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Chinese Animal Book
The Black Water Dragon 
The Chinese Solar New Year of the Black Water Dragon begins on February 4, 2012 and
the Lunar New Year begins with the new moon on January 23, 2012. The Winter Solstice, on December 21, 2011 actually begins the Chinese New Year and is the transition time between the Metal Rabbit, which will 
produce the Water Dragon in the generation elemental cycle of 2012. 

The Dragon energy is extroverted. We may see a year of victory and celebration with new friendships, new
 travels, and interesting adventures. Use this year to travel and see new horizons. Say ‘Yes’ to new
experiences no matter how simple they may seem. Simple can lead to bigger Dragon adventures.

The Dragon Year can a symbol of opportunity, luck and fortune. This combination of Water and Dragon
can bring financial gain to those who chose to be self sufficient and independent. Money grows from the
alchemy of the mind and ideas. Those who are dependent on others will only help the fortune of other’s
grow while theirs stay the same. Use your wisdom and learning from the Metal years and move forward
in a progressive way.

The Black Water Dragon could be a time of great wealth to manifest because of the water  (money)
influence with the earth aspects of the Dragon. The earth is synonymous with energy so we may see more
oil, coal, and resources making money this year. Real estate may start to make a comeback as well.

2012 The Black Water Dragon: The Year of Opportunity contains information,  prophesy, and fortune luck
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the fortune luck for the zodiac animals for the year 2012 and the adjustments for the annual and monthly
flying stars for 2012.  This simple,  informative book can also help you to analyze the fortune luck of  
the animals in  your four pillar chart for  the year 2012. The Black Water Dragon also profiles a four-pillar
chart on the dreaded doomsday of December 21. 2012.

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Excerpts from 
Black Water Dragon
Year of Opportunity
Part  One:
Aspects for The Black Water Dragon

The Winter Solstice, on December 21, 2011 actually begins the Chinese New Year and is the transition time between the Metal Rabbit, which will produce the Water Dragon in the generation elemental cycle of 2012.

The Metal element in Feng Shui symbolizes endings and dyings. The metal years of the Tiger and Rabbit have taken a bite out of a lot of people and literally made change happen whether you wanted it or not. We have seen so much change in the last two years, good and bad, that reeked havoc on the world, families and business. 

With the metal years of the Tiger and Rabbit finally behind us and the new beginnings of the WATER DRAGON 2012 and WATER SNAKE of 2013, it paves the path for re-birth and new beginnings. Water is the womb of life and seeds being planted for the future. By the year of the HORSE in 2014 when the elements finally line up--wood and fire--growth and creativity combined with passion will set the world right again.

The Dragon Year can a symbol of opportunity, luck and fortune. This combination of Water and Dragon can bring financial gain to those who chose to be self sufficient and independent. Money grows from the alchemy of the mind and ideas. Those who are dependent on others will only help the fortune of other’s grow while theirs stay the same. Use your wisdom and learning from the Metal years and move forward in a progressive way. Last year we had to “pack’ up like the wolves to survive, however, this year people will become more independent again and individual thinking will emerge.  Learn how to become financially independent and plant seeds to grow in the next two water years. I am not saying quit your job, I am saying learn to grow your own garden.

The dragon's character can be an opportunist; one who likes to have others do his bidding. The dragon is also somewhat of a narcissist. In the dragon year we will see more of  the ‘me’ mentality again and people stepping away from their safety nets and packs. This year be on the look out for those who try to use others for financial gain. That is why it is so important to become the master of your own destiny. Don't get swayed by the con man this year.  A word of caution to you as well: Don't use others either for your financial gain--karma will be attached in the year 2014 when the elements align. Say to yourself now--I now release all people, places and ideas which I have outgrown and embrace new opportunity. I reconcile my karma and release all obligation and vows of the past.
Esoterically, the dragon is of wood and earth nature with fire resources. He is a mystical legend that can survive on the ground, in the waters and in the sky. The dragon blows his smoke and fire and people pay attention. When the dragon appears life becomes unpredictable and the lines of stability are blurred. Fear abounds. This year with the talk of doomsday we may see much fear as people do fear the unknown. They will fear the dragon.
The good news is that the water dragon  is somewhat less threatening however this year will not  arrive and leave without incident.  The fire of the dragon is at the center of the earth. As the fire of the dragon erupts in the bowels of the earth, the earth will shake and the great oceans may cover the earth. This year we may see volcanoes’, earthquakes, floods and tsunamis. The high water element of the year will tend to make the earth unstable and shift.

