Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Equinox in Conjunction with Full Moon

Spring Equinox in Conjunction with Full Moon

Spring is the sign of New Beginnings.  Today begins a new cycle of making the decision to let go of the old and manifesting a vision to welcome the new. This means walking your talk. There is a lot of talking out there but it can only hold power for you when you walk it.  Believe me, when you talk and don’t walk, people quit listening.  When you walk the talk, people notice.

With the Spring Equinox, we move into the sign of Aries of action which this year immediately conjuncts Uranus, a planet of freedom and independence. Aries is a fiery sign, which rebels against the norm and is the risk taker. This is the time, to make put your walk into action.  The economy is stressful; the war disturbing, and the weather patterns are horrible. Everywhere, you hear people blaming and complaining. However, you can choose to react or respond to the difficulties in your life.  You can focus or scatter. You can choose to follow or lead. You can have sour lemons or make lemonade. That choice is always yours.

You can choose today and each day after to step through the fear of the unknown and have faith in your own abilities. Take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other and make the changes you have been speaking of lately.

According to Feng Shui principles, the spring season activates the element of wood. Wood holds the energy of new growth and creativity.  The wood element and the springtime is when focus and clarity is at its peak, however, the wood element also activates the unresolved emotions of anger.  Anger is housed in the liver and gall bladder, thus making the springtime an excellent time to become pro active for cleansing your body and getting your body in shape for the year. 

As you are coming off the hibernation of the winter, the body energy is stagnant from lack of sunlight and fresh air.  Circulation is sluggish. This is the time to go outside, take some deep breaths and allow the new energy of spring to circulate through the body. Allow the sunlight and Vitamin D to soak through the skin and into the organs.  Begin a short exercise program if you have not already done so. Swimming, walking, Tai Chi, or easy yoga is a good way to start warming up the body for summer.

You may wish to add a short liver cleanse to your routine.  This cleanse will help the body release the toxins quicker as you are exercising. Apple cider vinegar is a great liver cleanse.  One that was recommended to me by a massage therapist is simply one with Apple Cider Vinegar. You take 2 tsp. of apple cider vinegar stirred in water approximately 15 minutes before you each meal your eat or you can eat 2 tsp of Apple cider vinegar with your meals on a salad or in your food. Do this three times a day for three days in a row.  You may also take a 20 minutes soak in one quart of vinegar to a bathtub of water.

Disclaimer: As with anything, check with your medical doctor if you are on any medications or in ill health to make sure the cleanse is safe and does not interfere with medication.

During a cleanse you may feel somewhat headachy, tired, or nauseated.  You may see skin eruptions as the toxins are cleansed from the liver. This is normal, however be careful of too harsh of a cleanse.  They are totally unnecessary. 

During your cleanse, remove all alcohol, tobacco, sugar, dairy, and soda from your diet. Try to eat raw fruits and vegetables as much as possible.

The detox foot baths and body massage will also help remove the toxins from your body quicker. You may also wish to use milk thistle as a liver rejuvenator.

After the cleanse you may find a new clarity and focus. This is the time to put vision into motion. Have a plan, start today by journaling your intentions for the things in your life that you wish to manifest. Each morning as you begin your day, get focused.

Enjoy, life is short. Don’t waste it on trivial worry. Life it with passion. 

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Full Moon Meditation for Peace and Calm

Tonight is the Full Moon and a good time to cleanse  your sun/moon mirrors, crystals, monthly and annual feng shui adjustments, and/or jewelry  in the moon light. If you have had struggles in your marriage, this is a good time  to clean your wedding rings to dissipate old negative issues and begin a new cycle of positive energy.

Place these items  in a glass bowl of water- outside on the earth- and let the moonlight  infuse  it. Secondly, place another vase or container full of water on the earth  in the moon light to be used in your bath or  to drink.  This water in the moon creates a balance in the body  between the earth and the feminine energy of the moon and the masculine energy of the  heavens.  It cleanses, balances, and restores calm and peace. You may wish to cover the container  if you plan to drink it. The energy will still infuse through the glass.  It is important to remember to bring in the water before the sun comes up.

