Sunday, March 25, 2012

Year of Opportunities


This year of the Black Water Dragon. Take a few risks this year and learn to shape shift into that life that you always have dreamed of. Go as fast or as slow as you need to. The Water Dragon is a shape shifter and can wrap and blend into any situation at hand and make it his own. Learn to let go of the boundaries that literally imprison you. Let the water Dragon, wash them away. You are the only held prisoner by the thoughts of your mind. Reframe the way your view those areas of your life that are not consistent with how you wish to be. You are the painter of your canvas. Everything is not always as it seems.

Page 38 of The Black Water Dragon Book

The Dragon is a mystical animal who
finds it hard to build relationships with
the other animals of the Zodiac and vice
versa. To offset this feeling of loneliness
and to be accepted the Dragon will become
a chameleon blending with other animals
of the zodiac while hiding his own Earth
characteristics. As the Dragon intermingles with
Rat or Pig, he will show more Water characteristics.
When Dragon meets Rabbit or Tiger, the Wood
elements will control the Earth. When Dragon meets
Rooster or Monkey, the Metal identity may take over.
The Dragon becomes more motivated by Fire energy
when interacting with the Horse or the Snake. The Dragon
is most real when he communicates with another Earth
element such as the Ox, Sheep, and Dog.
This personality switch is why the Dragon year becomes
unpredictable. As The Water Dragon blends with the
other elements, his Earth characteristics become
blurred and truth of soul is not seen. This year if you
may feel as though the truth is hiding and you have to
dig for it—you are probably correct. This year demand
the truth out of yourself and those around you. Don’t be
fooled by the charades of the Dragon.

Disclamer: This information is for entertainment purposes only and no way should be submitted for legal or medical advice. For more info on the Black Water Dragon book or to reframe your thoughts--Check out Reconnecting Your Spriit: Seeing the Possibilities

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