To start this journey, begin now clearing the old of the past and begin setting your New Year aspirations for 2012.  A positive attitude, a smile on your face, and a few ideas in your head is all that is needed for a successful Water Dragon year. Feng shui principles require that you set your mental, physical, and spiritual stage to pave the way for achieving your goals in the New Year.

To engage your inner spiritual powers begin by meditating daily to gain insight into you innermost dreams and desires. Sit comfortably and close your eyes and just breathe. People tend to hold their breath when they are stressed and forget to breathe. Take a deep breath in to the count of 4, hold it for 6, and then exhale very slowly saying the word ah….. to the count of 8.  Do this several times and then just breathe normally and LISTEN to the silence in your head.  Go deep inside yourself and listen to what thoughts come up for you. The issue that may be bothering you may only be a Band-Aid for what really is the core of the problem. Meditate at least once a day and more if possible or stressed.  This will help to relax the mind and body as well as open your highest self to better guide you throughout the day easily and effortlessly.

For mental clarity set goals for the day, week, month, and year. As you empower yourself and cheer others on to their goals, you find you are more fulfilled and your goals begin to take care of themselves. As you do clear the old, you may feel anxiety and panic about the unknown. Walk through the fear. Breathe and move around.

Deprogram all vows of poverty and obligation to it. Stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’ or ‘fear of the unknown’ and ‘ENHANCE’ today.  Don’t panic over the small stuff. Fear, hoarding, envy, and greediness stop the flow of prosperity. This mentality never seems to have enough no matter what they do have. This mentality is unhappy at the core, which eventually will affect health and relationships too.

Some people easily relax into the ‘lack’ mentality. As they relax into the ‘lack’ mentality they of course get an abundance of lack because they created it. Some people truly like to struggle and be the victim of their circumstances. It gives them the attention they crave and their  story to tell. If you recognize this as you and your struggles with life, say to yourself now--


Chant the mantra—OM MA NE PAD ME HUM – (9X) - OR - if you wish just say—THANK YOU.

This will shift all the chakras of the body to resonate on the same wavelength as your thoughts. Do the mantra slowly and chant in a tone-like way. If you chose to say just the thank you--be sure to say it in a breathy tone bringing air into and releasing from the body.

If you have any hesitancy reciting the affirmations go back into YOUR programming and find who told you that happiness and comfort was bad and the root of evil. You with your thought patterns and past DNA programming made the choice to deprive yourself.  You learned it; you were not born with it. You were born to be abundance and have all the good that life has to offer. Don’t scrimp on something you know can bring prosperity to your life. Learn to live abundantly.

However, of course, keep your intentions pure of heart.  One must never backstab, cheat, or lie to get what you want. A negative or dishonorable goal in which one hopes to destroy or control others will create more karma and havoc in your year to come. Stay clear and pure of heart!!

Next- make your vision board, which brings physical substance to your mental desires. You can do this easily with masking tape by making a frame on the wall or you can make it as elaborate as you wish with a large canvas or ornamental picture frame. Think prosperity and richness. Even the style of your frame will affect your abundance levels and the vision on it. The vision boards accesses your inner knowledge giving your subconscious mind permission to clear the way to make your dreams a physical reality. As you focus your attention and energy on the objects of your vision board and actively work toward that goal, magic happens.  Use your meditation skills and dream sleep time to imagine and create your life. Pay special attention to all psychic messages sent to you by your subconscious mind to use in your waking life. 

Each morning, upon waking immediately, write in your dream journal all dreams and visions of the night, no matter how insignificant. Each vision has a meaning, which will unfold little by little in the big picture. Visualize good things and mentors coming to you each morning who can help you in achieving your life plans. State your intentions and find others who can help you achieve your goals. However, again, a word of caution—don’t use or degrade people to find your pleasure or passion. That pleasure will be short lived. I promise!!

Also find a beautiful calendar or day planner that represents you for the year. Each day with your hands on the calendar day, visualize how you wish your day to unfold. Go through the yearly calendar, mark specific place and set goals of accomplishments. Resolutions only mean discipline and direction. Don’t make resolutions you have no intention of keeping or seem far-reaching. If you think you can’t reach it, you won’t. Set reachable approachable goals until you get the hang of it. Then DREAM BIG.

