Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wisconsin Shootings

In light of the Temple Shooting in Wisconson---Sadly as per the July aspects,  (which do not shift to August until the 7th)  I wrote

 {Wow, as I sit down and look at the Eastern Astrology for the month of July, I notice the 9 of fire has flown to the center of the ba-gua and clashes with the number 6 of metal. This month we may again see fires caused from lightening strikes. Also, with the metal fire conflict we may see possible mechanical airplane and car malfunctions. With the 6 of power being tempered by the fire we may see more volatile outbursts in personal and business relationships as well as government dealings. Backlash can be expected. This month place still water in the center of your home to calm your home’s energy.  Bathe yourself in extra water to stay calm and cool. Also, be extra understanding this month and hold your tongue. Conflict is in the area. Time will feel as though it is moving faster. }

Sometimes we need to understand that bad things are always going to happen and we can't control it with laws or rules.  It is our destiny. We can balance the energy and listen to our gut and hearts but if it is to occur, it will. That is why our Spirit exists. We have a mission and when that mission is over, it is over. Nothing can change it. Live your life each day as if it is your last. Be grateful for what you have and let those you love know it. Live in Joy. Anger, hate, resentment, and fear are a waste of precious time.

For August--Remember there are still some aspects in the NW and the SE that are inauspicious. Go back and read the August aspects.

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