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Utah Woman Wants to Feng Shui the White House

Author and interior designer, Mary Shurtleff, says that many of Obama's problems may be caused by the bad Feng Shui of the Oval Office


Draper, UT, October 21, 2009 -- President Obama won his campaign for President on the platform of change, but he inherited enormous problems from the last administration: a devastating recession, two wars, and a great ideological divide that has become a fierce battle in town halls, the halls of Congress and in the media.  According to Mary Shurtleff, owner of Design Wisdom in Draper, UT and author of two books about Feng Shui, The Alchemy of Quantum Mind Feng Shui and Reconnecting Your Spirit: Seeing the Possibilities, President Obama is going to have a much harder time accomplishing his goals, resolving his problems and uniting the country if he doesn't first do some redecorating.

"Each president, since 1933, has deposited his energy, thoughts, and behaviors in the Oval Office. Energy of every war, every success, every friend, every foe, and every negotiation is embedded in its walls, floors, and ceilings," says Shurtleff.  She recommends an energy clearing after every president leaves office or no real change can occur.  "The feng shui energy in the Oval Office moves in a circular direction around the room...causing cycles of behavior to exist. It is no wonder each president drops into the same patterns of achievement, struggle and war." 

Shurtleff says one can't go moving things around willy-nilly, however, without potentially disastrous effects. "A feng shui practitioner must research all the history of a place before she can touch any piece of decor. She must determine what is working and what is not. An interruption of good energy can cause problems with health, money, relationships, etc."

Shurtleff says that knowing the complicated history of a piece of furniture can create problems in prescribing the correct placement of it. "The HMS Resolute Desk was carved from the timbers of a British warship and given as a gift from Queen Victoria to President Rutherford B. Hayes. It has served 25 presidents. The desk holds negative energy in its walls and drawers not only of the warship from which it came, but also from every administration that has declared war upon another country.  It may need to be replaced before peace can manifest. On the other hand, would removing the desk from the Oval Office affect the power of the President? The Resolute desk was removed during the terms of Nixon, Johnson, and Ford, and none of them were powerful presidents-each served less than two terms."

Shurtleff would start her White House makeover with the furniture arrangement in the Oval Office. "The most serious problem is that the President has his back to the South window. This position may leave him vulnerable to attack. Metaphorically, it also says that he has his back to the world. It gives the impression that he is not interested in anything past his office. It says he doesn’t see or understand the problems that plague the world and the common man." 

So what's the solution?  "A large mirror over the fireplace opposite, but offset,  the window would be a desirable feng shui adjustment.  The President, could then, as he sits at his desk, see out the window to the world behind him."



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