Next- lets set the feng shui of your home for the New Year. Begin by cleaning your home and closets in the energy of the Full Moon. Get rid of all old energy.  If you have last year's feng shui symbology adjustments still up, take them down and either cleanse them or throw them away. You can use last year’s items of symbology as long as they are in good conditions and not discolored, chipped or broken. A broken or chipped item has been stressed and its energy weakened. It may hold the energy of the last year. Throw it away or bury it in your yard at least two feet deep in the direction of the annual star  in which it served the previous year. For instance—if you have a chipped Buddha that fell and broke in the North direction, bury the broken Buddha in the North sector of your yard.

If you chose to cleanse your adjustments you will need Sun Water, Moon Water, and Salt.   Place a pitcher of water in the sunlight for 3 hours and place another pitcher of water in the moonlight for 3 hours; the night of the full moon is an excellent night to do so.  Melt some rock salt or sea salt in a third pitcher of clean water.

To cleanse items of metal you may soak and clean with vinegar for a few minutes, dry them, and then sprinkle with each clearing water.  Use the Sun water for the active energy and the Moon water to calm energy.  The salt water is used to purify. For crystal items, sprinkle with the salt water and then immerse for 7 days in a mixture of moon and sun water.

As you are clearing, repeat the mantra, OH AH HUM meaning to Cast Out Negativity.

After cleansing, run your cures through smoke or spray with frankincense oil and water mixture to invoke spirit and intention in the objects. Use the mantra of Spiritual Empowerment. OM MA NE PAD ME HUM – (9X)

If you wish you may use any of the following mantras for a special ritual.

Recite the following mantras into all crystals for the purpose you wish them to serve throughout the year or write the mantra on a piece of paper and set it under the crystal.

For Gratitude and Spiritual Empowerment Mantra (Jewel of the Lotus)

Wealth Mantra


Overcoming Misfortune Mantra


Liberation from Fears Mantra (Green Tara Mantra)

Note: As you read about the annual and monthly aspects for the year and set your yearly affirmations and physical anchors of symbology, understand you will need two sets of identical adjustments items for the home. One set of items will remain stationary for the year in the annual star position and the other one will travel throughout your home with the monthly stars, as explained in this eBook. Each month you will clean and clear those items. Annual items must be cleared periodically depending upon the happening and disharmony within your life during those stressful months.

Other preparations for the New Year include buying a pair of new shoes to walk into the New Year. After a bad year, destroy all old shoes. All of them!! They hold the energy of your journeys through the tough times. If you have a special pair for the good times, of course, hang on to that ritual.  Take a walk in a new pair of shoes and see where they take you.

Buy new doormats for your front and back doors or any doors you may use throughout the year. A new doormat signifies new travels and new opportunities coming into your home. On the back of the door mat in permanent marker write the words. OH AH HUM to absorb all negativity before it comes into your door.  Then under it write the wish fulfilling words-- OM USHNISHA VIMALE HUM PHAT to attract your dreams to your front door.

Before the New Year’s Eve pay off all debts and bills so you can start the year off
with a clean slate. If you cannot pay the bills off, make sure all payments are current or one month in advance. This sets a pattern for the year. Get all financial dealings in order.

Clean off your desk and get rid of all old papers and junk from the previous year that you no longer need--old calendars, etc. Remove all unneeded programs or negative emails from your computer. Clean out the inbox, trash, and sent boxes. This will free your mind and workspace to think clearly. Replace the red envelope over your office or home front  door.

Next, Clean and De-clutter your home. Get rid of all things no longer needed. This includes any old food, clothing, unused prescriptions, outdated vitamins, etc. Pay attention especially to the storage and  garage areas. Donate to the local homeless shelters. These  items can be used to help the homeless set up homes. It is the ebb and flow of prosperity. It also initiates good karma for the year. Start doing this immediately.

After you clean the old expired food from your cupboards, grocery shop before the new to fill your cupboard new and healthy food. One never wants to begin the year with bare cupboards, it denotes famine.  

Cleaning the house preceding the New Year is important, as it clears old, stale energy and bad  luck from the home. However, do not clean or sweep after 9 pm on New Year’s Eve Day, as it sweeps all the luck  away.  After you clean, spray your house with a citrus spray or orange oil to cleanse. You may  also clean with the orange oil. Open the doors and windows as you are cleaning to allow old  dead chi to escape. Play music, chime, or make sure hardy sounds are resonating in the house  to ensure movement of air and chi.

