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January Feng Shui Aspects

Feng Shui aspects for January—Disclaimer: These aspects are strictly the opinion, research, and observations of Mary Shurtleff and are no way to be used as fact but only insight. Use you own common sense to discover what is right for you.

This month we are preparing for the arrival of the Golden or White Tiger that arrives on February 14th. As I researched the previous year of the Metal tiger I was surprised at what I found. I don’t choose to dwell on the negative but rather focus on the positive. In these aspects I could give you the dire downside of each aspect but like the media and post hypnotic suggestions they will come to pass. Our news channels are the biggest hypnotists we have in our country. They literally control what comes into our homes in the evening and morning at times of the day when our bodies are either waking from sleep or preparing for sleep. Someone’s idea for that time slot was ingenious. That is the time when the body will most readily accept what is being told to it as fact.

This next year I ask that all of you discern what you are watching. Is it fact or fiction or just a spin for a story? I watch the news very rarely because I get too upset. I check the headlines on the Internet and if there is something interesting like Tiger Wood’s affairs or Tom Cruise being shorter than David Beckham then I will read them. If it is about war, health care reform, and death, I chose not to view it. I can’t listen to those people fighting and back- stabbing all the time. I have better things to do with my time. I have people all the time, my husband included, tell that I am not informed on the issues facing us daily.

Well, I have to differ. Half of what is on the news is only half-truth. When I have a question about an issue, I research personally either by calling someone who is an authority on the subject or read articles that don’t have a personal biased spin in it. No, I am not the most informed person on the planet but I check in with God daily and ask if everything is okay. Each day I am told, ‘All is as it should be.”

I can’t fix the economy I can only fix me. I can’t fix the war; I can only fix my prayers to God to find an awareness and solution to stop it. I can’t fix you; I can only fix me.
And on and on and on.

When we learn to be the change we hope to see, it will come to pass one person at time. When fear, panic, and talk of money loss, unemployment, death and killing are the topic of conservation it becomes the focus of your attention and more energy is given to it. When the news broadcasts all the anger, hate, mistrust, and resentment in the world, it comes to pass and fear and panic runs rampant. Stop it. Focus and say to yourself, ‘what in my life can I fix’, and then fix it. Don’t be the victim of it or someone else. Take control and walk through the situation.

If money is an issue in your life, become resourceful figure out ways to increase revenue. Money is the alchemy of ideas and creative thought. Get a second job or even a first one if you need to—to get by until you can get squared away. There are jobs out there. Maybe not the one you want at this time but a job and income is better than no job and no income. Settle for less if you are down and out until you can work you way back to the place you want to be. None of us want to be low man on the totem pole but the Tai Chi turns and everyone get a turn.

I am so glad mine came when I was younger. I worked three jobs at one time to support my daughter and myself. My mother raised my daughter for me because we had no money and I worked my butt off to pay the rent and car payment and that was all I had money for. There were no bells and whistles for any of us, my mother included. My father died while I was in high school and she was just trying to survive herself. No one ever goes it alone. We all need each other to make it.

We all have to do things, which we don’t want to do to get by sometimes but it makes us humble and appreciate what we do have. I will never forget that place that I came from but pray I stay where I am.

This last year has been a great year for me contrary to the polls. I got both my books up to par to point where I am proud of them and I re-published with a new publisher. My third book is being fine-tuned. I am thrilled at the way they have worked out. My health has been good but challenging this year dental-wise. Teeth symbolize decisions.

I have had so much trouble making decisions that my husband will approve of. I finally stopped TRYING to get his approval and did it anyway. Forgiven is easier to get than approval-- is what I have decided. The decision to close my business and go back to school in Behavioral Science has been knocking on my door for two year. I listened to the naysayers who told me I was on a track to success why would I want to jeopardaize that or the fact I am 56 years old going back to school. The main remark was, - Why do you want to do that?’ I listened and got scared of the change. I worked through it and now I am so excited for the next chapter to become the student again.

My dream has been to get my bachelors degree that I don’t have because I can’t pass math for even an associate’s degree. I have the credits, just not the 1050 math credit. I am dyslexic and the numbers and symbols move all over the page. I have found a tutoring company in Provo who will walk me through it and guarantee I can pass 1050 by next fall or they give me my money back. What a deal. That policy may change after me, but I am going to give it a big fat thumbs up and git’ r’ done.

