Sunday, February 5, 2012

Feng Shui aspects for today's energy and the Josh Powell incident

For anyone who read my Black Water Dragon book, mental instability and acts of suicide and violence is a direct effect of the increased energy of the abyss of water this year. As stated in the book pages 13 & 14 - 

[The year is also low on Fire but very high on Water and Earth energy. The Water/Earth combo can be a conflicting cycle bringing with it the ups and downs of the year. The Water in high percentage can bring on the abyss or danger. We may see emotions running high this year. There is a danger of drug and alcohol addiction this year with suicides on the rise. There may also be a danger of more violence as the elements clash.] 

Be careful this year--get help for any mental stressors you may be experiencing. The dragon breathes fire and gets his point across in exaggerated ways. From a metaphysical view, today's Washington incident with suicide and murder by explosion and fire and the need to control and win is a very sad example of the power of the Dragon; AND the year has only begun. Pay attention to the aspects. Knowledge is power. 

I am so haunted by today's events and am trying to understand it. As I re-read the aspect for today's energy, it is in the chart of the day. It was a yang fire-meeting a Yang Metal Monkey day at a Yang Fire Metal Monkey hour--meaning a day of unpredictable energy with a possibility of a clash of fire and metal meaning explosion and fire. I am always amazed in hind sight how these charts are accurate. Crazy--too bad we can't see the future and change it. My respects and prayers go out to the family of Susan Cox Powell and her Children. 

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  1. I am so sick about this as well. I cannot imagine what the family is going through especially the grandparents. My prayers will be with them for a long time to come.