*NOTE: If you cannot get the house fully cleaned, be sure to spray orange oil in those areas you have not  cleaned yet. It will help to break up stale energy, and give you more energy to tackle the job.

Go through your home and get rid of all objects that evoke negative feelings. If you have any  objects in your home that seem negative to you but you can’t get rid of them, seal it with the following mantra to seal the negativity and infuse it with unconditional love.

OH AH HUM – (9X)

Make a resolution to take care of your body this year. Make a commitment to eat better (part of the reason for throwing out old outdated food), start a walking/exercise program, and commit to getting the proper rest.
Exercise or do your walking program at least 3 days a week, 10 minutes a day. Increase it to 20 minutes, according to what feels good to you. Move the chi of the body. As you commit to  this program, you will start to crave the movement, lack of it will make you antsy.  (Post hypnotic suggestion)

Clean out the wardrobe of all items, which are worn out, or no longer fit  properly. Get rid of all clothing, which no longer  fit the personality of the person who you wish to be. Donate extra coats, boots, gloves, hats, and blankets to your local homeless shelter.

Get a haircut or restyle your hair to face the New Year. Get a makeover, facial, pedicure— anything, which says to the body—“I Love You and you are important.”

Chinese New Year’s Eve

The day before the Chinese New Year be sure to re-clean the house and wash all dirty clothes.

Make sure the financial debts and accounts  are current. Be sure to have cash in your wallet on New Year’s Eve going into the New Year. This is a sign that money is welcome in your pockets all year.  Don’t loan money on those days as it is a sign your money will drain from you all year.  

On the Chinese New Year’s Eve, be sure to shower off all energy of the old year. Wash your hair and body thoroughly, visualizing old troubles and stresses going down the drain. Put on new clothing and new shoes. Do your make up and hair.

Set up a feast to promote abundance and good luck in the New Year to your family. New Year’s Eve dinner should consist of 8 forms of auspicious food. It may consist of fish,  noodles, prawns, oysters, lettuce or lettuce wraps, nuts, fruits – dried and fresh, Mandarin Oranges, dried Bean curd, bamboo shoots and tea. Cakes and candies should be added to remind you of the sweetness in your life throughout the year. In Spain, twelve grapes are eaten at midnight for good luck in the New Year. Many cultures believe it is good luck to eat food that has been in a circle, such a donut, Brie cheese, round cakes, etc. Eat no white or white meat food this day because white food is the pale color of death or the ‘Pale Horseman of the Apocalypse.’

At midnight on January 23, set off firecrackers or make noise by beating on pans, chimes, gongs, etc., to scare of all evil spirits and welcome in the new energy of the Golden Rabbit. Celebrate with family and friends or those with whom you wish to associate with throughout the year. Kissing on New Year’s Eve is sign of welcoming love and relationships into your life year round. Party!!

For fun on New Year’s Eve write any of the following words on your hand.

CAI . . . Wealth                                  
SHOU . Longevity
FU. . . . Blessing, Good Fortune, Good Luck
XI . . . . Happiness
LU. . . . Prosperity
AI . . . . Love
MEI. . . Beauty
JI. . . . . Lucky, Auspicious
When you awake on New Year’s Day, you already have it in your hands.

Chinese New Year’s Day

Wake up New Year’s morning to good music, friends, etc. Do all things on this day to establish habits for the year. Make plans to do what you wish to do for the rest of the year. Really enjoy yourself and keep a good balance in all things.

A woman should visit or call her mother this day. It brings prosperity to the family. Call, email, or text on those family members or friends with whom you wish to have contact with in the New Year. This will follow you through the New Year.

Wear new clothing and make yourself presentable for that day. Do not dress in solid black or solid white to visit friends, because black and white are funeral colors in China. Last year I wore all black on New Year’s Day and fell and hit my head on a fireplace and required 32 staples in my head. This year—Brightly colored clothing for me!!! Wear Red for fortune, if possible. Do your hair and makeup. (Do not wash your hair on New Years day or you will wash your good luck away.) 

Since this is to be festive in mood with a joyful atmosphere, people should not argue with each other. Say only nice things and do not lose your temper over the next 15 days. It sets the pattern of peace and harmony for the year. No swearing.

Limit the use of sharp objects in the kitchen on New Year’s Day. It indicates that evil, anger, and danger are cutting into your luck.

Have money in your wallet or purse!! 

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