Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Winter Solstice

I have heard so many people saying that they are not ready for Christmas this year. This simply means your rhythms with the seasons of the year are out of balance.  Your created the chaos, now uncreate it. Simplify your life and get your rest so you can think clearer--Inner Feng Shui. Life is a journey, not a destination. Slow down. Stop, reflect, and breathe. The Winter Solstice is the longest night of the year and is the season of hibernation and inward reflection. The sun is farthest away from earth and the air and ground are cold, causing our bodies and minds to turn inward for conservation. The winter season is a time of freezing water as it evolves to beautiful reflections of frost and ice crystals. Life seems to stand still for a moment with the beauty of purity, quiet, and peace. Take a moment and breathe in and honor this beauty. Winter is a time of slumber and rebirth. The winter is naturally a time to conserve energy. As the body and mind slows with the cold allow the body to rest and rebuild. Limit your activities to honor the natural bio-rhythms of the season and its compatibility with the body. Set priorities of what you can and can't do. AND do it. Delegate if you must. Put unnecessary things on hold. Hire others to help you, if you are too far behind. It will be the best money ever spent. The cold and dark days can cause a Seasonal Affect disorder within the body. In the days of old, people would go to bed, rest and honor their body rhythms. Our society, today, doesn't do that. We feel as though we have to squeeze every drop of activity out of the day. Life and times have changed and so must our approach to it. I know first hand about seasonal affect disorder. It can cause the body to become very tired and somewhat depressed emotionally. The desire to sleep is increased as the melatonin increases and serotonin decreases. Instead of fighting this natural rhythm, do like the bear, and honor the body's natural rhythms. Get more rest and relax your schedule. Don't take life so seriously, this time of year. Exercise, light therapy, and increased exposure to plants, fire, and running water can reinvigorate the body and set it on a more even keel by creating a more stable sleep pattern. Sleep is needed the most during these month for good health, however the life force of chi must still circulate appropriately. Eat earth foods during the winter to conserve body energy and warmth. Earth foods involve meat and potatoes. Digestion slows and these food fill you up. Find winter festivals and celebrations with music and warm fire to invigorate the mind. Ski and sled in the sun. Make sure you are home by dark, so the body can wind down and rest in the darkness. Be secure in the knowledge the spring time of creativity and growth will come soon enough. However in the mean time use this dark time to reflect upon the rebirth of the spring and the Solar New Year which will occur on February 4th. Rest, but begin planning and manifesting your next move. Organize your new year accordingly. The spring of the year, February 4th is the beginning of the Chinese Solar New Year and opening yourself up to new possibilities. The summer season is a full swing of activity. You are in full bloom with maximum activity. The autumn is a winding down of energy. A time to prepare for the harvest and to begin preparing for the winter rest. The cold winter is the time of slumber and renewal. Start organizing your life to meet that natural cycle of the year's cycle. Your body and mind will thank you. You will find you are better prepared for the holiday season's next year

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