Friday, October 8, 2010

October Aspects

Booooooo…..Happy Hallooowweeen!! Tis the season of ghost and goblins and witches and full moons. However, with that out of the way, entities and negative energy invade our space, our lives, and our bodies more frequently than you know. The season of the fall is a good time to clear all old energy and clutter clear your home to usher in the sleep of winter and the new beginning of the spring in February.
Entities may arrive into our lives in several forms. They are classified as energetic forms that become attached to the energy fields of people, land, and buildings, sometimes-even neighborhoods. Removal of these entities from an individual or building is the focus of ghost busting or space clearing.
Some entities may be actual spirits or ghosts of those who have died, but failed to pass over due to trauma, worry, or strife. They are actually frightened, wandering souls whom we are harboring until we can help them find their way back to the Light.

While other entities are made up of energetic patterns or rituals created by our decisions about past-life or this-life experiences. These experiences have attached to us like a magnet, affecting our decisions, beliefs, and motivation in and around our life. We use rituals in everyday life, such as blessing the food we eat or a ball player wearing his same socks for each day. Our life is full of rituals if you think about it. Think about what rituals you have incorporated into your life. It may be as simple as brushing your teeth every night or doing laundry on a certain day of the week. This ritual becomes habit and habit is behavior. This behavior becomes an energetic life form, which haunts you if you fail to do it on a regular basis.

The energetic habit life form then will attach to us in the form of our speech, our thought patterns, our dress, our homes, and our actions. As with all energetic patterns, once created, these patterns take on a life of their own. This energy becomes disturbing to us only when they become "out of sync” with that which is no longer whom we are or what is going on in our lives today. This energy begins to feel like a ghost of our past watching and waiting for us to turn around and accept it again. Like white noise in our head, this energy interferes with our clear reception of what is happening in the now. We become torn in decision and/or lack of decision. That is when the need for space clearing or ghost busting of the physical body and environment begins.

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Feng Shui placement for October-- place a red Mandela in the center of your home to bring in peace and harmony this month. With the high metal this month, it may be a conflicting month. Also, place a bowl of salt water in the West to stabilize the high metal energy. Running water in the North and/or East will help with career aspirations and job promotions or hunting. Place water in the South to calm the instability of the South this month. Place the number 6 or 6 metal coins in the NE to promote money and prosperity.

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Happy Halloween!!

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