I am excited and terrified of changing gears right now. I hope though in two to three year to be back in this field with more knowledge and success than I ever thought possible. I will always be a part of the intuitional art field. I want to bring the intellectual credibility back to it with me. Yes, my hubby is freaking a little bit but he will get over it like everything I have done to him for the last 27 years. God love him!! He is more worried that I won’t be as free to travel with him.

This metal tiger year I want all of you to go for your dream. It is a year of change and confusion but action and success. Eye of the tiger baby. Dare to see the eye of the tiger. The reflection in the eye is YOU.
For January 2010, the #3 of conflict moves to the center of the ba-gua. Place a bright light and a red Buddha in the center of the home to shed light on the conflict. Work through it diligently. Don’t stuff it or you get to do down the road. Be the change you want. You may also place bamboo flutes in this area to symbolize peace. Remember, conflict is good. It creates change.

The #4 of prosperity, romance and opportunity flies to Northwest of the home this month. Place 4 bamboos in the NW of your home to enhance the #4 star. You may also place crystals in this sector for travel and study luck. Display a pair of Mandarin ducks or peonies here for Romantic luck.

The #5 of instability moves to the West this month joining the annual star of #2 of illness. Since it is in the West which rules lungs be especially careful of asthma, bronchial stuff and pneumonia. Keep your face covered in the cold and take your vitamins. Emer-g-cee and Airborne are great. I love them and take them at the slightest hint of a sniffle. It keeps me healthy along with a twice-monthly massage to rid toxins. Place salt water in this area with the metal wu-luo to keep that #2 under control as well.

The #6 of power and authority moves to the NE of the Tiger and Ox bringing unexpected money to this sector. Activate this sector with the wealth Gods, Fuk, Luk, and Sau, a metal or gold money toad, or a ship bringing you gold ingots. The #3 of conflict is still in this area so make sure this area is brightly lit. You may place the bamboo flutes in this area as well.

The nasty #7 of instability flies South of the ba-gua. Place the color blue or a moving water feature in this area to weaken the metal sword of the #7. If your home faces the South use the moving water at your front door, to the left side as you are looking out.

For conflict issues or lawsuits at your front door, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the West under a bowl of WATER!!!

Use a blue rhino or elephant with a raised trunk in this area for protection.

The #8 of money flies to the North or the Rat bringing money luck. However with the annual #5 already here, be sure your salt water is in place to protect your money. Make sure your annual salt water cure is active and full. If it is looking yucky, toss it and make a new one. Salt is cheap. Place a moving water feature in the North of the home to enhance and encourage money to arrive. Use citrine stones and topaz.

The #9 Star flies to the SW this month to energize the #6 of power and authority. Use a 6 or 8-rod metal wind chime in this area. Place your traditional six Chinese coins. Since it is a metal-fire combo be careful of disagreements between sexes. Use still water to soften. Good month for woman and new decisions.

The #1 of career flies to the East of the Rabbit bringing with it Career luck. Place running water in the East to bring prosperity to your home. Also place a wooden laughing Buddha in the East to welcome in the prosperity and to remind you to laugh as you are enjoying your bounty.

However, remember the East Rabbit still has the three killings in this area until February 4. Place extra wood and water to buffer the three killings. Make sure your ki-luns are placed properly. Be careful of your limbs, muscles, and nerves. Liver may also be affected. Place a bowl of water and blue soap in the East to weaken this aspect. Keep all lighting, noise, and movement minimal this month. Place a blue rhinoceros in this area if possible.

To buffer the #7 for conflict issues or lawsuits, write on a blue piece of paper, “ I pray for a quick resolution to all conflicts this month. I pray that all legal situations be solved to my highest good.” Place this blue paper in the East under a bowl of WATER!!!

The #2 of illness flies to Snake and Dragon. Place the wu-luo or calabash in this area this month. Pregnant woman and elderly woman should take care in this sector this month. Eat right, exercise and get your rest. Wear magnetic hematite or tourmaline to protect the body. This 2/8 combination forms a sum of ten, which make this area very auspicious for money. Place the moving water in this area to bring money luck to you.

Next month is the Chinese New Year. Start preparing now by decluttering, getting your financial debts taken care of, and starting a healthy body program.

Disclaimer: Don’t get caught up in the dire aspects. Use the appropriate elements to balance. That is what feng shui is about. Balancing out those areas, which fly out of balance through out the year. If you ignore it or poo poo it you may be affected. Just place the adjustments, go about your business, and enjoy your life. Give it attention/no.

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