and your will receive the positive.  With the #9 annual star in the center of the ba-gua, place a light to light your path to new ideas and passions.  An excellent month for opportunity and money.

The monthly #9 of fire flies to the Northwest of the dog and pig bringing career money luck. The annual #1 already in the Northwest with the #9 forms the auspicious sum of ten creating very lucky money energy for the dog and pig as well as those who live in a NW facing home. Everyone may wish to active the NW of the home with extra up lighting in dark corners. Since this is an initial metal area for the ba-gua, be careful of the hot fire energy burning your out, especially the pig and the dog.  The male of the family needs to watch his health this month.  If a male sleeps in this area, place the wu-lou or calabash by his bed. However, my feeling is everyone should have those by their beds no matter what the aspect.

Use water to resolve the hot #9 energy. Be careful of lungs and skins. Eat right, control the firewater of alcohol, and get your rest and exercise.  This area this month is an oxymoron. Facilitate business ventures here, but watch the tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Be careful of actual fire in this area—candles, fireplaces, stoves, cigarettes, etc.

The #1 of water and career flies to the West of the Rooster. This brings career luck to this area. The rooster or members of a West facing house may be in line for advancement or job change for advancement. Place water or symbols of water in this area for uplift for career energy. Place objects for career opportunities. If you are looking for a new career this is the month to put the wheels in motion. With the annual #2 in this area, you still must watch your health in this area and be careful of accidents. Avoid sleeping in this area if possible. If you must sleep here, place a Wu Lou or Calabash by your bed. Watch your health, get your rest and eat right.

The monthly  #2 of earth and illness goes into the Northeast. The #2 unfortunately flies into #3 annual star.  Illness is not only physical body but also mental outlook. Place your metal wu-lous or calabash in this area to help protect the physical body. You may place anything of metal such as a five-tier pagoda, wind chime,metal abacus, or metal Ki Luns/ Pi-yaos fu-dogs, or a metal fan to weaken the illnessearth energy. You may also place peacock feather in your home to bring in the energy of the Goddess Kwan Yin. You may also place a White Tara or Laughing Buddha to bring not only a feeling of comfort and peace but laughter and love.  With the #3 already there, this could bean extremely confining and stressful month for the Tiger or Ox or the NE facing home for business or family relations. Place a RED laughing Buddha or added red in this area to burn off some of the conflict. There may be emotional ups and downs with family and friend as new boundaries are being set. Set a Gold Kwan Yin or Buddha in the North East of your home to offset this aspect. For relationship problems, set them by the bed.  Have patience. It will pass. Place a golden prayer or Mandela of peace in this area for comfort. Use small metal in this area to chop the #3 Wood conflict as well as the #2 earth.  Use small fire or reds to activate the energy of the original Northeast #8 Earth.  The elephant listens with his ear to the ground, therefore, to promote better listening practices, to avoid misunderstandings, lay a green elephant figurine on his side on your work desk or place where conversations or teachings are held. Those residing in the NE, Tiger, and Ox may feel the need to change jobs, relationship, etc. This conflict alignment may be the final straw for those to make this difference in there life. Be wise, calm, and informed if this should happen to you. However, with Uranus in retrograde, a sudden and unexpected decision to change these things may occur. Don’t panic, God closes a door but opens a window.  Place the crossed swords in the NE of the home to protect against lawsuit.  This is a tough combination but remember life and its events happen for a reason because better things are yet to come. Believe that and see the gift in it.

The #3 of wood flies to the South of the horse. The South facing home may see a stressful month in family and business relations. Keep your head low and watch your tongue.  Place a RED laughing Buddha or added red in this area to burn off some of the conflict. There may be emotional ups and downs with family and friend as new boundaries are being set. Place a rooster at your front door to drive away unwanted influences. The annual #4 star is already in place in this area. Students will prosper here.  With the #3 of yang wood and the #4 of yin wood, a feeling of discontentment may set in. This ADD moving energy will be hard to keep up with and can cause anxiety and nervousness. Use water to sooth the nerves and earth energy (stones and jewelry) to ground energy.

The #4 of wood and literary recognition is flying to the North.  Place 4 bamboos in this area. Also place your literary works, fine art or photography or video works in this area for higher recognition.  Since the #5 annual resides in this area, reset your salt water cure. The rat and North facing homes may see some relief this month with money luck and business luck. Display the monkey on horseback to lift career luck. If this is your peach blossom area, you may activate your peach blossom in this area.

The #5 flies into SW of woman and the area of the monkey and sheep.  PLACE A FRESH-- SALT WATER CURE!!!!  If your front door faces the SW, place a salt line at the front door. You may also place a 6-rod wind chime.  Be sure to activate your 6 Chinese coins in this area to activate your power and authority. Be careful with this sector this month. 

The monthly #6 of power and authority flies into the East of the rabbit. This is an excellent time for fortune and money gain.  Place 6 Chinese Coins or gold ingots and jewels in this area. Since metal is so strong in this area with the annual #7, be careful of all sharp metal objects this month aka-knives, scissors, car accidents, etc. Place a crystal or peacock feathers in your car.   Make sure your three-ki luns are in place with a bowl of blue detergent to work the energy of the unstable #7.  Be diligent don’t ignore this area and its influence this year.

The #7 of instability flies into the Southeast affecting the dragon, snake, and SE facing home. Place water, water, water, in this area to break down the metal. Also place a bowl of blue dawn detergent in this area as well. The dragon and snake may feel some jumping through the hoops this month. Be patient. All will come in good time. The #8 of wealth is still in your corner.  Place water to uplift!! Use citrine. Place items you wish to enhance monetarily in this area.

Everyone, have a wonderful month and work toward goals of what you want and release all ties of bondage.  Expect a month of victory and celebrations. If it is not happening for you readjust some thought patterns and focus on what you have and don’t worry about what you don’t have yet!!