Friday, October 8, 2010

Classes starting

Shirley Allred, NLP practitioner and I will be offering a class called Developing your Six Sensory of your Senses starting on the 26th of October at 6 pm. This class is a feeler email to see who may be interested in on site class vs. a teleseminar or skype class. Offering the tele-seminar class gives those out of the area the chance to study and learn this work without the expense of travel. We hope to be able to offer both styles of classes.

The class will be a six week class on developing your six senses--touch, hearing, smell, taste, sight, and six sense of knowing and feelings. The classes will teach you aspects of how the senses work and how you can develop them to enhance your psychic awareness and well being thus increasing your perception of your relationships, business foundations, money, and health. The class will cover the aspects of each sense as well as the feng shui for each sense, oils and/or stones, which can enhance and change your perception of events in your life, chakra meditations, and mudras to release energy. Each class will be organic and tailored toward the class needs.

The 6 classes will be offered for $120 as an introductory offer. You do have the option of taking each class individuality at the price of $30.

Classes will feature: October 26--Sense of Touch--First sense to develop and is connected to the nervous system through the heart and skin
November 2--Sense of Hearing--Harmonic connection to the womb from the outside world-Heartbeat
November 9--Sense of Smell--Strongest connect to past
November 16--Sense of Taste--Strongest connect to desire
November 23-Sense of Sight--Strongest connect to instincts
November 30--Sense of Intuition and knowing--Feelings or emotions connected from the body to the mind to its direct connection to God, Spirit, or source. (Fill in your own word)

Please let me know if you will be interested in this class and which style. Thank you so much.

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