Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My Radio Show begins Today--Topic--Safety in this times of Fear

In lieu of the Colorado Shootings it becomes so important to respond to this tragedy with clear thinking and not let fear and paranoia control your life by reacting. When you put the incident into perspective, you can feel safe and secure with faith in your destiny and realize you are in control. Spirit has a way of knowing the future. It can see tomorrow if you let it. Today on the show I would like to explore some ways to reframe the mindset to place of safety, peace and faith. Sometimes we can't control what happens to us but we can channel our response more effectively. Listen in today at 2pm. MST on Mindsets and Lifestyle.

Our show, Mindsets and Lifestyles with Mary Shurtleff and Shirley Allred begins today live on 1220 AM Santa Clarita California or you can listen live stream or podcast Mindsets and Lifestyles will show you how your mindset, your behavior, and your feng shui does affect your life.

Today, we invite you to listen, learn, and be surprised at the way the smallest changes can affect your prosperity, your health, and your relationships within your home and business.

Disclaimer: Today, being our first show, I am sure you will hear some serious blurbs, some laughs, however be patient with us--we will improve with age.

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