Thursday, July 2, 2009

Auras, Uranus Retrograde and the death of the celebrities

Hey there everyone.

The world seems to have some crazy energy going on with the deaths of high profile people, mostly men, (David Carradine, Michael Jackson, Ed McMahon, Billy Mays, Karl Malden, and Farah Fawcett) in conjunction with the summer solstice. There are several aspects going on right now that are occurring which may have caused some of this energy.

Since the end of May, I have been feeling electrical energy in the air. I have actually been shocked twice by it. The first occurred when I was standing in my kitchen with my hands under the faucet and lightening come in the kitchen window and sent electricity from my hand up my arm to the bicep. Needless to say, I was freaked. The second occurred when I was walking in from my father-n-laws RV to my RV, in Montana. Lightening started and I felt my hair get static and a rush of shock vibration went through my body. I again was freaked.

I am taking it as a sign from God, to stay out of the rain and away from windows. As I am typing this, there is an enormous lightening storm going on outside. It is like something out of an old Boris Karloff movie. I am sensitive to the energy on a normal day but I have never in my life felt this much static and vibration in the air from it.

As I research what may be going on with this energy I found out that Uranus, the planet of rebellion, goes retrograde on July 1st thru December 1st. Uranus rebels against the shackles of conventional thinking and asks that you change whatever it is that is holding you back in life or has become stagnant. Interestingly enough, Uranus rules electromagnetic energy and acts like a lightning storm creating chaos as it clears your life of the old and makes way for the new. You are forced to change. Uranus shifting directions could be the reason for the extra electric energy in the air.

This Uranus retrograde cycle may set a pattern in motion to expect the unexpected. If you are shy, you may find yourself being more assertive. If you are somewhat bold, you may find yourself looking for solace. It is much like a tomb opening in Four pillar feng shui, what you are doing that you are not suppose to be doing, you may lose; (job, relationship, dirty money) and what you don't have, you may get. (Relationship, money, job) It is unpredictable and fast. Since Uranus is the planet of rebellion, we may see more rebellion against conventional ways, worldwide. More rebellion against government and religious control. On a personal level, we may see people quitting or getting fired from their jobs, which will allow them to find new opportunities in more appropriate fields. We may see people leaving relationships to find those, which are more peaceful. Confinement can no longer be contained and freedom will emerge. This may even include being freed from a sickly earthly body as well. This could be part of the reason death has occurred for the celebrities who were ill or just ready to leave their earthly bodies.

It almost feels as though this aspect has opened a portal in the heavens and group departure is happening. Electrical energy is considered ether or heaven in Feng Shui. Be careful of all electrical energy this next little while. I think we may see more incidences with electiric energy and lightening shocks.

From a spiritual standpoint, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jackson and David Carradine were all very highly evolved spiritual people. I know little about the other three.

Michael was an old spirit in a young boy and vibrated at a higher level than most light workers do. He truly did not understand the darkness that existed here on earth because he could not resonate with it. That is why he kept repeating the cycle that looked like child molestation. He didn’t understand the consequences of his actions. I do not believe he was a pedophile. His four-pillar chart shows no abundance of metal or water energy, which is usually present when there is excessive sexual activity. In fact his metal, which is sexual desire, is overcome by earth. My thoughts would be he didn't have a lot of sexual desire.

I think he was a na├»ve child in a man’s body that he did believe he was giving those children a childhood he never had. I don’t think he had an evil bone in his body. I think the parents exploited him for money and he paid them off because he didn’t want the stress of the battle. He didn’t understand how it made him look guilty. I think at one time he was a very intelligent young man but as he aged and the stresses got to him, he lived his life in an alternate state of mind. As a highly evolved person, his physical body could not withstand the toxins and elements of the earth plane and looked for escape in drugs. That is why he wore the masks and his body as it aged become physically frail. They said his extremities were actually starting to atrophy. His body could no longer handle the earth gravity and poisons, so when the portal opened he chose to exit.

Farrah was also a frail “angel.” She was gentle and soft spoken. She believed to the end, that her mind could heal her body and didn’t understand why it didn’t. She also understood what her message to the world would be. When she and Michael vacated this earth they left a huge emptiness that people could instantly feel. Both were very evolved spirits here to leave a message. I am in Montana and need to research the Feng Shui energy of the day they died when I get home. Needless to say, it is driving me crazy until I can do so.

