Sunday, July 15, 2012

Feng Shui Aspects for July

Feng Shui Aspects for July

Disclaimer: All aspects and predictions of the flying stars are for entertainment purposes only and should not be used in the place of medical care if you should need it.

Wow, as I sit down and look at the Eastern Astrology for the month of July, I notice the 9 of fire has flown to the center of the ba-gua and clashes with the number 6 of metal. This month we may again see fires caused from lightening strikes. Also, with the metal fire conflict we may see possible mechanical airplane and car malfunctions. With the 6 of power being tempered by the fire we may see more volatile outbursts in personal and business relationships as well as government dealings. Backlash can be expected. This month place still water in the center of your home to calm your home’s energy.  Bathe yourself in extra water to stay calm and cool. Also, be extra understanding this month and hold your tongue. Conflict is in the area. Time will feel as though it is moving faster.

The good news is-- father figures of the family, the Zodiac pig animal and the NW of the home will enjoy career luck. Be sure to place your blue detergent in the NW of the home, room, or office to temper the #7 annual star, but also place water or an animal statue or figurine of the water nature—fish, mermaid, turtle, etc. or actual water to enhance the #1 water star of career.

The snake and dragon and the SE of the home may also see an increase of money with the money star #8 flying its direction. Place wealth objects of gold and citrine and a golden Deity in SE to activate this luck. This month change out your salt water cures.

The North, this month, is the funky place to be!! Place a fresh salt water stabilizer in the North. The rat (and the North of the home) needs to be extremely careful with their health this month. Take no unnecessary risks. Keep the North quiet and calm. Use no fire or extremely bright lights this month in the North. Place a wu-lou or metal in this area to weigh down the energy.

The South is an excellent area this month to create, write, learn and/or study. Writers will benefit facing this direction this month. Place your writing tools or manuscripts in the South. The South area of the home may also be activated this month for romantic luck. Place pink peonies or mandarin ducks in this area. The Horse will have a fairly good month. Take advantage.

The SW this month is good for money, especially for women. Tap into your creative mind. The 3/6 is a Goddess combination. Place lighting of fire/9 in this area to bring in the 3/6/9 of Golden Goddess energy. Place a Gold Goddess in the SW to bring your wisdom, insight, and fortune.

The East of family this month has a #7 of instability and legal entanglements in it this moth. Place blue detergent in the East as well as a blue rhino or elephant to remind you to be cautious this month.  Use water in the East to rust the metal #7.  Place a note under the blue detergent asking for smooth sailing this month.

The Prosperous West receives the #2 flying star of illness this month. Adjust this space with more metal of gold and silver. Also place a metal pagoda or wu lou in this area to protect health.

The #9 of fire flies in the NE where the #3 of conflict lies bringing with it disagreements and tension. This month use lots of water in this area to drown both the energy of the Wood #3 and the #9 of fire.  The Tiger and Ox may feel conflicted and somewhat melancholy and tired this month. If this should happen, get rest and stay quiet. Remember: Tomorrow in another day. Take baths, swim, and be kind to yourself. Next month will be a busy one.

It doesn't matter which school of feng shui you practice, this will just enhance and layer the feng shui of your home. Have a fantastic month. Peace be with you!!

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