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Holiday Rituals

Holiday Rituals



Holidays are a great time to celebrate as well as take the opportunity to the clear the old from your life out and start all over again in the New Year.  I tell people to prepare their house for Christmas by doing a little holiday ritual for Earth and Heaven Luck to enter their home and life.  


Start your ritual on the New Moon, if possible, between Thanksgiving and Christmas. If you miss the evening of the New Moon, do the ritual between the New Moon and the Full Moon. This year the New Moon arrives on the December 16th, 2009.  If you do miss the December New Moon, you can use the January New Moon for the Chinese New year. Substitute Christmas items for fresh, new household items.


Each day, chose an element and place it within your home with a prayer for good fortune and health coming to your home and all who enter there. Leave your elements in place until after the Chinese New Year. This allows the energy to build and flow. After the Chinese New Year you can replace or renew the ritual for another 12 days.


Start your ritual preparation by a thorough house cleanings getting rid of all old clutter, boxes, items that you no longer need. This is a good time to donate to a homeless shelter or Salvation Army. Be brave and clear it out.


Before decorating, remove all objects to be stored until after Christmas and an create open space for the holiday decorations. Keep the holiday in a natural motif with lots of wood energy.


Outdoor lights may be hung along the pathway and at your front door to draw energy to the front door. Melodic sounding wind chimes or ornaments may be placed at your front door to resonate energy coming into the home.


Choose colors and a Christmas theme that are attractive to you. Brighter colors lift energy, muted colors calm energy. Design items should be in pairs or multiples of 3, 5, and 7. Use colorful ornaments, lights, and icicles to lift energy.


Use power strips instead of extension cords. Visible electrical cords are draining and symbolize too much going on which can cause anxiety and a feeling of being spread too thin. Plugged into TOO much!!!


Decorate your bathroom with cheerful holiday towels and scented soap. Make the bathroom as inviting as possible. When guests wash their hands in your bathroom it makes them feel prosperous and helps to bring money to your home.


For peace of mind and serenity, place a pot of oranges and apples in water on the stove and simmer through the holiday season. Also, serve a good spiced wine.  Mulling spices are available at most fine grocery stores. This yummy warm beverage gives feeling of peace and comfort.


Play Christmas music in your home to set the stage for peace, joy, and giving. .


Once you have cleared and set the stage of your home, you are ready to place the first element.


First day of Christmas Ritual-Water Element- Renewing and Cleansing-Bringer of Life.

Place water at your front door, either in the form of a fountain or still water, to renew and cleanse all energy coming into the home. Place orange and frankincense oil in the fountain or water.  Around or under the water feature, place object or photos of all things, you wish to renew or heal the coming holiday season and year. Place a prayer with the water for healthy, wealth, and happiness connection for all family members and friends.

Second day of Christmas Ritual-Wood Element-Growth and Creativity:


Place your Christmas tree and garland.  If you have already placed your tree, you may place a Poinsettia place or fresh flowers this day. The beautiful wrapping paper also is synonymous with the Wood element. Light the tree to bring in the opportunity for new growth and creativity. If you do not celebrate the Christmas season, you can still put up a tree symbolizing something in your life of great importance and decorate it appropriately. Rename it _______________ Tree.

Third day of Christmas Ritual-Fire Element-Passion and Transformation

The Christmas tree lights are the best form of fire energy at Christmas time. In addition, create an alter which consists of frankincense and myrrh bulk incense and real gold in the center of your home. Real Gold is preferred to symbolic gold, to symbolize wealth. You may also place a Buddha, Jesus, Nativity Scene, or other spiritual deities on your alter to balance the energy of the home with peace and unconditional love. You may also add rice, salt, and berries to the alter if you so desire for abundance. Salt is used to clear all negative energy.


Place a white candle of Spirit on the alter. Place a smaller candle symbolizing all members of the family or friends who you wish to honor. Spray the essential oil of cinnamon, myrrh, and frankincense around the entire home to clear the home. Light the candle and say a prayer, while visualizing your desires for all.  Leave the alter through the holiday season, replacing the candles as needed. Be extremely careful of all fire dangers.  Electric candles can be substituted if small children or animals present a danger.


You may also burn Cinnamon or Bayberry candles in your Helpful People (NW corner) or Wealth area (SE corner) to bring prosperity to you, your family and all who visit. Candles need only burn for an hour or two each day for great results.

Fourth day of Christmas Ritual- Earth Element-Grounding and Security

Place sea salt or rock salt in small saucers in each corner of your home.
Using the ousting mudra (flicking the middle finger against your thumb in an outward motion) command all negative energies and spirits that no longer serve the household to depart, while perceiving in your mind's eye ensuing peace.
--After nine days throw the saucer contents to the wind, from each corner of your property and replace with new salt. Do this every nine days until the Chinese New Year, knowing that you have established a strong foundation for the future.

Fifth day of Christmas Ritual-Metal Element-Wisdom, Discipline and Logic-Closing Metal


Metal is symbolically the end of a cycle--in the life cycle the body dries up and gets stiff as it ages. Age is associated with Wisdom.  Consciously choose rocks, stones, natural crystals, gems or Chinese coins that speak to you and help to open your pathways to wisdom.  These stones contain the electromagnetic energy of the earth. Place your chosen metals in each corner of your property (or apartment), with a spoken personal affirmation to create a blessed environment. Leave the objects to hold and solidify the strong sacred energy you've declared, for months to come.



May you have a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year.


Marry Shurtleff


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