Friday, July 29, 2011


I have been teaching a Weightless (TM) Hypnosis class and would love to address an issue I see so often in hypnotherapy as well as in my own life. We sometimes and somewhere in our lives we begin packing other people's weight. We become 'less than' so someone else can feel 'more than'. We begin to suck in our power of either common sense, intuition, or knowledge as to not overshadow someone else who may be struggling. With that action, we put on extra layers of protection to buffer us from our desires as well as other's plights and actions of their doings. We literally are HIDING inside layers of fat or emotions--WAITING (weighting) for the right time to show who we really are. When this becomes the issue--it is time to address and, if need be, let go of the ideas and beliefs surrounding all people, place, and ideas which keep us hidden.

I am offering a FREE Weightless Hypnosis (TM) class on September 13 which will address these various issues and how to progressive solve them. See events. Future conference class are being formed.  Watch for future postings. 


  1. this sounds so exciting. i look forward to hearing more about this!

  2. I went to the initial class and it was awesome! It is really worth you time to check it out...