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Feng Shui Aspects for February

Feng Shui Aspects for February

Wow, as I sit down and look at the Eastern Astrology for the last week and the month of February I have noticed the #5 star of instability is in the center of the Ba-gua. No wonder with the events of Josh Powell and now Whitney Houston, things have been off course.

On pages 13 and 14 of the Black Water Dragon book by Mary Dillin Shurtleff available @ www.maryshurtleff.com states: 

{The year is also low on Fire but very high on Water and Earth energy. The Water/Earth combo can be a conflicting cycle bringing with it the ups and downs of the year. The Water in high percentage can bring on the abyss or danger. We may see emotions running high this year. There is a danger of drug and alcohol addiction this year with suicides on the rise. There may
also be a danger of more violence as the elements clash. We may even see an increase in rape this year due to the sexual tension the Water Dragon could produce. The Earth is grounding and controlling and the Water can be cold and uncaring. We must be careful of being too apathetic this year to the plights of others. The high Water and the Dragon in combo can be cold, aloof, and self absorbed.}

The aspects of the day when Whitney died had a high water energy at about 42.5% out of 100%. (Water Dragon year, Water Tiger Month, and Water Tiger Day) This means the aspects are high for the abyss or dangers of water. Sadly, was Whitney Houston a casualty of the Water Dragon year with the drug and alcohol combined with the water in the bathtub? 

 Whitney’s chart also had clashes of her Monkey pillars with the Tiger energy and a clash of the Dragon year with her Dog pillars. The aspects of her chart and the year, month, and day were lined up for the abyss. My prayers and respect go out to the family of Whitney Houston.
Josh Powell incident, which rocked Utah earlier this month, exhibited yet another example of instability and power of the Water Dragon. In the Josh Powell case we saw violence of explosion with much speculation of hidden sexual issues and murder.
Being from Utah and watching the drama of the Susan Powell disappearance unfold, I was and still am  so haunted by murder of the Powell boys by their father, Josh Powell. On the day of their murder, the energy in air was a yang fire-meeting a Yang Metal Monkey day at a Yang Fire Metal Monkey hour--meaning a day of unpredictable energy with a possibility of a clash of fire and metal meaning explosion and fire. I am always amazed in hindsight how these charts are accurate. Crazy--too bad we can't see the future and change it. My respects and prayers go out to the family of Susan Cox Powell and her Children. 

Be careful this year--get help for any mental stressors you may be experiencing. The dragon breathes fire and gets his point across in exaggerated ways. From a metaphysical view, the  Josh Powell incident with suicide and murder by explosion and fire and the need to control and win is a very sad example of the power of the Dragon; AND the year has only begun. Pay attention to the aspects. Knowledge is power. 

Josh Powell never seemed to express any emotions—anger, sadness, or happiness. His lack of response may be a response to a life of cover-up. With all the information coming out about his childhood and life, in my observation, he learned very young to hide emotions. Chances are if he showed it, it was used as a tool of control. He later used this tool of control to control himself.

So many believe being spiritual means that you are to be calm and serene at all time. Perfect in man’s eyes—if you will.  This is not always the truth. We are perfect in the eyes of God but in the eyes of man there is too much judgment, starting with self. Being spiritual means being in touch with that part of you that needs to deal with the situation you are feeling. It doesn’t mean  that you don’t get to cuss, scream, yell, and show emotions. It simply means—doing what you have to do to bring your emotions back to the outside to be expressed so the inside of you  doesn’t rot or become dis-eased from the toxins. We saw how that lack of emotion worked for Josh Powell.

When I see someone who is so calm I have to wonder if they indeed are able to feel happiness and joy as well as sadness or remorse. Make sure to balance your calm and serene with happiness and joy as well as sadness and remorse. We need All  the emotions to understand our being. Emotions are a part of the spirit that must be expressed. It is like pouring out the old coffee cup and washing it before putting new coffee in the cup. If you put new information into an old belief system it has a harder time processing.
This year we need to balance the  over abundant water energy with more earth, fire, and wood to absorb some of that water (emotional) energy. Use fresh flowers, plants, stone grounding, bright colors, and warmth. What other ideas can you think of? 

According to my calculations of the Eastern Astrology for the year, this year is not all gloom and doom but will have many unexpected surprise--good and bad. We may see emotions running exceptionally high and/or exceedingly low. Awareness is the first key to understanding.

I don't mean to sound doom and gloom but the #5 of instability flies to the middle of the ba-gua this month of February in the Flying Stars and with it may come more of the above. Place salt water or a bowl of salt in the center of the home to absorb and stabilize energy. Also add a gold Kwan Yin or Buddha to bring in calming energy.

However, with this month can come an increase of money to the NE. Place wealth objects of gold and citrine and a golden Deity in the NE to activate the Goddess luck. Also place some still water!! 

Place water in the North this month to increase career luck. Place a blue detergent in the west this month to weaken the #7 star.  Place extra lighting in the South this month.

It doesn't matter which school of feng shui you practice, this will just enhance and layer the feng shui of your home. Have a fantastic month.

To order the Black Water Dragon go to  http://maryshurtleff.com/animal.html

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