Tuesday, September 8, 2009

9/9/09 Gateway Energy

Cosmology is the study of the Universe in its totality, and humanity's place in it. It can be classified as a study of the universe and it long history involving science, philosophy, esotericism, and religion.


The universe and it stars, planets, and movement has an immediate effect upon the human body. We have heard so much the 9/9/09 and the cosmic crystalline gateway opening on that day and the effect it may have upon humanity.


This gateway may be some of the reason Time seems to feel as though it is speeding up and moving at light speed. With this increased movement of the earth, the human body, animals, and plants will feel the effects as well.


We have heard so much about this gateway of 9/9/09 being a time when the vibrational level of the earth rises and unconditional love and peaceful energy will be moving into mankind.


The 9 in numerology is about service to humanity and the ending of a cycle. The numbers 3-6-9 are all Goddess numbers, which can be divided by 3. The number 9/9/09 = 27 and can be divisible by 3 back to 9. Those with 3-6-or 9 in their birth numerology may be especially open to this energy giving them exceptional intuitional energy.


This is wonderful, however be aware, as the body prepares for this ascension process, your body may become very sensitive to energy and your intuition or psychic levels may reach an all time high. It is so important to recognize these signs of empathic ability coming into the body and/or buffering and making sense of them. The body may experience sensitivity to sound, light, and chaos. You may find yourself and those around you very sensitive to all energy around you. This will happen whether you believe in it or not. Just watch how people around you are acting.


You may find that you or those around you, feel more grouchy, irritable, or angrier than usual. You may have a tendency to be quicker. You will drive faster, move faster, and talk quicker. You want it RIGHT NOW!! Traffic and slow people will make you insane. Consciously, tell yourself to slow down, breath--it is okay!!!  You may also experience some light-headedness or dizziness. It will pass.


To the extreme, you may feel depressed and/or tired as well. You may feel some dark thoughts if your vibrational level is sloughing off past emotions and replacing them with more enlightened ones. If you do feel out of sorts, it is okay. Let it happen. You have to release the old to accept the new. Liken it to putting new coffee in yesterday's half full, cold coffee cup. You have to empty it and cleanse it before you want to refill it.


Once you are aware of what is happening, you are able to process the anger or irritability out of yourself. When the vibration level of the body rises, it has to slough off any fears, angers, hates and resentments not in alignment with the ascension process. Unfortunately instead of feeling bliss and peace, you may feel agitated and even experience some flashbacks of difficulties from your past. Go with these experiences. Laughing and crying are the only way the body can release these emotions. Some may also experience actual body pain, nausea, diarrhea, and/or flu like symptoms as the body releases toxins. If this should happen, relax; drink plenty of fluids, and rest. Meditate on the release and acceptance.


You must feel them, make sense of them, make peace with them as a life process and let them gooooooooooooo away to the cosmos to be healed by the increased vibration levels.


As you release the dark emotions of your experiences, let the light of the cosmos fill your body with unconditional love and peace. Know that life is a process to be experience and felt. We are living humans with senses and emotions. Use them, experience them, and feel your life to its fullest. There are no rules, there are no wrongs, there are only lessons and illusions of how we see our life unfolding.


You are the artist and you get to paint your canvas. Tomorrow, focus only on the positive of what you wish to have in your life. It is all good. Let the shadows and fears go into the cosmos and allow yourself to open up the higher frequency of the light of the universe and feel the light of God flood through you with a new power and understanding of who you are and your place within the world. You may wish to wear magnetic hematite or tourmaline to neutralize and push back some of the energy around you. Make sure all your water features are working. They will help release negatives ions in the air and refresh. All is good, no worries.


Being forewarned is forearmed. Don't take someone else's anger or irritability personal. In fact, don't take anything personal the next few days. In a few days the energy will calm. Onward and upward is the mantra of the day!!!

Love M.

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