Thursday, March 12, 2009

Feng Shui Aspects for March

Wow, last month went fast and this month is going faster. However- no surprise. The #4 star of wood and literary success has flown to the center of the ba-gua and gives added strength to all ready fast moving fire energy of the #9. This #4 aspect gives a wood over earth aspect with fire. Think about that with picture eyes. A tree over earth with fire nipping at its feet. You move and you move quickly.

This month, slow down the quick energy with water in the center of the home. If you feel sluggish or stuck, add lighting for more creativity and growth. This fast moving energy may cause the body to feel fatigued and more susceptible to virus. The fire rules the head and heart and the wood rules the liver and gall bladder, as well as eyes and sight. However, careful of anger this month.

Slow down, think clearly, and make no rash decisions. This month things could move up and down very quickly. Don't get caught up in a whirlwind.

To activate the #4 for literary recognition place the Crystal Globe. You may place a horse in the center of the home for career advancement, but be careful of too much movement-- too fast.

Last month, the #5 in the center caused a lot of instability in the economy of the world. If you recall, I warned you of it and to take heed.

This month, the #5 flies into the NW of the pig and dog. Take care with your health and money. Lay low and only take calculated risks. Place extra metal and salt water in this area to weaken the #5. If your bed is in this sector, place a salt water cure under your bed. If this is your front door, put a salt line at the threshold to stabilize negativity.

The #6 flies into the Rooster. Place metal here for power and authority.

The #7 flies into the ox and tiger. This #7 will cause some instability in the already yearly conflicted ox and tiger. Place bowls of still water in the North West or a bowl of blue detergent. Take baths and swim to weaken the #7 red metal energy and calm your nerves. Make no rash decisions. Be patient, next month the #6 of power will fly to you. This month there will be a desire to possibly throw in the towel and quit something--do not do it. It is the #7 talking. Give it a month and see how you feel next month. Ox and Tiger needs to be careful of robbery or legal entanglements. Take no stupid chances. Slow down driving.

Place small amounts of red or fire to help burn off some of the clashing energy of the #7 monthly (metal) and the #3 (wood) yearly. A red Buddha will do nicely.

The # 8 of wealth flies into the south of horse. For the South facing home, place water, crystal globe, and running horse at front door to allow money to flow into the home. Same applies to the south of the home, no matter the door direction. The horse should take advantage of the #8.

The #9 of expansion flies into the North and the rat. The fire energy gives the #5 annual in the north, added fuel. Be sure to place your salt water cures and be careful of any candles, stoves, etc this month. If your home faces the North, be sure to place a salt line at your front door.

Rat needs to watch their health this month. Immerse yourself in water. Hold off on finalizing any business deals. There could be hidden info that you need to know.

The #1 flies into the SW of the Sheep and the Monkey. Since water flies into the earth sector, wear citrine to empower career and money luck. Everyone, Place citrine in the SW of your home.

The #2 star flies into the already unstable #7. The rabbit needs to be especially careful of their health this month. My physical pillar is rabbit and this is the one that nailed me good!!! I have a nasty head cold. Use water and wood to stabilize. Place an extra large wu-luo in the east this month. In addition, make sure to have a wu lou by your bed.

The #3 star flies into the Snake and dragon. Watch your tongue and avoid deal making this month. Use small fire to burn out wood energy. Place a red Buddha in this space.

Everyone should readjust the areas of their homes. Those whose animals are especially affected should be diligent. The aspects this month combine with some enhanced experiences. The rooster, horse, sheep, and monkey reaping the benefits. The other animals need to hunker down this month, do your adjustments and learn make the most of your experiences.

If you wish to order the Earth Ox book for the more background info, do so at Have a good month!!!

Monday, March 2, 2009

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