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Spring and Your April Feng Shui

Spring and Feng Shui

Spring is the sign of New Beginnings.  The spring begins a new cycle of making the decision to let go of the old and manifesting a vision to welcome the new. This means walking your talk. There is a lot of talking out there but it can only hold power for you when you walk it.  Believe me, when you talk and don’t walk, people quit listening.  When you walk the talk, people notice.

With the Spring Equinox, we move into the sign of Aries of action which this year immediately conjuncts Uranus, a planet of freedom and independence. Aries is a fiery sign, which rebels against the norm and is the risk taker. This is the time, to make put your walk into action.  The economy is stressful; the war disturbing, and the weather patterns are horrible. Everywhere, you hear people blaming and complaining. However, you can choose to react or respond to the difficulties in your life.  You can focus or scatter. You can choose to follow or lead. You can have sour lemons or make lemonade. That choice is always yours.

You can choose today and each day after to step through the fear of the unknown and have faith in your own abilities. Take a deep breath and put one foot in front of the other and make the changes you have been speaking of lately.

April  is an excellent time to start new beginnings. During the month of April the flying stars power number of  #6 flies to  the center of the home bringing with it  discipline, logic, and authority to move you forward in your drive to your goals. In the center of your home this month place metal in the form of 6 Chinese Coins or metals  items in increments of 6. Be sure to place the color blue or water in the center of the home as well.  

The #7 of instability flies to the Northwest this month bringing an unsetting feeling to the Northwest. Place water with Citrine stones in the Northwest and/or change the water in the fountain already sitting there. At the end of this month, be sure to place the citrine stones from the fountain in salt water to cleanse before resetting for May. 

The west of the home or business will be profitable this month for everyone. The Rooster may see changes in money at work or promotion with high profile recognition. The earth element pairing with the creative aspect of the West this month promotes high output or profit.   Use the West for all business dealings this month or face the West while negotiating business.  P
lace citrine stones in west to activate this aspect or carry citrine stones in your pocket for luck.

The #9 of expansion flies to the Northeast bringing money to career and the ox and tiger.  Place extra lighting in the northeast of your home to  bring illumination to career.  Be sure the annual water feature is in place. 

The #1 of Career flies to the South. Place some water in this area to activate. The horse or South Facing homes may see increases in money coming to them, however, the horse  house this year needs to be careful of burnout or accident. Place a wu-lou at the front door of the South Facing house. The horse should have a wu-lou by their bed. 

This month the Rat and north facing homes are prone to illness and accident. Place a wu-lou at the front door. The rat should have a wu-lou by their bed. 

The month may be trying for the sheep, monkey and women. The #3 star of conflict flies to the Southwest bringing change and a need to make solid decisions. Place a red Buddha or red Mandala in the Southwest for resolution and wise decision-making. Carry  clear crystals for clarity and wisdom. 

Place bamboo in water in the East this month for academic success. For romance place peonies. If trying to get pregnant this month, use the east of your home. Refresh  your salt water cure in the East this month. 

Place Salt water in the Southeast  to calm the unstable energy of the #5.

On the new and full moon place a vase or container full of water on the earth  in the moon light to be used in your bath or  to drink.  This water of the moon creates a balance in the body  between the earth and the feminine energy of the moon and the masculine energy of the  heavens.  It cleanses, balances, and restores calm and peace.  It promotes clear thinking when clear decisions are needed. You may wish to cover the container  if you plan to drink it. The energy will still infuse through the glass.  It is important to remember to bring in the water before the sun comes up.

Next you can make Sun Water by placing more containers of water, exactly as you did with  the Moon water, in the sun on the day of or day after the full moon. The Sun water helps to balance the Yang energy of the body. Place the glass container on the ground in direct bright sunlight for about 30 minutes maximum. Too much energy is as bad as too little.  The sunlight will infuse the water with the full spectrum of universal light  energy--white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo-black--  and will nourish the part of the body associated with the corresponding color. This  can be very energizing and can help support the body  to heal from yin ailments  which are cold and damp in nature-cold, flu, pneumonia, intestinal and stomach weakness, etc.

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