Next you can make Sun Water by placing more containers of water, exactly as you did with  the Moon water, in the sun on the day of or day after the full moon. The Sun water helps to balance the Yang energy of the body. Place the glass container on the ground in direct bright sunlight for about 30 minutes maximum. Too much energy is as bad as too little.  The sunlight will infuse the water with the full spectrum of universal light  energy--white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo-black--  and will nourish the part of the body associated with the corresponding color. This  can be very energizing and can help support the body  to heal from yin ailments  which are cold and damp in nature-cold, flu, pneumonia, intestinal and stomach weakness, etc.

Tonight--in the full light of the moon, meditate, journal, and expand upon the mysteries of life. Say a prayer for those around you in need. I especially ask that you  pray for Japan and its people as well as the earth. The earth, the sky and the water have been contaminated with radiation. Pray for its quick recovery as well. May we see one day how important the preservation of the earth and its resources are to man's healthy survival.

I am going to ask for a personal prayer from everyone as well for my great niece and nephew--Addison and Cooper Luth,  who have been in a NIC unit on ventilators since they were born on Tuesday. Please send them some healing energy and prayers for their little bodies and lungs. I also ask you to send some prayers of peace and comfort to their parents, Kyle and Lori Luth. They have endured so much chaos these last few days. I wish them peace.

 Also, If you have anyone in need who needs extra prayer and energy, feel free to submit their names to the message board and prayers will also be sent to them. Thank you so much for your spirit in my life.

Have a wonderful day and Full moon night!! Bask in the beauty, absorb its beauty and be the beauty.  Lv M

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Year of the Golden Rabbit rears its Head!!

As I told my students at my Chinese New Year of The Golden Rabbit class--because the rabbit lives underground this will be a year of secrecy and unexpected events which will come out of left field, much like a rabbit darting from his hole and appearing out of nowhere with no warning. This year has already proven to be very secret with government strategies in several states passing legislation which is not helpful to its people. Utah, Idaho, and Wisconsin have all tried to pass legislation which is a direct slap in the face to those who have been support by the congress in the past.

The rabbit is also a community animal so we will continue this year to see people bond together to bring change whether it is via protest, uprisings, or formal meetings. We have already seen the trend this year in Libya, Egypt, and Pakistan. We are seeing protest here in the states as well making known the dissatisfaction with the government decisions to take rights away from groups of individuals who have had protection in the past. Idaho is working on taking a tenure for teachers and Wisconsin is working on dissolving union rights. Utah has implemented a privacy law that press and individuals be blocked from basically the interworking of the state government by blocking access to text and email messaging. This trend may go on all year so people will need to be diligent and stay connected and like the rabbit--stay aware of such secret maneuvers, which come from nowhere.

This is the year though that we may see radical change in units of government or religion worldwide. Good and Bad. People who band together may wield incredible power with commitment and focus.

This may also come to pass in your private life as well. We may see people banding together to bring positive changes to everyday quality of life.  

Here is an excerpt from page #5  my Xin Mao-Year of the Golden Rabbit Book which is a big concern this year and we have already seen some of it played out on television.  Be sure to place water, water,water in the home to buffer these aspects and calm your energy. 

The lack of earth will lend to instability in home, business, government and religion, thus bringing change. This imbalance can lead to a lack of resource and weakened earth energy of the feeling of security and grounding.  We may see more mental breakdowns this year due this lack. Use meditation and reach out for human touch. DO NOT ISOLATE!! WHEN YOU ARE FEELING DOWN—REACH OUT FOR HELP!! 

Anxiety may run high this year with rapid heart beat again, especially around the full moon cycle. The important thing is don’t panic, but seek to understand what your body is trying to tell you about the direction your life is going and what you need to do to work through it.

With the lack of water for renewal and cleansing, this may also be a challenging year with a continuing pattern of war. Without the presence of water to weaken and rust metal, the metal aspect is still there symbolizing weapons, aggression, and/or war.  The yang metal in the day and month pillar will seek to influence aggression. The fire in the emotion pillar will agitate an already explosive situation.  We may see more explosions and plane crashes.  Use water, water, water in your home and business to buffer this effect.  The earth may again cause the water to burst from the skies to balance its own water supply.

To help stabilize your home and the world from some of these disasters place a San Sui, which is a picture of calm mountain with water, in the home either at the back or center of the home. Place water in the center of your home this year.

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