Tuesday, March 20, 2012

That Darn Dragon!!

That darn Black Water Dragon still rattling cages this month. The aspect will end soon. This month was slated to be another unstable month. On March 6th, the wood or wind energy of #4 flew to the center of the ba-gua clashing with metal energy. It will remain there until April 6. On April 6th, the #3 of Thunder will fly to the center clashing with Metal. Next month, be careful of lightening strikes and powerful thunder storms probably bringing with it more wind.

Excerpts from the Black Water Dragon Book--[As I researched the past weather patterns of 1952, I found some interesting history to support the aspects of the Water Dragon. On January 24, 1952 a sudden heavy snowfall hit Algeria. Algeria? Algeria is in Africa!! What the heck??? Then February 2, a tropical storm formed just north of Cuba
and made landfall in southern Florida by the next day marking the earliest formation and reported tropical storm on record in the Atlantic basin. Records also show that on March 16th and 17th of 1952, 73 inches of rain fell in Cilaos, RĂ©union, a French Island in the Indian Ocean making this the
most rainfall EVER in one day. Tornadoes hit in March in the lower Mississippi River Valley leaving 208 people dead with historic property damage. Adding to the unpredictable weather patterns of 1952, five Norwegian seal hunting vessels disappeared during a severe storm near West Ice, East of Greenland on April 5th without a trace taking with it 78 seal hunters.]

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