Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Feng Shui Aspects for February

Hey Everyone,

The New Year has arrived. The Chinese Months change on the approx. the sixth of each month. For those who work with the animals, I will blog at the first of each month so you will have an idea of what you need to do for your animal each month. A four-pillar profile is helpful because we have four animals and not just one, in our chart. There is an animal for our emotions, our health, our tribal family, and our years manifesting aspect. Profiles and the earth Ox book are available through me. The book is $16.95 and the four pillar profiles are available for $100. For more info go to www.maryshurtleff.com or email @ designwisdom@yahoo.com .

Feng shui- is it Science or superstition? Feng Shui is using energy, which is physics. Einstein's theory, energy in motion, is feng shui. Our environment affects our well-being. Everything in the environment is a trigger to our emotions, our physical body and spirit. That is why it is so important to balance your environment with things that make you feel good!!!

The monthly stars move monthly affecting the energy of everyone. However, they will doubly affect those associated with those areas. Everyone should place the cures. Do not panic if the stars look bad for one month. There are four sectors that are always negativity affected and four sectors that are positively affected. The outcome depends upon the whole picture of the feng shui of your home, the annual stars of your home, your chart interaction, and your luck pillars. It is a layering process and the monthly stars are only one aspect of the layer. Watch the pattern and if the energy seems unstable, lay low that month and make no serious decisions. There are also daily star that fly in and weaken or strengthen the day. So do not PANIC. Have fun with it and pay attention.

Aspects of the stars are as follows: #1 Career luck, #2 Illness, #3 Conflict, #4 Literary Recognition, #5 instability, #6 power and authority, #7 Evil, #8 Money, and #9 Expansion.

This month, the negative #5 star flies to center of the ba-gua affecting the stability of everyone. Place a 5 element metal pagoda in the center of your home. Also, place a bowl of salt water or even a bowl of salt with metal items in it. Try not to make important decisions this month without a surety in outcome. The water and metal will stabilize the negative energy of the #5. On a whole, we may still see world instability. Be careful with money.

The negative #7 flies to the west this month. The West already has the #2 annual star of illness this year. Those with illness should avoid this area this month, if possible. Use moving water to weaken the energy of the #7. If it is your bedroom, place salt water under your bed. NO moving water in the bedroom. Place a wu-luo or the White Tara statue or Madonna by your bed. The rooster may need to get more rest and take no risks. Also to protect against lawsuit or attack, place a blue rhino in this area or a bowl of blue detergent in a corner to balance.

To buffer the San Sha, place a vase of water and a plant or tree in the East of your home. Wear Jade and lots of green and water (blue and black) colors.

The auspicious #8 of money flies into the NE, especially benefiting the Ox and Tiger. This ho-tu combination is good money luck. Put citrine crystals in this area. Display the wish fulfilling ox in this area. Keep well lit and active this month.

The Northwest is especially auspicious, as well. The pig and the boar will especially benefit this month if your stars are all lined. Display items of hope in this area. Use the Northwest for hopes of career advancement this year. Since my book is due to release in a few days, I will place the first copy of it in this corner and move it accordingly for the year to advance its career. Place collage of intentions in this area.

The Southeast is also especially auspicious with the #4 of luck flying into it. Since the #8 annual star of money is already in this place, the conflict of earth and wood may affect stability. Use lighting or a little red to buffer this affect and activate with moving water.

Place water at the front door of the South this month to buffer high fire energy.

Place extra water in the North for the #1 luck star.

This month may be a little unstable on a worldwide basis with the #5 in the center of the ba-gua, however, if you stabilize your home and personal 4-pillar chart, with common sense, you will benefit this month from the #8, #6, and #1 in auspicious positions. Stay focused on your goals and do not get distracted by the world’s instability. Turn off the tv if you must and don't read the papers if the energy is too heavy. Like Peter Pan think happy thoughts and focus on a plan for your future.

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