Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wind and Fire danger extremely high in July--Be careful with Fireworks

The month of July, the North, Northeast, Southwest, and Northwest of your home are extremely lucky for Firework activity. It will stir up the good energy. Rock and Roll in this sector this month with lots of noise and activity. 

However, this month be extremely careful of firework activity in the West, South,  Southeast, and East of your home. It will stir up negative vibes. The energy in this area is really high for fire danger and disaster. The month of July with the feng shui of the flying stars at the center of the ba-gua there is an extreme chance of high wind and fire danger. So be extremely careful lighting fireworks in the wind--DUH!! Be careful as well of personal accident to your body or pets. 

With the #3 of yang wood at the center of the ba-gua, we may again see tornado danger, wind damage, and possible tropical storms this month.  Lightening could also be a problem this month. Also, since wind fuels fire, we may see an extreme fire danger this month. Be careful with all camp fires. Have a safe 4th of July and be responsible. 

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