Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Announcing Release of Reconnecting Your Spirit-Seeing the Possibilities

Wisdom House Book of Dallas, Texas is pleased to announce the release of Reconnecting Your Spirit--Seeing the Possibilities by certified Hypnotherapist and Feng Shui Practitioner, Mary Shurtleff. This is the second book in a series dedicated to unleashing your spirit by balancing the energy of the body, mind, and spirit with the energy of your home and career to rediscover who you really are. The first book of this series, The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui, explains how the basics of Feng Shui work in conjunction with the seven Chakras and the body.

Reconnecting Your Spirit reaches beyond those basic principles to explore a combination of information on man's spiritual connection to God, theta/gamma healing, development of the six sensory connection, hypnosis/behavior modification methods, power of thoughts and impact of words, metaphors and signs, and Feng Shui. Each element is individually dissected so you can begin to combine and layer them in your life.

Reconnecting Your Spirit is designed to help those, who wish to decode their childhood programming, generational tendencies, and word formations to discover who they truly are and what they desire. This book shows how to identify words and phrases we often hear everyday from our society and our families that literally hold us back from achieving our highest potential. Once identified, these phrases can be replaced with positive, more directed language that is better aligned with your present hopes and dreams.

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