David Carradine as well was very spiritual. He studied the martial arts and was heavily involved in Chinese medicine and studies. His four pillar charts shows 3 water rats, which says he was very promiscuous and desired sex, sex, sex. That much water and rat energy is indicative of drug and alcohol abuse as well. His form of death doesn’t surprise me.

Someone who is more evolved or lives in a spiritual realm of the mind will search for things to physical ground them the root chakra to the earth. They may be drawn to physical exercise, dancing, sex, drugs, food, alcohol, etc. Anything that makes the body energy feels heavier and grounded. When this disconnected-floating feeling happens to me, I pack crystals and stones to hold me to the ground. That is why I wear lots of rings and bracelet jewelry so I can HANG on.

Just because someone is more spiritually evolved doesn’t mean they are perfect. I have discovered in my journey through this field and life, that the more spiritually evolved one is, the harder the lessons or difficulties on the earth are. The lessons are what make one more wise and more connected to the source of spirit or God. When these lessons occur the spiritual may feel abandoned by God. Farrah felt abandoned, but in the end realized she was there to spread a message of Cancer, life and death. It was how she handled it that mattered. Mother Teresa felt God had abandoned her and her people of India. Then she realized that God had sent her to the people to help them. That she was God’s tool.

David, Michael, Farrah, Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, and many more of people left a huge mark on the physical earth and a huge hole the world when they departed. Their departure was felt as big as their presence was.

As you think of those still alive who have a big presence think of what they are contributing to our life and the world. President Obama has a huge presence, as does Angelina Jolie. A Down syndrome child with his never-ending smile has a huge impact on your day.

We all see and feel auras everyday. When someone walks in a room, you can sense their presence, whether it is happy, sad, depressed, angry, etc. The more highly evolved carry a large aura that people notice. It may be on the face of a tiny baby, an elderly person, a movie star, or just someone on the street who captures your stare. Some may even see the colors around that aura. It is easy, Start paying attention and notice who seems to be an old spirit in a young body or a young spirit in an old body. I have even noticed some of the highly evolved old spirits never seem to age. Time seems to stand still for them. Michael and Farah were examples of that. Life is a mystery to be explored but never solved. Start exploring and unfolding it in your own life. Especially now that Uranus is cutting your ties of bondage for the next 5 months!!!

Four Pillar Sector:

For those who understand the 4 pillars, here is the pattern. Michael was 50, Farrah was 62 and David was 72. Their birthdays are all 11 years apart. Michael’s birthday is 8/29/1958 and Billie Mays birthday was July 20, 1958. Farrah was 2/2/1947, and David was 12/8/ 1936. Do the math the year 36+11=47 + 11=58. Ed McMahon birthday didn’t follow the pattern. His birthday was 1923. My charts do not go back to Karl Malden’s birthday, which is 3/22/1911.

I am having a class in September on the four pillars for those who wish to discover their own destiny. We will go over these celebrities and their charts in more detail to find their tombs, clashes, and breakdowns.


  1. The following I found in the news story about the girl who was the only survivor on the Yemenian airline crash.

    The article read:
    Joyandet said the girl recounted her ordeal a bit to him. "She says instructions were given to passengers and that then she felt something like electricity ... as if she had been a bit electrocuted," Joyandet said. "And suddenly there was this big sound. She found herself in the water.

    Unexpected miracle possibly connected to Uranus
    Mary Shurtleff

  2. Sorry I was channeling so far earilier I didn't get all I wanted into the email until I had a chance to re-read it.

    Some other factors to watch for during this Uranus retrograde will be headache, sinus trouble, ears ringing or vertigo, and upper body pain. There seems to be a lot of shoulder and upper arm pain. Maybe it is where our Angel wings were!! ???? I have experienced them all and hear a lot of people complaining of the same.

    Your nerves may feel somewhat fried from the added electrical energy in the air. It will feel as though you are looking for a fight but trying to stay in control. Get rid of extra energy by exercising, walking, or sex.

    The electrical energy is metal so ground it with wood. Greens, nature, plants, florals etc. Good luck and have a great month.