Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wind and Fire danger extremely high in July--Be careful with Fireworks

The month of July, the North, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest of your home are extremely lucky for Firework activity. It will stir up the good energy. Rock and Roll in this sector this month with lots of noise and activity. 

However, this month be extremely careful of firework activity in the West, South,  Southeast, and East of your home. It will stir up negative vibes. The energy in this area is really high for fire danger and disaster. The month of July with the feng shui of the flying stars at the center of the ba-gua there is an extreme chance of high wind and fire danger. So be extremely careful lighting fireworks in the wind--DUH!! Be careful as well of personal accident to your body or pets. 

With the #3 of yang wood at the center of the ba-gua, we may again see tornado danger, wind damage, and possible tropical storms this month.  Lightening could also be a problem this month. Also, since wind fuels fire, we may see an extreme fire danger this month. Be careful with all camp fires. Have a safe 4th of July and be responsible. 

For more info on the Monthly flying stars feng shui for insight or just entertainment purposes, go to

Monday, June 27, 2011

Inner Goddess Weight Less Hypnosis

Greetings and Salutations: 

This last year of stress I have found myself going inside and allowing myself to add some layers of protection to the tune of about 20 lbs!! EEEEKKKK!!!  As you all know, weigh is not measured in pounds but in mind burden. It doesn't matter what the numbers on the scale say, it matters how the mind is responding to it. Weight=Burden!! That is how WEIGHT LESS HYPNOSISรค come to be!! 

What is Hypnosis?
Hypnosis is a heightened state of awareness where the conscious and subconscious mind are focused on a certain topic or function. It is NOT a funny little man with a gold watch who can make you obey his every command. NO ONE can make you do anything you don't want to do. Hypnosis when  combined with guided meditation and visualization, theta healing, and prayer, the results are enhanced. 
Milton H. Erickson, one of the most influential hypnotists of the 20th century,developed an approach to hypnotism, in which a more informal conversational approach and complex language patterns, and therapeutic strategies were used. This method was called "Ericksonian Hypnotherapy." Ericksonian Hypnotherapy is often used to modify a client’s behavior and emotional outlook, as well as stress and pain management, and personal development such as weight loss, self-esteem, and empowerment. Erickson's work continues to be one of the most influential forces in hypnotherapy today.
Hypnosis accesses the conscious, subconscious, and unconscious mind to help you unlock your hidden talents.

The weigh less  classes will involve class participation in discovering your personal emotional reasons for eating or not eating, time management, and reconnecting to your passion.  There will be a meditation time  & gentle body movement exercises. Come sing, dance, and learn. 

Weightless Hypnosis Class 
2 Hour Free Workshop

September 13, 2011
6:30 pm-8:30 pm


12896 South Pony Express Road
(near IKEA)
Draper Utah 84020

Workshop topics
 Emotional eating –Why do you eat--Good and Bad 
Time Management—Tired or Bored
Finding Passion vs Loss of Desire
 Meditation & Body Movement
Come sing, dance, and learn
To sign up go

Classes ofMary Dillin-Shurtleff  of  Design Wisdom-Feng Shui  is an Author, National and International Motivational Speaker, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Feng Shui Interior Designer, Theta Healer, and a Six Sensory Practitioner.Mary has taken energy healing into the 21st century using Behavior Modification Methods and Feng Shui in tandem to change the pattern of behavior within the home to facilitate change within body; thus bringing the home and body into alignment with each other.

The July Reconnecting Your Spirit Newsletter has been posted.

The July Newsletter with the July Feng Shui aspects and other metaphysical information has been posted.   The newsletter can be accessed at   

I am so excited--Tomorrow night, Tuesday the 28th at 6:30 MST is the first  free conference call  discussing the July newsletter will at 6:30 MST. The only cost will the long distance phone call.    This month only --I am making the phone call public. The phone call number is 1-218-844-8230 access code 122510. Hope to hear you there.    Read the Newsletter and bring your questions. The call will last about an hour.    

For future access to the newsletter and to continue  receiving information on the newsletter, please go to www.fengshuiaspects.comand sign up with Get Response. All email addresses are for  my personal private use and are not shared with anyone with your permission first. Thank you 

Mary Shurtleff Design Wisdom-Feng Shui. 

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monthly New Letter and Feng Shui Aspects

You can’t eat an elephant all at once
You have to break it down one bite at a time.

Hello There!

I have been changing the way I do things and like any new technology I am now offering a Monthly newsletter which will include feng shui tips, monthly aspect reports, behavior modification tips, and fun facts on healthy living.  If  you wish to remain on the list to receive the monthly newsletter complete with asepcts, go to  and sign up for the Newsletter.  A link will then take you to the Monthly Newsletter.

The flying stars feng shui and its aspects can be complicated to
understand. However, you can’t eat an elephant in one bite
either. I have broken down this feng shui elephant to eat one
bite at a time.

Due to popular demand, I will now be offering a 1
month no obligation introductory screening to the Feng Shui
Aspects monthly teleconference. This Call will further clarify
the monthly aspects of Feng Shui and how they may affect the
energy of your life from month to month. A limited Q&A will be
held at the end of the call for any clarification needed.

The live conference calls scheduled for the last Tuesday of each
month. The call will cover the Flying Stars Feng Shui aspects,
the animal influences, and universal influences aspects for that
next month. We will also discuss which months will be best for
breaking programming of bad habits and installing good habits.
Hope to hear you there!!

This free call is only open to those of you who have subscribed
to my free newsletter. If you have someone who you think could benefit
from the Feng Shui Aspects (
newsletter please have them sign up. They will too receive the
first conference call free with no obligation to subscribe.

After the free initial call the charge will be $10 per call or
you may purchase the subscription for a year for $100, which will
also include other newsletters periodically. The call will last
about one hour to an hour and a half. Once you have registered
for the seminar the conference number and access code will be
emailed to you. You are under no obligation to subscribe to the
call and will still receive the Monthly newsletter FREE of charge.

You may pay by PayPal or if you wish to do a private credit card
for this event, please call me at 1-801-573-4042 or email me at


Design Wisdom, Po Box 782, Draper, Utah 84020, United States
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